The Strawberry Cocktail Recipe Collection

Enjoy the Taste of Sweet Berries in Your Drinks

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri Cocktail Recipe
The frozen Strawberry Daiquiri is one of the most popular fresh strawberry cocktails and it is so delicious. Photo Courtesy: Shannon Graham

Sweet strawberries are great in drinks and they play an integral part in the bar. Fresh and frozen strawberries are frequently used in cocktails and as garnishes and every once in awhile you will find cocktail recipes that call for strawberry-flavored liquors.

No matter how you get the taste, the strawberry is a fantastic addition to drinks and you'll love mixing up any of these delicious recipes.

Fresh or Frozen Strawberry Drink Recipes

Fresh strawberries are always preferred and in season between April and July, but there are seasons when they are not at their best and frozen strawberries can be used instead.

When using fresh strawberries in drinks, remember to remove the stem (hulled) and rinse them thoroughly. Also, for many applications such as muddling and blending, slicing or dicing the berries is recommended.

The following recipes use real strawberries in the drinks and a few (which are noted) use either syrup (recipe here), preserves, or a puree.

Cocktail Recipes with Strawberry Spirits

As popular as strawberries are, they are relatively underused inside distilled spirits themselves. Strawberry-flavored vodkas are few though within a week's time you can infuse your own.

Liqueurs are slightly more prevalent as strawberry is naturally prone to having a sweetener added - sugars actually bring out the sweetest side of the fruit - and you can find a handful of schnapps and liqueurs at the liquor store. Most are rather tasty with XUXU, Fragoli, Sweet Revenge, and Bols being my top choices.

Creme de fraises (or fraises des bois) is another strawberry liqueur to look for.

Tequila Rose is probably the best-known strawberry liqueur and it is used in a couple of these recipes. It was more popular in the creamy, sweet drinks of a couple decades ago than it is now, but the tequila-based liqueur still has some uses.

Strawberry Garnishes

I typically do not distinguish garnishes in the cocktail flavor lists, but I make an exception for strawberries. The following recipes show the versatility of the strawberry as a garnish and when it is employed, it becomes an integral part of the finished drink cannot be ignored.

There are a few common ways to garnish a cocktail with strawberries. Simply cutting a slit into a smaller fruit and resting it on the glass rim or using a single slice of a larger fruit are the easiest.

Sometimes you may want to dip the berry in chocolate - great for Valentine's Day - if the drink is of decadent variety.

Also, you can take a whole strawberry, slice it thinly while keeping it intact and lay it on the drink or skewer it with a cocktail pick to create a strawberry fan.