4 Easy Under-Bed Storage Ideas for College Dorm Rooms

College students relaxing in a dorm
Peathegee Inc / Getty Images

When moving into a college dorm, you'll find that your room is small and that there's very little space to put things. Even if you've left a lot of your things at your parent's house and haven't brought much with you, you'll find as the semester moves on and the seasons change, you'll need a few more things to get you through. The trick is to find places around your room to store your stuff. And under the bed is the perfect spot.

Before you begin, make sure you've measured the storage space to ensure you have the right dimensions. That way you'll know how high storage units can be and how many containers will fit within the space.

Plastic Containers

Plastic containers come in lots of different sizes and shapes, with many that will fit under your bed. Try purchasing the kind with wheels to make it easier to maneuver. They'll also come with lids that allow them to be stacked and packed away when not in use. Plastic containers are perfect for all kinds of things, such as sweaters, socks, tee shirts, and any other item you'd put into a drawer. They're also useful for storing out-of-season clothing and make a great place to keep shoes. You can also use them for office supplies, and to store books. You can opt for the clear plastic containers that allow you to see exactly what's inside so you're not digging through box after box to find what you're looking for.

With that said, use the containers to store things you're not using at the moment andĀ label the outside noting what's stored inside. This will help you find exactly what you need when you need it.

Baskets and Fabric Bins

Like plastic containers, basketsĀ and fabric bins make great storage units. They store easily and give the room a cozy feel. Just remember that they usually don't come with lids, so stacking them can be a little more difficult. Also, without lids, items inside can become dusty. But if you're looking for a storage idea to hold items you use often and want a nicer look than plastic containers, baskets, and fabric bins are the way to go.

File Boxes and/or Cardboard Containers

While plastic containers are a favorite way of storing things under the bed, for students, they can be costly. If you're on a budget, purchase cardboard file boxes. As these boxes come in one standard size, you'll need to make sure they fit beneath your bed. But because they're sturdy, have an attached lid and enable you to write on the outside, providing the perfect place to list contents, they make great storage containers. All that and they're inexpensive, too.

Budget Storage Ideas

For people who want to save money on storage ideas, try browsing your local thrift store or rummage sale and seeing what you can find that would fit your space.

There are lots of ways to get more storage space. If you're not sure where to start, head to your local home store and browse the aisles. Don't just look in the storage section, but check out other areas where you might find ideas you hadn't considered before. Look in the kitchen area, bathroom, and even the gardening section for ideas and to see if you can find something you can adapt to suit your particular needs. Often you'll find that kitchen storage containers are less expensive than those found for the bedroom. Or you might discover that a gardening tool bin will be the perfect holder for your textbooks. Look around, compare prices and let your imagination be your guide.