14 Smart Stuffed Animal Storage Ideas

Stuffed animals on windowsill

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Kids love their stuffed animals, but they also have a short attention span. The toy they loved last week may be ignored or forgotten this week—and that means a lot of clutter and piles of unused stuffed animals and toys.

Dealing with limited space and a desire to keep things neat and uncluttered (and not a tripping hazard) means finding some creative stuffed animal storage ideas to get these toys out of the way and organized. This way, they’ll be in tip-top shape for when the kids are ready to give them a try again.

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    Laundry Hamper

    Laundry hamper


    A laundry hamper can be really useful for clothes or towels, of course, but what about repurposing it as storage for stuffed animals? Just pop in all the toys and stuffed animals that fit, and they will be easily accessible when they are once again needed (but out of the way, now, as you desire!).

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    Bean Bag

    Bean bag chair


    Bean bags are fabulous because they serve multiple purposes. They can be used as a comfortable and fun chair—but you can also unzip them and use them for stuffed animal storage. Stuffed animals provide perfect stuffing because they are soft and squishy, just as you’d want that bean bag to be anyway

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    Repurposed Chest

    Toy chest of drawers


    Chests have all sorts of drawers and cubby holes to store various clothes and accessories, and those same crevices can also be used for toy and stuffed animal storage.

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    Woven Baskets

    Woven baskets holding stuffed animals


    Baskets are endlessly useful for storage, in any room in the house, for any items that need to be organized. But when dealing with a kid’s play area, you want to keep things fun and whimsical whenever possible. A woven storage basket is a sweet and streamlined way to keep toys organized—but also keep the room neat and pretty.

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    Stuffed Animal Zoo

    Stuffed animal zoo


    Creativity is important here, especially if you want to create a stuffed animal storage system your kids will maintain without you asking them to. So, creating a toy chest of sorts out of a crib or crate? That’s fun and will give kids a cool bit of bedroom decor, as well! Try making a stuffed animal zoo out of a crate that was painted and repurposed. Have an old crib you no longer need? That’d do great, as well.

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    Toy Storage Ottoman

    Toy storage ottomon


    Storage ottomans are wonderful in that they serve dual purposes. They can be used as a bedside or deskside table, but also a place to store stuffed animals and toys. After the storage ottoman is all packed with the kids’ things, they can also use it to sit on as they play.

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    Hanging Mesh Hammocks

    Mesh storage hammock with stuffed animals


    Repurpose the much-loved hammock as a spot for stuffed animals to do their own chilling out. Place a mesh organizer on a wall or suspended from the ceiling, and it’s an instant sort of hammock for toys and stuffed animals. It creates a fun and whimsical bit of decor for the room, but all the contents are easy to spot and on display for when they are wanted.

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    Place Hooks On Wall

    Storage hooks on walls


    Hooks on the wall are an easy way to keep track of fun accessories like princess tiaras, baseball caps, hair trinkets, or stuffed animals. Keep the hooks low on the wall so they’re easy for a kid to grab on their own. If most of your household's stuffed animals don't have convenient hanging loops, consider hanging clips or lightweight baskets from the hooks to place them in.

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    Cubby Holes

    Cubby holes storage


    Kids are used to using cubby holes at school for their jackets and books. That same concept can be done at home to store their toys and stuffed animals. This keeps everything out of the way and tidy, but easy to grab when the time comes. To give the space an extra-streamlined look, buy, make, or repurpose boxes and bins to slide into the cubby holes and place the stuffed animals in those.

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    Shelf Display

    Wall-mounted shelves with toys


    Tiny shelves are always fun, and are a cool way to display favorite odds and ends around a home. Take their favorite action figures or stuffed animals and create little tiny shelves to spotlight them. Whether it’s action figures or Barbie dolls, it’ll help to set the mood for the room.

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    Under the Bed Storage

    Under bed storage drawers


    There's all that empty space under the bed, just waiting to be used. Putting drawers under beds makes the most of the space and will make favorite toys, stuffed animals, and coloring books easy to grab.

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    Hanging Storage Baskets

    Hanging storage baskets


    Storage baskets hanging from the wall can be an easy way to store small toys, and are as simple as adding a few hooks and choosing baskets that work with the room's color scheme.

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    Lining Shelves With Storage Boxes

    Storage boxes on shelves


    Whether repurposing shoe boxes or using craft boxes, these containers can be lined up on a shelf to be home to all sorts of small toys, such as action figures and dolls, and smaller stuffed animals. Those boxes can be stacked to hold a great deal, and can easily be grabbed for sorting and updating. It may be a good idea to keep them labeled, as well, so it’s easy to see what is inside.

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    Toy Brick Wall

    Lego wall


    If the kids are into building toys, chances are good that their bricks are all over the place. Get them off the floor and out of the way by turning their creations into wall decor. It's a way the kids can show off their favorite builds, but not in a place you can trip over them.