Studio Tour: A Quiet Retreat in Hudson

A Quiet Retreat in Hudson
Martyn Thompson
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    A Colorful Entrance

    Traditional entryway blue and white red door
    Marili Forastieri

    There is something beautiful about Hudson. Just two-and-a-half hours north of New York City where millions live, a trip to Hudson brings you to a small town with just under 7,000 people. It is in this town where Zio & Sons, an innovative creative agency, has launched a new project - This Old Hudson. Part creative retreat, photography studio and lodge, the brand's new Hudson retreat is absolutely one-of-a-kind, filled with delicious style treats for any avid design-lover.

    Stepping up to the entrance of the craftsman-style residence built more than a century ago, Zio & Sons has refreshed the space, marrying 21st century and vintage styling seamlessly. At first sight, it's the bright red trim doors that will grab your attention upon entering the craftsman. 


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    Serene Space

    Minimalist dining area with rustic details
    Martyn Thompson

    The idea behind This Old Hudson was to create a unique space for the creative community. The design is multifunctional, allowing the retreat to the fit the needs of all who come. In need for a photo studio? A gathering place? Looking for a weekend escape? This multifaceted space covers all of those needs. And it's sense of serenity makes it unique to other multifunctional environments as it has been designed as an interior to also take a creative pause. 


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    Retreat Style

    neutral living room with tufted sofa
    Martyn Thompson

    The light-filled studio feels like home, beautifully designed in the Zio & Sons aesthetic. 1,300 square feet is filled to the brim with light, creating an atmosphere for relaxation and creativity. In the living room, weathered floors are a reminder of the home's century-old history. Cozy vintage pieces have been brought in - a tufted linen sofa, ottoman, neutral carpet and an antique gallery wall


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    A Quiet Nook

    Rustic reading nook in neutrals
    Martyn Thompson

    At this creative retreat a space has been carved out for everything. Life in Hudson is slower than city life and the home caters towards relaxation. To accompany the town's atmosphere, private spaces can be discovered at This Old Hudson, like this lovely reading nook. A hideout for working on writing or catching up on some reading, it has been outfitted in linen pillows and an upholstered bench. 

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    Stair Runner

    stair runner Kaleen carpet
    Marili Forastieri

    While the overall palette for the space is neutral, with creams, white and beige colors playing off one another, some colorful moments have also made their way into the design. Up the stairs a vibrant runner has been installed. A mix of a few different Persian designs, it fits in a home with so many historical details. 

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    Gallery Wall

    A Quiet Retreat in Hudson
    Fran Parente

    The runner also takes you along a beautifully laid out gallery wall that has been installed in the stairway. Pieces that look as if they have been sourced at a local flea market, estate sale, or just walking down the streets of Hudson, create an artistic backdrop that also hearkens back to the historic nature of the interior. 

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    Cozy Linens

    white tufted upholstered headboard pink and beige linens
    Martyn Thompson

    The retreat is home to two bedrooms. Each houses a queen size bed, offering a comfortable respite for guests. In one bedroom a vintage brass bed makes a statement. While here in the second bedroom, a tufted linen headboard is the ultimate luxury. The tactile nature of the linen is a reflection of much of the home's design, where natural elements invite you in. And here, the color palette has been altered just a bit with blushing tones of pink mixed among the natural bedding.  

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    A Place For Everything

    White closet with black hooks
    Fran Parente

    Private space has been allotted for just about everything that's needed. Whether storing luggage or production gear, the home offers room for everything to be stored away. The home also allows for restful moments, whether on the private porch or experiencing the surround sound of the Sonos speakers that have been installed.  

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    Vintage Details

    white tile bathroom beadboard pink clawfoot tub
    Martyn Thompson

    In the bathroom, vintage details have been accentuated. A clawfoot tub has been painted in a light pink for a modern update. The bathroom is also home to beautiful geometric tile and hammam towels, that bring in a modern touch to the space. 

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    Kitchen Charm

    white and blue vintage rustic kitchen
    Martyn Thompson

    The interior also has a beautifully restored kitchen. The full kitchen features repurposed antique fixtures. Elements like the pendant lighting truly shine in this space. And beneath, a barn-style sink and island are perfect for prepping meals, large or small. For a unique backsplash, shimmering terracotta tile, all handmade, make quite the statement in this vintage home. 

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