Storing an Artificial Christmas Tree

Ways to Keep Your Tree Safe and Secure After the Holidays

While storing an artificial Christmas tree in its original packing seems like a good idea, it really isn't. Cardboard boxes can easily disintegrate over time, or mold can form when exposed to moisture commonly found in basements and storage areas.

Because storage areas are often left alone unless you need to retrieve something, it's common for pests to proliferate and get inside cardboard containers. Storage that is specifically designed to hold artificial Christmas trees might be a...MORE better solution because these containers are built to accommodate all the different parts. When you choose the right container, you make it convenient to store your Christmas tree away and bring it out again with minimal fuss.

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    Whitmor Christmas Tree Rolling Storage Bag
    Whitmor Christmas Tree Rolling Storage Bag.

    A tree bag with wheels makes it convenient to transport your tree from where you set it up, to where you need to store it. Trees can be quite heavy and may require more than one person to carry. Having wheels helps.

    The rolling wheels and dual handles on this Christmas tree bag make getting the tree into storage easier. It is made out of lightweight woven polypropylene and has a zippered closure. It stores up to a 9-foot artificial tree. 

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    Extra Large Christmas Tree Bag
    Extra Large Christmas Tree Bag.

    If you have an extra large tree, you need a large, strong, bag to store it. This bag is big and wide enough to store a tree up to 9 feet tall. You do have to disassemble the tree first but that will save you some storage space. The bag is equipped with nylon handles for carrying.

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    Christmas Tree Bag Set
    Christmas Tree Bag Set.

    The Christmas tree storage bag set is especially handy if you are going to put away the tree by yourself. Dividing the weight of the tree and stand into two bags makes it easier to tote to your storage area. Or use one of the bags to store other Christmas items.

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    TreeKeeper Pro Upright Tree Storage Bag with Stand
    TreeKeeper Pro Upright Tree Storage Bag with Stand.

    While more expensive than many Christmas tree bags, this storage kit pays off concerning convenience. Besides, vertical storage is a great space saver.

    Arrange the tree bag as the tree skirt during set up, and when you are ready to put the tree away, there is no need to completely disassemble the tree. The tree stays standing, positioned to be rolled away to its storage space on a heavy duty tree stand that is included. There is also a storage area under the bag for extra items. The bag will fit most seven to nine foot artificial Christmas trees.

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    Hanging Storage Rack for Rolling Christmas Tree Stand
    Hanging Storage Rack for Rolling Christmas Tree Stand.

    This is another bag on wheels meant for upright storage. You can also lay it flat if you prefer. The placement of handles makes it easier to maneuver the bag with the tree inside. The bag is made from heavy-duty material, but you do have to be careful while placing the tree inside.

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    CoverMates 66" Structured Rolling Tree Bag
    CoverMates 66" Structured Rolling Tree Bag.

    This artificial tree storage bag is for larger trees up to 15 feet. The container is made from 600D polyester and has corrugated plastic panels that slide into its walls for added stability, as well as more ease in storage and transport. The bag also includes double zipper pulls and a flap lid for quick access.