20 Smart Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

Stuffed animals on windowsill

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If your kids' growing collection of stuffed animal toys is slowly but surely taking over the entire house, you've come to the right place. Whether you have limited space and need to get creative with storage ideas or you're looking for a new way to organize stuffed animals in the playroom, so they're easy for your kids to access, these 20 ideas provide lots of inspiration and great space-saving solutions.

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    Wicker Hamper

    Toys in wicker hamper

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    Turn a laundry hamper into a beautiful storage vessel for stuffed animals. It's a great way to add a textural element to the room and fill an empty corner, but more than that, it's an easy way to corral lots of toys. For concealed storage, purchase a hamper with a lid—if you're concerned about toys getting snagged by a wicker interior, many hampers include a fabric liner.

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    Labeled Fabric Baskets

    Toys in fabric bins on shelves

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    Add a touch of sophistication to stuffed animal storage with a set of matching fabric bins with minimalist labels. Place them on built-ins, a bookshelf, or the top of a dresser to hold and organize toys by size, type, or frequency of use.

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    Floating Shelves

    Stuffed toy and books on floating shelves in a kids' room

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    Store and display smaller stuffed animals on floating shelves in your kids' bedroom or playroom. Mix them in among books, picture frames, and other toys for an interesting display, especially if they are special stuffed animals such as those received as a gift at birth or passed down from a family member.

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    Wooden Crate

    Stuffed animals in a wooden crate

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    Repurpose a wooden crate as a spot to gather small stuffed animals. It's small enough for kids to carry by themselves, and the perfect size to fit under a bed, on a bookshelf, or next to the dresser. Let your kids get creative and decorate or label the wooden crate with markers or paint to make it truly theirs.

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    Clear Plastic Bins

    Toys in clear plastic bins

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    For stuffed animals that aren't played with on a daily basis or if you rotate your kids' toys weekly or monthly, use clear plastic bins with lids. They keep toys clean and because the bins are clear, their contents are easily identifiable so you don't need to search through multiple bins to find what you need.

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    Over-the-Door Organizer

    Toys stored in an over the door organizer

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    You may have thought that an over-the-door organizer is only for shoes or winter accessories, but think again! It's a great spot to house small stuffed animals and maximize storage when you don't have space for extra furniture or storage baskets.

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    Wicker Basket

    Toys in a wicker basket on a white dresser

    Camilia Home

    Use a decorative wicker basket to corral stuffed animals for a simple, pretty, and neutral-colored storage solution. Wicker baskets are one of the most versatile storage vessels you can ever use in your home as they can be used for anything from toys and shoes to magazines and winter accessories.

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    Built-In Drawers

    Toys in built-in drawer system

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    If you are in the process of designing a playroom for your kids, consider incorporating a custom built-in storage system with pull-out drawers. Use smaller, more narrow drawers for craft supplies, lego, or dress-up jewelry—designate larger, deeper drawers for big stuffed animals.

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    Stuffed animals on a bookshelf with books and other toys

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    Bookshelf styling may be a thing when it comes to your living room, but there's no reason you can't style your kids' shelves as well! In this case, the bookshelf plays double-duty—it provides a surface to hold stuffed animals, whether on their own or organized in baskets or bins. It also serves as a place to display favorite toys to add personality and color to the bedroom.

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    Colorful Plastic Bins With Photo Labels

    Toys in colorful bins on metal shelves

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    Organize stuffed animals in colorful plastic bins by type, size, or season (keep holiday stuffed toys in a separate bin) for a clean and neat organizational system. Go a step further and label the plastic bins, but instead of using words, take instant polaroid pictures of the toys and attach them to the corresponding bins for a fun and playful little detail.

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    Kids' Play Tent

    Tent with toys in kids' room

    Camilia Home

    Create a cozy nook in your kids' bedroom or play area with a fabric play tent. Use the tent to store all their favorite stuffed animals—it won't just get the off the floor, but it'll create a sweet little spot for them to read, relax, or wind down at the end of the day.

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    Toys as Room Decor

    Two large stuffed animals in a reading corner under shelves with books

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    Use oversized stuffed animals as room decor. Arrange large toys on the floor in a reading corner to snuggle up with and they'll become special reading toys your kids will associate with this activity.

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    Under-the-Bed Storage

    Toys in baskets under the bed

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    If stuffed animals are starting to clutter your kids' room and every closet and shelf are bursting at the seams, utilize the space under their bed. Measure the space between the bottom of the bed and the floor and purchase shallow baskets or zippered storage bags that will fit plenty of toys and keep the room neat and clean.

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    Numbered Bins

    Toys in numbered bins

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    Put away stuffed animals in numbered fabric bins such as these, and not only will it make it easier for your kids to remember what toy belongs where, but they'll get to practice their numbers, too. Win-win!

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    Upholstered Storage Ottoman

    Upholstered ottoman by the window in a living room

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    Perhaps the stuffed animals aren't just taking over the playroom, but the living room as well. A storage ottoman is the way to go in this case—it's an extra seat in the room, it's a comfortable spot to put your feet up, it can double as a coffee table and best of all, it can hold lots of toys without them being visible.

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    Window Seat

    Window seat with stuffed animals and pillows

    Kate Marker Interiors

    A window seat is a beautiful architectural feature of a room and the perfect place to store and display stuffed animals. Arrange them by height with the tallest in the back, or use it to hold those toys that are most frequently played with.

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    Low Height Furniture

    Playroom with toys in baskets

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    Keep the room's little residents in mind and purchase furniture where you can store stuffed animals and other toys at a low height. This way they will be easily accessible for your kids—it'll make cleanup much easier since they'll be able to access all the storage bins themselves.

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    Storage Baskets

    Wicker baskets in a large bookcase with toys

    Finding Lovely

    Whether you're organizing stuffed animals in bookshelves, built-ins, or a hutch, use identical storage baskets to hold the toys. This will create a neat and uniform look, add a textural element to the shelves, and create a great base for styling.

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    Cubbies with toys in a kids' room

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    A cubbie-style shelf is a great storage tool for stuffed animals and other toys. Place toys inside cubbies or use wire, plastic, or fabric bins to hold them. Mix and match the storage vessels inside the cubbies—stand the shelf up vertically or horizontally depending on your space and how large of a surface you want on top of the shelf for additional storage or decorative details.

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    Woven Baskets With Chalkboard Labels

    Woven baskets with toys on a shelf

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    Soft textured woven baskets are a stylish way to organize and put away stuffed animals. Use small chalkboard labels to add an extra little detail to the baskets and to easily identify what toy belongs where.