The Latest Line of Home Decor From Bed Bath & Beyond Is Made for Repurposing

And Jeremiah Brent says it’s the perfect opportunity to develop your style.

3B by Bed Bath & Beyond - wall art ledge

Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

Too often, home decor and furniture is more prescriptive—meaning the furnishings and the designers behind them are telling you how to decorate your space—than many decorating enthusiasts would like. Many furniture or decor lines set a tone with their new items that encourages shoppers to lean into a particular trend or style, and as styles change, so do their offerings—so much so that decorating your home can feel less about figuring out what you like and more about making compromises between your decor tastes and the options offered to you.

Fortunately for homeowners, renters, amateur decorators, and anyone else trying to turn their living space into a home that reflects their style, Studio 3B—the latest home decor line from Bed Bath & Beyond—bucks that trend.

Sure, the new furnishings, wall art, bedding, dinnerware, and more from Studio 3B lean into mid-century modern decor vibes (the accent furniture is inspired in part by the Japandi design style) and use trending colorways, but the line isn’t trying to force a style on its shoppers—something anyone looking for versatile furniture options at reasonable prices can appreciate. Instead, Studio 3B is here to encourage you to explore new styles and develop your own decorating tastes.

“We’re not nervous about trying here,” says designer Jeremiah Brent, who is partnering with Bed Bath & Beyond for the Studio 3B launch. “[We want to] give people the freedom to find their own design style.”

Studio 3B by Bed Bath & Beyond bedding and Jeremiah Brent
Designer Jeremiah Brent with a selection of bedding from Studio 3B by Bed Bath & Beyond.

Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

Introducing Softness to Modern Decor

The items that make up the initial Studio 3B launch include everything from sculptural bathroom accessories to geometric wall art to textured linens and throws. As you’d expect from a brand owned by Bed Bath & Beyond, this line includes almost everything—but what ties these various items together is a contemporary theme that strikes the perfect note between subtle and statement-making.

One of the goals, says Neil Lick, SVP of Owned Brands at Bed Bath & Beyond, was to take the intimidation out of modern design. Many items in the new Studio 3B line definitely feel modern—though nearly all could easily be adapted to fit a more traditional style with the right accessories and styling—but they also have a certain softness that many modern decor options lack. Rounded lines define many of the statement pieces in the collection and help fulfill another goal, Lick says: to create modern decor that feels more gender neutral. Modern decor can often have a masculine energy, Lick says, and this line seeks to soften the harsh lines and hard materials popular in modern furnishings.

Living room decor by Studio 3B by Bed Bath & Beyond

Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

The final result is a mix of items that truly allow shoppers to pick and choose what works for their space—and even fit new items seamlessly into their current decor. “The days of having everything match are over,” Brent says, a statement that is supported by the huge range of finishes and materials in this line. Instead of worrying about whether the new bar cart matches the coffee table you already have, you can focus on what materials and finishes you like and let the rest fall into place, even if that means you have a blend of styles, colors, materials, and brands in your space.

With Studio 3B, it doesn't matter how much you mix: “This brand plays well with others,” Lick says.

Picking up various odds and ends wherever you find them is a huge part of personalizing a space and making it feel like home, something this line acknowledges and even encourages. Nothing here is meant to be static: You can change, rearrange, and add to your space with these items without having to get rid of anything else.

Designing for Versatility

Looking at the range of furniture and decor items that make up Studio 3B’s initial launch, it’s clear that the team behind it wasn’t just hoping to create some pretty decor items. Ensuring functionality, versatility, and adaptability was a key part of the process, according to Lick.

Some items are clearly intended to be dramatic focal pieces: Take the oversized pendant wall clock, which feels right on the line of traditional and modern, or the striking floor mirror that’s eye-grabbing but a little more approachable, design-wise, than the all-popular Anthropologie mirror. Others are the versatile essentials that make this line feel so adaptable. There’s a vanity that easily doubles as a desk or console table and a bar cart that could be moved to a bedroom to serve as a nightstand or stacked with books to serve as a little library.

“With the future of design, every room has to serve a multitude of functions,” Brent says. These decor items acknowledge that need and rise to meet it—and they do so stylishly.

Clock and bar cart from Studio 3B by Bed Bath & Beyond

Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

The versatility of these items is something anyone can appreciate—but with the addition of storage anywhere and everywhere they could thoughtfully fit it, according to Lick, this Studio 3B furniture goes from useful to totally multipurpose.

Avoiding the Landfill Problem

Beyond simply being an adaptive furniture line, Studio 3B also offers an alternative to low-cost, use-it-and-toss-it furniture.

Instead of buying a single-purpose furniture item that you’ll have to toss when it’s no longer needed or on-trend, you can buy a side table that is both functional and attractive—and something that you can repurpose again and again, making each piece an investment rather than a short-term addition. Instead of buying an item and throwing it out as soon as trends shift, you can reuse these items—and you don’t even have to spend a fortune on them. Small decorative items start at $8, and larger furniture items such as bar carts and vanities start at around $100 each.

Bedroom view from Studio 3B by Bed Bath & Beyond

Courtesy of Bed Bath & Beyond

“Just because it doesn’t cost a ton doesn’t mean it’s transactional,” Brent says. These items are meant to be used often and for a long time, and they were made with a focus on quality and high-value—without a high price tag. With good looks, great value, and an easy approachability, Studio 3B is the perfect new line of elevated home essentials—and with more than 600 new items, there’s plenty to love.

Studio 3B is the most recent Owned Brand line from Bed Bath & Beyond. Available as of October 4, 2021, Studio 3B products are available only at Bed Bath & Beyond stores and online.