How to Store Everything in Your Home from A-Z

Learn How to Store Everything in Your Home

One of the main contributors to accumulating household clutter is not knowing how to properly store your items, making storage and organization pretty much joined at the hip.

Here's a comprehensive list of how to store just about everything.

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    How to store everything in your home from A-Z
    Richard Boll/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images

    This guide to storing accessories will cover belts, ties, scarves, hats, gloves and more:

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    KitchenAid Artisan Red Stand Mixer from Crate and Barrel
    KitchenAid Artisan Red Stand Mixer from Crate and Barrel. Photo / KitchenAid Artisan Red Stand Mixer from Crate and Barrel

    These are tricky because they involve wires and parts and pieces.

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    Backpacks from
    Backpacks from Backpacks from

    A few options for backpack storage:

    • Store backpacks on a large hook near the entry way of your home.
    • In a cubby near the entry way of your home.
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    Baseball Caps

    hat rack From
    hat rack From hat rack From

    I've always struggled with baseball caps because unless you're wearing them, they are really not that cute to have hanging around. I like the idea of hanging baseball hats together on the inside of a closet door for easy retrieval.

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    Bathing Suits

    Striped Bikini from Top Shop
    Striped Bikini from Top Shop. Photo / Top Shop

    California Closets Ginny Snook Scott recommends you store bathing suits in, "A drawer and/or pull-out basket."

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    Bike Hook
    Bike Hook. Photo / The Container Store

    If you live in a house or condo complex with a garage, that is the obvious choice for your bike, but if you live in an apartment or townhouse (or if you just like to keep your bike inside), there are some cool storage solutions for hanging your bike.

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    Frye Sandra Boot
    Frye Sandra Boot. Photo / Frye

    Store boots based on the type of material they are made of, and the activities they represent to you. Read more in:

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    Cashmere Sweaters

    Clothing Organizer & Dividers by Slide N Stax
    Clothing Organizer & Dividers by Slide N Stax. Photo by Slide N Stax

    I like this clothes organizer by Slide N Stax because it will protect delicate cashmere from your closet shelving, and helps to maximize space below the rod as well as above.

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    Grey Storage Cube
    Grey Storage Cube. Photo / The Container Store

    I have always wanted to find a plastic bin large enough to store my comforter with zero results. No big was ever quite the right size. The best option I've found is a collapsable storage cube. The nice advantage to the storage cube is that it can be easily collapsed and folded when not in use. Win-win.

    Budget option:

    Jumbo comforter bag.

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    Medium Command Hook
    Medium Command Hook. Photo / 3M

    I used to store out-of-use cords in zip loc bags, but hooks are an even better use of space because the cords can remain individual and tangle-free. Label them, and hang.

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    Ikea office storage
    Ikea office storage. Ikea office storage

    Paper management and paper clutter, paper is a beast. Having a proper storage system is key. I recomend a separate desk top file box, as well as a archival filing cabinet. (More on Paper Management).

    Desktop File: I love this Stadium File with graduated file pockets.

    File Cabinet: The Bisley system, sold at The Container Store, is sturdy and attractive. They feature large and small file cabinets in several colors.

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    Flip Flops

    Flip Flops
    Flip Flops. Photo / Havaianas

    For in-season, California Closets Ginny Snook Scott recommends you stack on top of each other (heel-to-toe reversed) and place on a shelf for quick access to the pair. "If you don’t stack them together, you will always be trying to find the matching pairs!" she says.

    Out of season, store these in a plastic bin labelled.

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    Gift Wrap

    Gift Wrap Work Station
    Gift Wrap Work Station. Photo / The Container Store

    Store gift wrap in a container with room for ribbons, scotch tape, scissors and gift tags in on of two ways:

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    Hair Dryers

    Oval Bath Bucket by The Macbeth Collection
    Oval Bath Bucket by The Macbeth Collection. Oval Bath Bucket by The Macbeth Collection

    The best option here is a caddy installed inside the door under your bathroom sink. If there's no room for that, try a galvanized bucket. Square, galvanized buckets are space-saving and easy to clean. I like this Oval Bath Bucket by The Macbeth Collection

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    Elfa Shelf Dividers
    Elfa Shelf Dividers. Photo / Container Store

    Storage handbags in one of three ways:

    1. On a closet shelf between shelf dividers
    2. In a book case propped up by bookends
    3. In a cubby
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    Holiday Decor

    Bright Satin Ribbon from The Container Store
    Bright Satin Ribbon from The Container Store. Photo / The Container Store

    Another tough storage task, holiday decor involves a lot of different elements and items. I've broken it all down here:

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    Mini Command Hooks
    Mini Command Hooks. Photo / 3M

    Store keys in either a dish or small bowl you like looking at or on a hook. The key (pun intended) is to consistently store them in the same place every single day.

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    Out-of-Season Clothes

    Garment Rack with Cover by Whitmor
    Garment Rack with Cover by Whitmor. Photo by Whitmor

    Store hanging clothes in a covered garment rack in your basement or attic. Store items that can be folded like sweaters and pants in plastic storage box

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    Photos (Offline)

    Photo Boxes from Stacks and Stacks
    Set of 5 Metro Shoebox-Size Boxes - Acid Free Plastic from Stacks and Stacks. Set of 5 Metro Shoebox-Size Boxes - Acid Free Plastic from Stacks and Stacks

    Our guide to antiques has written up a great step-by-step procedure for storing old photos.

    Storage Supplies

    • These boxes (made of acid free plastic are perfect to store large amounts of old photos, like if you've suddenly inherited a bunch.
    • This plastic photo storage box from Rubbermaid will stand up to the elements.
    • This photo album holds hundreds of pictures, and has that perfect old-photo-vintage look.
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    Pots + Pans

    Stainless Steel Pot Rack
    Stainless Steel Pot Rack. Photo / Range Kleen

    You can store pots and pans two ways:

    1. Invest in a sturdy pot rack, and then invest in making sure it's properly installed--either by you, or by a professional. Pot racks free up so much drawer space they are worth the investment if you can stand having your pots and pans as a decor piece in your kitchen.
    2. Nest your pots and pans in the deepest drawers you have in your kitchen. I have mine under the stove. I keep the tops on, which takes up more room, but makes things easier to grab.
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    KitchenAid Artisan Red Stand Mixer from Crate and Barrel
    KitchenAid Artisan Red Stand Mixer from Crate and Barrel. Photo / KitchenAid Artisan Red Stand Mixer from Crate and Barrel

    There are so many options for recipe storage, the trick is to figure out which form you want to keep and use recipes in. I prefer a full sheet or paper (I write extensively about how I organize meal planning, recipes and grocery shopping in this Guide to Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping). Some people like to use index cards, and some prefer online. Figure out how you want to use your recipes and then choose a storage solution that works for you.

    Additionally, you can DIY a recipe storage system. You can read about the DIY recipe storage system I set up for my Mom's huge recipe collection, and additional options for storage in 10 Ways to Organize Recipes.

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    Reusable Grocery Bags

    Reusable Bag by Envirosax - Almond
    Reusable Bag by Envirosax in Almond. Photo / Envirosax

    Here's an easy method:

    1. Store these in your car,
    2. Once they are in the house, empty them of their contents (groceries, anything else you bought)
    3. Hang them on the door knob
    4. Next time you go to your car, bring them with you

    because of the discreet color -- it will not clash with your handbag, and men can carry it without fear it will be referred to as a "man purse."

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    22-Compartment Eco-Fabric Shoe Bag
    22-Compartment Eco-Fabric Shoe Bag. Photo / The Container Store

    I like to store shoes in 3 separate places in my home:

    • Shoes I wear regularly I keep on a shoe rack in my closet
    • Shoes I wear semi-regularly (once or twice a month) I store in bins in my basementWinter boots, flip flops and my regular work shoes I keep on a tray by the entrance to my home. 
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    Small Electronics

    Grass Charging Station from
    Grass Charging Station from Photo from

    I love this grass charging station which will add some life to your desk or entry way. The point is to store your camera, cell phone and MP3 player in the same spot every day so you know exactly where to look for it, just like your keys.

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    Alligator Shirts by Lacoste
    Alligator Shirts by Lacoste. Photo / Lacoste

    I like to store t-shorts folded in a dresser. I typically make piles of T-shirts while folding, and organize them into group by use:

    • Under shirts
    • Casual shirts
    • Dressier shirts
    • Tank tops
    • Gym shirts

    Categorizing makes t-shirts much easier to organize and then grab when getting dressed.

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    Vertical Te and Belt Rack
    Vertical Te and Belt Rack. Photo /

    This tie hanger is a basic way to store ties hanging in your closet.

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    Travel Toiletries

    Silver Mesh Vanity Organizer by Design Ideas
    Silver Mesh Vanity Organizer by Design Ideas. Photo / Design Ideas

    People tend to hang onto these for way to long, and remember: you don't have to find a storage space if you leave these behind in the hotel. If you do grab some, store these in your linen closet or guest bathroom for use by visiting guests.

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    Wine Enthusiast Stemware Rack
    Wine Enthusiast Stemware Rack. Photo / Wine Enthusiast

    Our Wine Guide has everything you need to know about how to store wine.