These 15 Stucco Paint Color Ideas Go Beyond Classic Tan

An unexpected color can give your home a big personality

White stucco painted house with tall cactus in front with sunlight

The Spruce / Almar Creative

Stucco is a cement-like mixture made of sand, lime, and water that has been around for centuries and used as a finish on home exteriors (and interior walls) around the world. Stucco can be tinted before being applied or you can paint a stucco exterior with standard house paint to freshen up a faded color or change the mood. Popular stucco paint colors range from traditional shades of white to earthy neutrals and vibrant hues, depending on the style of your home and your preferences. Check out these stucco homes in a variety of colors that will inspire you to upgrade your curb appeal and give the neighbors something to talk about.

How to Choose a Paint Color for a Stucco Exterior

While there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to picking a color for your house, there are several factors that you might want to consider to help you choose a paint color for a stucco exterior. 

Consider the Style of Your Home

If your home has history or is based on a traditional style, chances are that you bought it because you admire its classic features and architecture. A white stucco exterior will highlight period features like dark wood detailing on a Tudor Revival, terracotta roof tiles on a Spanish bungalow, or give a more contemporary home a minimalist look.

Consider Climate and Location

In warm climates, many people choose white stucco exteriors because they will fade more slowly over time and help reflect light away from your home to keep it cooler. You can also choose an exterior stucco paint color that blends in with the natural landscape, such as sandy beige tones in a desert setting.

Think About Resale Value

Painting your exterior is an expensive project. Unless you are fairly certain that this is your forever home, stick to crowd-pleasing neutrals so that your house will retain its resale value and not scare off potential buyers. You can get creative with a fun door color or by landscaping your front yard with colorful flowers to personalize your curb appeal. 

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    Classic Tan

    Tan stucco house

    Instagram / josephpauldavis

    Stucco is traditionally painted a neutral color like this classic tan beauty shared by interior designer Jospeh Paul Davis from southern Florida.

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    Stark White

    White stucco house with arched windows / Instagram

    This stunning home from Sans-Arc Studio in South Australia is painted a clean, crisp white that feels utterly Mediterranean and coastal. The arched steel windows and doorways add a modern, industrial feel to the home, while the clay brick fencing keeps it earthy and breezy. White stucco may mean a little extra effort in keeping your home clean, but it's a cool, modern choice for any home.

    It's recommended that you clean your stucco once a year. Average power washers are not suitable for cleaning stucco; the water's power can cause cracks and other damage.

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    Bright Pink

    Pink stucco house
    Taco Architecture

    Bright, colorful homes are common in desert areas and it's clear to see why. This bold pink stucco home from Taco Architecture in Merida, Mexico, is eye-catching and fun, and is great inspiration. The bright pink hue against the wooden shutters feels earthy and warm.

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    Black stucco house

    Instagram / theethicalagent

    This black stucco home pictured by Dominque Madden, a real estate agent in the Los Angeles area, is chic, modern, and stands out. Black paint requires more upkeep than lighter choices, but it tells the rest of the world that you're not afraid to break from norms and be noticed.

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    Deep Orange

    stucco paint colors

    Fantastic Frank

    The stucco exterior of this Mallorca new build from Fantastic Frank is tined in a deep orange that channels the Spanish island setting and adds vibrant color to the minimalist facade.

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    Earthy and Rustic

    Dark green stucco house

    thatkentuckygrl / Instagram

    Another popular stucco color is green. This photo from Courtney Rae in Louisville, Kentucky, shows how rustic green can instantly change a home's style. It turns a modern beachy home look into a vintage-inspired, almost mysterious abode that genuinely stands out.

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    Taupe + Coral

    stucco paint colors

    Michelle Boudreau Design

    Pale taupe paint on the stucco exterior of this midcentury modern home from Michelle Boudreau Design looks fresh while meeting the rustic stone on the exterior halfway. A coral painted front door adds a welcoming dose of color that is heightened by gold-toned details like door handles and an outdoor sconce.

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    Shutter Colors

    Stucco house with green shutters

    curtisandwindham / Instagram

    This Spanish colonial from Curtis and Windham Architects of Houston, Texas, gives off major European vibes with its light tan paint color and deep green shutters. To add a little color to your stucco home without a total facelift, painting your shutters a darker, more vibrant shade helps the house stand out. 

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    Dusty Light Pink

    Light pink stucco house with white accents / Instagram

    There's just something about a dusty pale pink house. This 1920s historic home in Wisconsin, the Henry Werner-Stateson House, feels welcoming and homey. Light pink is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to add a little color to their stucco home without going too bold or bright.

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    White + Bubblegum Pink

    stucco paint colors

    White Sands

    White Sands renovated this former Spanish bungalow in Venice Beach, CA, adding a new coat of stucco to the exterior that is painted white. Black accents and a bubblegum pink door give the home a modern vibe.

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    Charming Blue

    Blue stucco house with blue shutters
    Very Fine House

    A blue house is playful, charming, and cozy. This Salt Lake City home featured by Very Fine House shows how well blue works on stucco. This home uses a monochromatic palette, including lighter blue siding and darker blue shutters. 


    If you are having your home constructed and want a stucco exterior, the quickest and least expensive way to get the color you want is for the stucco professionals to tint the stucco before application. If you don't like the color, you can paint over the stucco with ordinary exterior house paint.

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    House with brick and stucco

    phenxstucco / Instagram

    Painting stucco gray, like this home featured by PhenX Stucco and Siding company in Ontario, Canada, translates to a contemporary vibe that feels updated and fresh. It works well with other materials like brick or stone and is a lovely way to give your home depth while keeping it neutral.

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    Lime Green Accents

    White stucco house with lime green accents

    cottage_a_day / Instagram

    This white stucco home gives off a wonderfully beachy vibe with a twist of nature. The house is typical white, featuring an earthy, lime green front door and garage. The burst of color adds a little playfulness to the style and upgrades the home's curb appeal.

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    Pale Yellow

    stucco paint colors

    Design by Martha O’Hara Interiors / Photo by Spacecrafting

    The outside of this Tudor Revival remodel in Minneapolis from Martha O’Hara Interiors is painted in a pale yellow that is complemented by generous landscaping and allows period details to stand out.

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    Salmon Pink + Neon Blue Trim

    stucco paint colors

    Home Consultant

    The exterior of this Southern California home from Home Consultant mixes pale pink on the facade that complements the terracotta roof tiles, and bright neon blue trim on the windows and doors that adds contrast and a modern touch.

  • What is the most popular color for stucco?

    The most popular colors for stucco exteriors are pale neutral shades and earth tones such as white, tan, beige, gray, taupe, or pale pinks and peaches.

  • What paint colors look best on stucco?

    You can’t go wrong painting stucco classic white, which works on both historic and modern homes. You can add subtle variation with softer shades of white, tan, beige, gray, taupe, pink, or orange. Or accent a white or neutral stucco exterior with a brighter contrasting color on the wood window trim or doors if you’re looking to put your own stamp on the neighborhood.

  • What is the best paint finish for stucco?

    The best paint finish for a stucco exterior is a flat sheen that won’t exaggerate imperfections in the way that a satin finish would.