Get Inspired: 24 Stunning Rectangular Pool Designs

modern house with pool
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When it comes to pool design and choosing a shape, sometimes simple is the best solution. A rectangular, rectilinear, or geometric-shaped pool will be easier to build, give you maximum room for swimming—especially laps—and complements most homes' architectural styles.

The available outdoor space in which you have to work is a major determining factor in deciding on a pool shape. So is location—think about the placement of the pool and if it will be easily accessible via the house. Other considerations involving planning and logistics:

  • Will it be located near your neighbor's wall? If so, do you need to create privacy?
  • Will large construction equipment be able to access the space without tearing down walls (including your neighbor's)?
  • Is there a power line overhead? While it can be moved, this will add to the cost of your project.
  • Most cities have safety codes. Your pool builder should check and know this, as codes can affect the size and shape of a pool.
  • Materials: some types of stone and tile work better applied to geometric forms rather than freeform or curving.
  • Ideally, a pool should have a southwest exposure to allow the maximum amount of sunlight. Think about this when choosing a location.

Why Simple Shapes Work

While a smaller version of the local water theme park may be on the drawing board, simpler pool shapes will blend better with a landscape and boost the appeal of your home. Simple geometrics and rectangles can enhance your property's landscaping.

Plan the pool size and shape with your contractor before digging further into a project. In the following examples discover just how versatile something as basic as a rectangle can be. Many of the pools featured are award winners, including the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) annual Awards of Excellence.

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    Rectangular Shaped Pools

    Rectangular pool at night
    Astronaut Images/Getty Images

    A still pool at night that is as beautiful to look at as it is to actually swim in. As a source of exercise, the long, straight lines of a rectilinear pool make sense for pool owners who want to swim laps. Traditionally, reflection pools are rectilinear in shape. 


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    Geometric Beauty

    modern pool

    Swimming pools come in all shapes, sizes, styles and designs. Some are used for specific purposes: lap pools for health and fitness, infinity pools to make a landscape architectural statement or take advantage of a breathtaking view, novelty pools to express the owner's personality or interests, and naturalistic pools that blend in with the landscape. Designed by Southerwind Pools, this rectangular pool features an integrated spa that echoes the lines on a slightly elevated level.

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    Pool With Pergolas

    new jersey swimming pool design

    Materials were matched for all components of this project in Tenafly, New Jersey, which includes a pool, spa, decking, coping, and pergola. Designed by Tranquility Pools, other outdoor features include a fully equipped kitchen, custom fire pit, tennis court, basketball court, large patio, and a cabana.

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    Infinity Pool Overlooking Park-like Setting

    infinity pool

    This infinity pool in Peachtree City, Georgia, looks like a smooth sheet of glass. Selective Designs likes to use a technique called "Water in Transit" for infinity overflow pools that are complemented with mood-enhancing features like landscape lighting and fire features.

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    Pool in Big Backyard

    rectangle pool

    A sprawling, terraced yard in Center Valley, Pennsylvania, features a classic rectangular-shaped pool that was built by Arrow Master Pools with a raised foundation to make it level with the terrace upon which it was constructed. Beautiful local stone that is stacked gives it an old world look, and the materials are repeated on the steps that flank both sides of the pool and the adjacent spa. A waterfall spills from the main pool into the spa for a dramatic effect.

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    Iconic Stahl House in LA

    Stahl House

    Matt Kirschner / Flickr / CC By 2.0

    This iconic house perched on a hilltop overlooking Los Angeles is probably one of the most famous examples of mid-century modern residential architecture. Designed by Pierre Koenig, the Stahl House was part of Arts & Architecture magazine's Case Study program, which featured notable architects who designed homes using modern industrial materials during the postwar era. Built in 1960, Case Study House 22 used large pieces of glass and dramatic roof overhangs for this modern masterpiece.

    Photographer Julius Shulman's images--particularly one of two women lounging in the corner window with the LA lights down below—showed the world the design promise and potential of the Stahl and other modern homes of the era. In 2016, the image was named one of Time magazine's "100 Photos: The Most Influential Images of All Time."

    The rectangular pool complements rather than competes with the home and further emphasizes the beauty of the Southern California lifestyle.

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    Ocean-View Infinity

    infinity pool
    Robert Daly/Getty Images

    Rectangles are perfect shapes for infinity style pool designs, because they blend with the line of the horizon and take advantage of a view—especially something spectacular like an ocean.

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    Rectangle With Squares

    rectangle pool and spa

    A traditional rectangle shape transforms into something different with the addition of squares that cut into it: a connecting spa in the shape of a diamond, along with square pedestals on each corner of the pool. Designed by AAA Custom Pools. the Florida pool is zero-entry, giving it the appearance of being seamless with the patio surface.

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    Decked-Out in the Desert

    modern house with deck
    P. Eoche/Getty Images

    A home with desert landscaping uses wood decking that stretches from the house to the pool for an uninterrupted flow. The simple rectangular pool is zero entry and is surrounded by warm colors and materials that reflect the environment.

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    Mid-Century Modern Outdoor Living

    fire pit near pool
    Trinette Reed/Getty Images

    Need inspiration for your pool and landscaping? Consider your decorating style, the home's architecture, environment, and natural landscape. Here, a fire pit seating area reflects the shape of the pool and house, while providing a nice view of everything, including the surrounding landscape.

    The mid-century modern architectural style typically has floor-to-ceiling glass windows, is one level, and blends the indoors and outdoors. A rectangle echoes the clean, simple lines of the house and surrounding patio. ​

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    Stone House and Patio

    rectangular pool

    Designed by Pool Environments, a Dallas area full-service pool and landscaping firm, this pool shows that a rectangular shape fits nicely on a smaller-sized lot. While the pool is made of concrete, the stone used for the decking and surrounding patio match the house, tying together all elements.

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    A Classic Rectangle

    hedge garden and pool
    Fotosearch/Getty Images

    Tightly clipped hedges, symmetrical containers of white flowers, bold geometric shapes and placement, and a formal fountain backdrop are all classic design elements centered around a beautiful rectangular pool.

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    Zero-Entry in Georgia

    thrasher rectangular pool

    A pool environment in Atlanta is located on a sprawling property. Rectangles are perfect for vanishing-edge pools and this one designed by Thrasher Pool and Spa features a large spa that repeats the shape of the pool and is on a slightly higher level, accessible via steps on both sides. Fountains and waterfalls give the pool/spa a dramatic presentation on the edge that drops off from spa to pool, and from pool to the vanishing edge. Materials are used throughout the yard, including the covered outdoor kitchen and patio area for a sense of continuity.

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    Pool With Fountains

    rectangular pool

    Located in the Woodlands, Texas, a traditional rectangular pool designed by Texas Pools is right at home in this formal outdoor environment that uses cut stone placed into diagonally-placed square pavers, evenly spaced and interplanted with grass. Adding to that formality, the pool is surrounded by more stone and pillars that hold fountains that spill into the pool, creating a beautiful focal point for the well-appointed backyard.

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    French Piscene

    rectangle pool design

    Located in Saint-Laurent-du-Var, France, this pool with surrounding wooden deck is made by the French pool-building firm Diffauzer Piscenes and is made of watertight reinforced concrete. Most of the company's pools are constructed of concrete and are available in a variety of coatings.

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    Pool on the Florida Coast

    rectangular pool
    AAA Custom Pools

    A zero-entry rectangular pool designed by AAA Custom Pools features a connecting spa that blends seamlessly with the tile pavers, making the Jupiter, Florida, backyard all about the view of the adjacent lawn and boat launch. 

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    Desert Lap Pool

    lap pool in desert
    George Gutenberg/Getty Images

    One of the best pool shapes for modern or contemporary style architecture is geometric or rectangular. This house in the desert is geometric, so the lap pool continues the form outdoors. Even the succulents and cacti are considered architectural or geometric in shape, as opposed to something like a fern, which is more detailed and delicate.​

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    Modern Geometric Pool

    edmond estate pool
    Waviness Landscape Design

    A courtyard pool and adjacent spa from Caviness Landscape Design is the focal point of a yard in Edmond, Oklahoma, and can be accessed from several rooms that surround the flagstone patio.

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    Palm Springs Pool

    modern house with pool
    Paul Bradbury/Getty Images

    A sleek, mid-century modern house in Palm Springs has a long, cool pool to echo the lines of the home's roof and covered patio. 

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    A Yard for Entertaining

    rectangular pool

    From Aqua Technics' Caprice line, this rectangular pool in Perth, Australia, measures 26 x 10 feet and features an azure blue finish. The outdoor entertaining area, kitchen, and lounge were built at the same time as the pool and spa and features wood ceilings that match the pool and spa decking.

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    Stone and Mosaic Pool

    traditional rectangular pool

    This Boerne, Texas-area pool by Dynamic Environments packs a lot into a small amount of space, offering its owners privacy while still offering views. Materials were chosen to reflect the natural environment and are rich, deep brown stones and mosaic tiles that complement one another.

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    Courtyard Swimming Pool

    indoor rectangle pool

    Just off the exercise room is a pool, with spectacular views. This courtyard pool designed by Sapphire Pools in Perth, Australia, is nestled perfectly between the gym and the house for easy access.

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    Coastal Texas Beauty

    rectangle pool

    Built about 10 feet from a ship channel on the Texas coast, this pool and spa from Austin Water Designs blends with the coastal architecture. Materials used include travertine decking, glass tile in the pool and spa, exposed aggregate interior finish, and fire bowls on the zero edge. The environment comes alive at night with LED lighting.

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    Quiet Little Hideaway

    trees and lounge chairs by pool
    Paul Bradbury/Getty Images

    This pool area gets a designated spot in an area away from the house, against a shrub and tree-lined wall and adjacent to a similarly rectangular swath of green lawn. Although not a large space, the mature plants provide a relaxing, private getaway.