6 Types of Clothing to Store + Organize by Color

Clothes to Store by Color: Work Shirts, Pants and Suits

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Storing and sorting your clothing by color just makes so much sense. If you're rushing to get dressed in the morning, you are more likely to remember the color of a particular item of clothing than the intricacies of it is length or weight -- especially if it is your children's clothing.

A note about me: I regularly declutter my closet, and then consign and donate a lot of clothing. I do this because I just don't like to have a lot of stuff around, and therefore, I have a relatively small wardrobe.

This allows me to store most of my clothing by function. (There are a few items I do store by clothing as you will read below.)

But if you need to maintain a larger wardrobe, learning to store and sort clothing in your closet, dresser, wardrobe or because by color makes a whole lot of sense.

Storing clothes by color makes them:

1. Easier to find; and,
2. Pleasing to the eye because it creates a streamlined effect.

How to Store Clothing by Color

1. T-Shirts

As an example, I store all of my white T-shirts together because I use them all the time. I like knowing that if I grab one out of the white T-shirt pile in my dresser, it is going to be plain white, no frills, and will match anything. This is key for me when getting dressed in the morning.

2. Long Sleeve Shirts

Same goes for storing long sleeve shirts: storing them by color makes them easier to grab out of the dresser or bureau drawer. I store all of my white together, then blues (every time I organize my dresser, I'm amazed at how much navy blue I own), in a separate pile, I stack patterns together.

3. Button downs

If you have more than 5 shirts, hanging button downs by color will make them easier to find, which is essential when you're trying to get dressed at 6 a.m. on a Monday.

4. Cardigans

I have a small collection of cardigans that I wear constantly at work and for going out on the town. I hang these in my closet by color so I can easily coordinate them with my outfit.

5. Dress Pants

Dress pants should be stored by color to make matching with blazers easier, and matching with tops easier (sweaters, button-downs, blouses).

I store mine dark to light:

  • Black
  • Gray / slate
  • Brown
  • Navy
  • Khaki
  • Etc.

6. Skirts

Same as the above goes for skirts--if you own more than 5, hanging them by color is just easier. You may not need to separate block from slate grey, but separating light blue from dark brown is always helpful.

If you have a small collection, say less than 10 years old, I would just store them seasonally (winter and spring skirts).

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