How to Throw a Strawberry Shortcake Party

Everything pretty in pink makes it a berry sweet party

Girl blowing out birthday candle

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If you're a child of the 1980s, you've probably noticed some pop-culture favorites come back to life again. First, there was Alf and then Mr. T. One character who is as popular as ever is Strawberry Shortcake, making the Strawberry Shortcake party theme a hot choice among young birthday girls. Sure, there are commercial party supplies readily available that display the retro Strawberry Shortcake character and the newer, more modern one. You could easily purchase some of those, blow up some pink balloons, and call it good, but there's so much more you can do with the fruity theme if you're willing to put in a little DIY time. Here are some ideas:

Bake a Strawberry-Themed Cake

With a theme like this, we should start with dessert. The obvious idea is to serve—what else?—strawberry shortcake. Delicious! But if your birthday kid prefers a more traditional birthday cake, take a look at these beautiful ideas:

  • A 3-D, fondant-covered strawberry house from Glorious Treats. Her strawberry cupcakes are lovely, too.
  • A cake that resembles Strawberry Shortcake's hat from A Piece of Cake.
  • Here's an easy idea: cover cupcakes with red frosting, put chocolate sprinkles on top and insert a green mint leaf on one end to resemble strawberries.
  • Or, frost the cupcakes white or light blue and place a half of fresh strawberry (cut lengthwise) on top of the frosting.

DIY Strawberry Motif Party Decorations

To decorate, you can certainly buy pre-made Strawberry Shortcake brand party decorations. But if you want to add a non-commercial touch, consider these ideas:

  • Strawberry Shortcake's colors are pink and light green, so choose streamers, balloons, napkins, plates, and other party supplies in those hues.
  • Fill red balloons with helium, tape green construction-paper leaves on top, and draw black or brown seeds on the balloons to resemble real strawberries.
  • Make party hats by covering store-bought party hats with strawberry motif fabric. You could also try to find some fabric that resembles the hat the Strawberry Shortcake character wears.
  • Make a piñata that resembles a strawberry by covering it with red crepe paper and a green stem. The piñata doubles as a party decoration and a party activity.

Strawberry Recipes for Party Food

Besides cake, what can you serve kids at a Strawberry Shortcake theme birthday party? If you want the food to fit the theme, how about making tea sandwiches with strawberry jam and cream cheese? Other ideas: fruit kebabs full of strawberries, strawberry floats (vanilla ice cream, Sprite or 7Up, and sliced strawberries), pink popcorn, mini bagels topped with strawberry-flavored cream cheese, and pink lemonade.

Strawberry-Inspired Party Activities

Keep the strawberry theme going when it's time for party games and activities. Here are some ideas:

  • Hire someone or ask a friend to paint strawberries on the kids' faces.
  • Blow up red balloons with regular air, and instruct everyone to keep their balloon from touching the ground. Anyone whose balloon hits the floor is out. The last person keeping their balloon afloat wins. You could make the balloons resemble strawberries by taping green paper leaves on top and drawing brown seeds all over them.
  • Another use for the red balloons involves racing across the yard while contestants keep the balloons between their knees the entire time. If a balloon drops, the player must go back to the starting line.
  • Purchase strawberry-filled hard candies, scatter and hide them around your yard, give each child a small berry basket, and set everyone off on a strawberry hunt (as opposed to an Easter egg hunt).
  • What kids' party is complete without pinning the "tail" on something? Hang a picture of Strawberry Shortcake, blindfold each child, and hand them a paper hat. Have them try to pin it to her head.

Fun Favors in Strawberry Flavors

For party favors, send the guests home with something they can use again and again, like a strawberry headband or barrette. You can make them yourself or purchase them.

Another party favor idea: send everyone with a berry basket full of small strawberry-shaped cutout cookies.

Or, give each child a mini pie in a mason jar. Parents might like that option better than the cookies since they likely don't want their child gobbling up the cookies on the drive home after consuming birthday cake and perhaps other sugary treats. The pie must be baked at home at a later time, and it lets them pretend to be a Strawberry Shortcake character, most of whom are adept at making sweets.

The Strawberry Shortcake theme is fun because you can either go the commercial route or you can DIY the party by focusing the fruit instead of just the character. Either way, it's bound to be a sweet soiree.

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