10 Stucco Paint Colors

Black stucco house

Instagram / theethicalagent

Stucco, a cement-like mixture made of sand, lime, and water, has been around for centuries, but it's just as beautiful today as it was eons ago. Like all siding options, stucco has pros and cons when it comes to cost, durability, and aesthetic, but we think a stucco house instantly transports you to a vacation-like destination. 

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    A Classic Stucco

    Tan stucco house
    Instagram / josephpauldavis

    Stucco traditionally is painted a neutral color like this tan beauty from josephpauldavis, but there are other options that look chic and modern as well. Whether you're more into the classic or the experimental, here are more stucco colors we adore.

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    Stark White

    White stucco house with arched windows
    sansarc.studio / Instagram

    This stunning home from sansarc.studio is painted a clean, crisp white that feels utterly Mediterranean and coastal. The arched metal windows and doorways add a modern, industrial feel to the home while the clay brick fencing keeps it earthy and breezy.

    While painting stucco white may mean a little extra effort in the power washing department, it's a cool, modern choice for any home.

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    Bright and Pink

    Pink stucco house
    Taco Architecture

    Bright, colorful homes are common in desert areas and it's clear to see why. This bold pink stucco home from Taco Architecture is eye-catching and fun, and the perfect inspiration for your next stucco paint job. The bright pink hue against the wooden shutters feels earthy and warm.

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    Don't Be Afraid to Go Dark

    Black stucco house
    Instagram / theethicalagent

    This black stucco home pictured by theethicalagent is chic, modern, and giving us major house envy. Black paint does require more upkeep than lighter choices, but it tells the rest of the world that you're not afraid to be noticed and stands out against more traditional colors.

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    Earthy and Rustic

    Dark green stucco house
    thatkentuckygrl / Instagram

    Another popular stucco color is green and this home from thatkentuckygrl is evidence why. A rustic green can instantly change a home's style and turn a modern beachy home into a vintage-inspired, almost mysterious abode that truly stands out.

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    Experiment With Shutters

    Stucco house with green shutters
    curtisandwindham / Instagram

    This Spanish colonial curtisandwindham is giving us major European vibes with its light tan paint color and deep green shutters. If you want to add a little color to your stucco home without a total facelift, consider painting your shutters a darker, more vibrant shade to truly stand out. 

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    Dusty Light Pink

    Light pink stucco house with white accents
    stateson.werner.house / Instagram

    There's just something about a dusty pale pink house, like this one pictured by stateson.werner.house, that feels welcoming and homey. Light pink is a great choice for anyone who wants to add a little color to their stucco home without going too bold or bright.

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    Charming Blue

    Blue stucco house with blue shutters
    Very Fine House

    A blue house is playful, charming, and cozy. This home from Very Fine House is proof that blue works well on stucco. We love the monochromatic palette pictured here with lighter blue siding and medium blue shutters. 

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    Gray Stucco

    House with brick and stucco
    phenxstucco / Instagram

    Painting stucco gray, like this home from phenxstucco, lends a contemporary vibe that feels updated and fresh. It works well with other materials like brick or stone, and is a lovely way to give your home a little depth while keeping it neutral.

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    Lime Green Accents

    White stucco house with lime green accents
    cottage_a_day / Instagram

    We love this white stucco home from cottage_a_day that gives off a wonderfully beachy vibe, with a twist. Though the house is a typical white, the lime green front door and garage add a little playfulness to the style and a major upgrade to the curb appeal.