Strawberry Garnished Bundt Cake

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    Strawberry Topped Bundt Cake

    Photo Courtesy of Michelle Anderson. Photo Courtesy of Michelle Anderson

    You might want to try this cake for a simple wedding or baby shower in the spring when the strawberries are in season and incredibly flavorful. It is best to create your drizzled strawberries before you make the cake and store them in the fridge until you need them.  

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    Bake and Ice a Bundt Cake

    Used with Permission from Michelle Anderson

    This pretty cake is based on a simple bundt cake and lots of fresh strawberries drizzled with delectable chocolate. Both vanilla and chocolate cakes would work just as well with the flavor of strawberries so experiment with your favorite recipes until you have a winner.

    Bake the cake as the recipe specifies taking extra care to prepare your bundt pan so the cake does not stick. This will mean lightly greasing the pan with butter and dusting it with flour. The trick is to make sure the butter...MORE reaches the groves in your bundt pan. you will know if you are successful if there are updated patches on the sides of the pan. Carefully invert the completed cake onto a plate and let cake cool.Then use either chocolate or vanilla icing to cover the cooled cake evenly, including the inside hollow. Make sure you reserve a cup or cup and a half of icing to make a pretty border along the bottom. The type of icing you use will depend on the cake underneath.

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    Fill Piping Bag with Reserved Icing

    Photo Courtesy of Michelle Anderson

    Fill a piping bag with the reserved icing and top with a star tip.You can also use a shell tip or round tip to create whatever look you wish. The easiest way to fill your piping bag is to place the plastic piping bag in a glass so that the tip end is at the bottom of the glass and the top edges are folded down around the lip of the glass. then spoon the icing into the bag until it reaches about 1 inch from the top of the glass. Then fold the edges of the bag up and you will have a clean piping...MORE bag to work with for your border. 

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    Pipe a Border Around Base

    Used with Permission from Michelle Anderson

    Pipe a border around the base of the cake in the desired design. There is no right or wrong look for this cake so have some fun! If you pipe a border design and decide it is not the right look, simply scrape the icing away and put it back in the piping bag. Smooth the cake again and try a different pattern on the border. scrolls or a neat string of pearls looks lovely around a bundt cake. 

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    Fill Center and Top of Cake with Strawberries

    Used with Permission from Michelle Anderson

    Fill the center of the iced bundt cake with prepared chocolate drizzled strawberries and other fresh berries including more strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. Mound the berries in a pleasing pattern on the top of the cake. Make sure you have several perfect drizzled berries for the very top of the cake. people may not realize you have created a bundt cake until they cut away the first few pieces. Chill the cake and serve!