9 Ways to Store Clothes Without a Closet

storing clothes without a closet

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If you don't have a closet—or need more closet space—create a functional spot to store your clothes. Some DIY closet storage solutions involve keeping clothing out in the open, others might hide clothes behind a curtain, and most need a hanging rod. Here are nine clothes storage solutions for spaces that lack closets.


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    Use a Combination of Dressers, Rods, and Shelves

    Two small dressers with a rod and a shelf

    A combination of a small dresser, hanging rod, and shelving can turn an empty wall into an organized closet space. There are countless ways to mix and match these products to fit your space and storage needs. A low dresser will allow for hanging room above it for dresses, slacks, and coats. And the dresser surface can be used to store handbags, shoes, and other clothing and accessories.

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    Contain Clothes Storage With a Curtain

    open curtains in front of a closet
    A Mere Life

    If you installed a clothes rod in a wall nook but don't necessarily want to see your clothing all the time, hang another rod for curtains to hide your clothes storage. It can be beneficial to select light-blocking curtains to prevent sunlight in the room from fading your clothing. Plus, you can pick a fabric color and pattern that goes with your room decor.

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    Employ Clothing Racks

    clothes on racks


    A clothing rack is a simple way to create a space for hanging items, including blouses, jackets, dresses, and even handbags. The racks come in many sizes to suit your storage needs, and they are fairly easy to put together. Invest in a quality rack and not something that feels flimsy if it will be housing most of your wardrobe.


    Opt for a built-in look without the carpentry. An inexpensive freestanding wardrobe system featuring interchangeable components allows you to create a closet look along a straight wall that suits your unique needs. Available through big-box, home improvement, and online stores, you can find a solution that fits your space.

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    Put Baskets Under the Bed

    under-bed storage
    Foster Home

    The space under a bed is excellent to store a variety of items out of view, including clothes and shoes. Simply find baskets or other low-to-the-ground containers that will slide under your bed. Because these containers won't be as easy to access as drawers or hanging storage are, this is a good option for off-season clothing, as well as shoes and accessories you don't often use.

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    Install Pipes as Closet Rods

    Using pipes as closet rods
    Plus Bloig

    For a creative DIY approach to a makeshift closet, you can use pipes as your clothes rod. One benefit to using piping is that it's relatively inexpensive, and you can cut it to any size you need. For this project you will need the piping, a pipe cutter, a measuring tool, and a way to fasten the piping to the wall unless you plan to build a freestanding unit.

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    Try Racks at Different Heights

    Clothing racks at different heights
    A Beautiful Mess

    If you need to create storage space for a variety of items, try clothing and shoe racks at different heights. Keep shirts and jackets on a lower rack, and set up a taller rack for dresses and other long items. This will help to give everything a neater appearance, which is ideal if the racks are out in the open and not behind a closed door.

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    Add Clothes Storage Behind the Bed

    Clothes storage behind the bed
    Decor 8 Blog

    Along with the space under your bed, the area behind your bed also is excellent to keep clothing out of the way but still accessible. For this makeshift closet, pull your bed and nightstands forward, and set up a clothes rack or rod behind the bed. Leave a space that is just wide enough for you to walk through to reach your clothing. If you add a tall headboard to your bed, you can create even more separation between this closet area and the rest of the room.

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    Cut Down on Visual Clutter With White Walls

    room with white walls and a clothes rack
    Grace Brooke LLC

    Clothes storage that's out in the open can make a space look busy, even if you keep your clothing organized. To limit visual clutter, a design trick is to paint your walls and trim white. Also, try to keep the rest of your decor in the room fairly simple. This will create a sleek modern look and make the space feel calm in spite of your open closet.

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    Hang a Shelf Near the Ceiling

    Hanging shelf and rod near ceiling
    Inspired Wive

    If you're short on closet space, make sure to use all the vertical space you have. Install a shelf-rod combo close to the ceiling. This will allow for storage on the shelf, along with hanging space for even your longest articles of clothing. Plus, you'll still have room to keep shoes or other items below the rod. Just be sure to measure the items you want to keep on the shelf so you can install the shelf-rod combo at the appropriate distance from the ceiling.