Stuffed Mushrooms

A Variety of Stuffed Mushroom Recipes for Parties and Special Occasions

Photograph of stuffed mushrooms on a cutting board
William Mahar / Getty Images

Stuffed mushrooms make a fabulous snack for any party or gathering. You can stuff them with meat, cheese, or an herbed bread crumb mixture, or use a seafood mixture. Here are several recipes for stuffed mushrooms, suitable for any party or special occasion.

Whether you're looking for a recipe for a Super Bowl gathering or a holiday party, you're sure to find a recipe here.

Crab-Stuffed Mushrooms
These tasty mushrooms are filled with a mixture of crabmeat, bread crumbs, and Creole seasoning, making them similar to crab cakes in flavor and texture.

Fabulous Stuffed Mushrooms
These mushrooms, stuffed with cream cheese, blue cheese, and green onions, make a great low carb snack.

Stuffed Mushrooms With Ham
These mushrooms are stuffed with a delicious mixture of ham, green onion, and chopped spinach, along with bread crumbs. The stuffed mushrooms are filled then topped with Mozzarella cheese before baking.

Swiss Stuffed Mushrooms
Swiss cheese and hard-cooked egg make up the stuffing for these savory stuffed mushrooms. These mushrooms are quickly cooked under the broiler.

Parmesan Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe
These tasty stuffed mushrooms are made with whole mushrooms, a few green onions, Parmesan cheese, bread crumbs, and seasonings. Just chop and saute a few of the filling ingredients, mix with the remaining filling ingredients, stuff the caps, and bake for 15 minutes.

Boursin Stuffed Mushrooms
Boursin cheese, chopped artichokes, and roasted red peppers make a savory stuffing for these mushrooms.

The filling is easy to prepare and cook, using regular or baby "bella" mushrooms.

Smoked Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms
These stuffed mushrooms, from Chef Nick Sundberg, are filled with a simple mixture of ground smoked sausage, cream cheese, and Parmesan. Chef Nick suggests adding liquid smoke flavoring to ground pork if you can't find ground smoked sausage.

Stuffed Mushroom Recipe With Bacon
Bacon gives these great tasting stuffed mushrooms a pleasant, smoky flavor. They're stuffed with the bread crumb and bacon mixture and baked to perfection.

Crab Stuffed Mushrooms
These stuffed mushrooms are filled with a crab cake mixture of crab meat, mayonnaise, parsley, and seasonings. They take just minutes to prepare and bake, and the recipe makes 36 appetizers.

Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms
A simple mixture of ground pork sausage, Mozzarella cheese, and bread crumbs make up the filling for these delicious little stuffed mushrooms. The stuffed mushrooms are filled and baked for about 15 minutes.

Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms
A bacon and cream cheese mixture is used to fill these tasty stuffed mushrooms. They're easy and delicious; perfect for a game day snack or party appetizer.

Stuffed Mushrooms With Clams
Minced clams, garlic, bread crumbs, and parsley are among the ingredients in these baked stuffed mushrooms. The mushrooms are brushed with a little butter before baking. This recipe makes about 36 appetizers.