Strollers for Higher Order Multiples

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Quad Runabout Stroller
Quad stroller from Runabout. Runabout

Parents of higher order multiples, like quadruplets, quintuplets, sextuplets,septuplets or octuplets, will find a stroller an invaluable piece of equipment for transporting their multiple babies. While more difficult to procure than double strollers for twins or triple strollers for triplets, they do exist. Here are some options for strollers for higher order multiples. 

Strollers for Quadruplets

Four-seat quadruplet strollers are widely available and are a convenient option for transporting quadruplets.

One of the trusted products is from Runabout, a company that crafts multi-seat tandem strollers with hand-welded steel frames. They are quite expensive when purchased new from the manufacturer, but because of their high quality construction, they last forever and are widely available on the secondary market.

Runabout four-seat strollers are also marketed and sold under the Angeles Corporation brand. When purchasing a Runabout product, be sure to confirm whether your quad stroller product was manufactured by hand at the Runabout facility or an Angeles product. 

Another option is the Foundations Quad Stroller (shop at, a more portable umbrella-style stroller. This model is cheaper, lighter in weight, and collapsible, but much less rugged than Runabout models.  This stroller is also marketed under the ChildCraft brand and is the most value-priced quad stroller for higher order multiples.


Shop here for quad strollers:

  • Angeles Runabout 4-Passenger Stroller (Shop at
  • Angeles Bye Bye Buggy 4-Seat (Shop at
  • Angeles Commercial Bye Bye 4-Seat Stroller (Shop at
  • Foundations Gaggle 4 (Visit Manufacturer's Website)
  • Foundations Quad LX 4 (Shop at
  • Foundations Quad Sport Splash (Shop at

Strollers for Quintuplets

Five-seat quintuplet strollers are much less common. Runabout crafts a five-seat version of their tandem stroller with hand-welded steel frames. Many families find it convienent to use a combination of double and triple strollers to accommodate all five babies. Another option is to use a four-seat stroller or a six-seat stroller.

Strollers for Sextuplets

Runabout will also manufacture a six-seat stroller for sextuplets, although parents will have to evaluate whether the expense is justified for only a few years' use. Sextuplet strollers are very limited on the secondary market due to the rarity of sextuplets. Parents of sextuplets may find it more reasonable to use a pair of triple strollers or three sets of double stroller to transport their babies. Six-seat strollers are becoming more common as an option for child care centers, and there are a few products on the market that would be appropriate as a stroller for sextuplets.

  • Angeles Runabout 6 (Shop at
  • Angeles Bye Bye Bus (Shop at
  • Angeles Bye Bye Buggy 6-Seat (Shop at
  • Angeles Superstop Folding 6-Seat Stroller (Shop at

Strollers for Octuplets

What about strollers for octuplets? While there is no specific market for this product at this time, eight-seat strollers are utilized by day care facilities who use it to transport groups of children, and Runabout does manufacture this product.  A combination of three, four-, five- and six-seat strollers could also be used in combination to transport eight babies.