18 Stunning Stone Fireplaces for Every Style

contemporary cast stone mantel

 Coco and Jack

From cast limestone to stacked marble, nothing heats up a room like a beautiful stone fire surround. To help you discover the best option for your home's style, we gathered up the chicest stone fireplace ideas for every taste.

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    Stacked Stone Veneer Fireplace

    Gray stacked stone fireplace diy
    Chris Loves Julia

    Simply put, stone fireplaces consist of either manufactured or natural materials. This surround renovation by the duo behind Chris loves Julia incorporates the latter. 

    The stacked stone ledgers are strips of dark, charcoal marble glued to interlocking panels for easy installation.

    For drama, the fireplace goes up to the ceiling. As a result, the stunning stonework draws the eyes upward making the average sized room feel ginormous and airy. Capping off the remodel is the live-edge wood mantel that beautifully complements the textured marble.

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    Travertine Stacked Stone Fireplace

    Contemporary stone fireplace
    Nguyen Architects

    In this charming cabin by Nguyen Architects travertine stone veneer in lovely hues of brown, cream and gold add an understated, rustic twist to a small fireplace.

    Besides the earthy colors just mentioned, travertine stone comes in a broad range of pleasing shades including pale hues of emerald green and vibrant scarlet.

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    Fieldstone Fireplace

    Cut fieldstone fireplace
    Whitten Architects

    The crowning jewel in this lovely New Hampshire home designed and built by Whitten Architects is a cut fieldstone fireplace. 

    In a nutshell and as the name implies, fieldstones are rocks collected from fields. Because they do not have naturally flat sides, the stones are usually minimally shaped to fit together before installing.

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    Soapstone Fireplace

    Soapstone fireplace
    Coat Homes

    If you love the look of smooth charcoal marble, but not its big-ticket price, consider soapstone.

    The natural material costs considerably less than polished marble and is available with unique markings such as veins, which adds visual interest.

    Here a soapstone fireplace in a house designed by Coat Homes is the centerpiece of the formal living room.

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    Recycled Granite

    Slab stone fireplace
    Whitten Architects

    Slabs of recycled granite give this rough-hewed fireplace by Whitten Architects plenty of one-of-a-kind character.

    Unlike other types of recycled products that get broken down and then mixed with various ingredients before molding into new material, recycled granite is not artificially modified. It is 100 percent natural granite, typically leftover from other projects, which has been cut or split into unique shapes for repurposing.

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    Bluestone Fireplace

    Bluestone fireplace
    Camilla Molders Design

    In a coastal home by interior designer Camilla Molders Design, a scene-stealing bluestone fireplace upstages the beautiful views from the expansive windows.

    What exactly is bluestone? To the point, it is a generic term for describing limestone, sandstone, or even architectural concrete in blue-gray shades. 

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    River Stone Fireplace

    Stacked river rock fireplace

    River stones are a lovely material for creating a modern farmhouse inspired fireplace. In this cozy living room by Landing/Design, hundreds of waterworn rocks were carefully arranged by a skilled mason.

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    Sandstone Planks

    Stone plank fireplace
    Sophie Burke Design

    The goal when decorating this space by Sophie Burke Design was striking the perfect balance between modern and rustic. The sandstone planks covering the fireplace give the living room a dash of rugged appeal without feeling countrified.

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    Limestone Fireplace

    White limestone fireplace
    Sullivan Design Studio

    In a neutral living room, a textured feature wall is a visual treat. Here, a white, limestone fireplace adds some floor to ceiling oomph to this midcentury-inspired space by ​Sullivan Design Studio.

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    Airstone Fireplace

    DIY stone fireplace
    In My Own Style

    An appealing DIY stone fireplace could be yours on the cheap—no masonry skills required—using an ultralight faux stone wall covering.

    For instance, this finished project by Diane at In My Own Style transformed a brick fireplace using a product called Airstone. The best part, the blogger says if you can frost a cupcake or slice a baguette then you have the chops to install the material.

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    Stripe Marble Fire Surround

    Striated stone marble fireplace
    Ann Lowengart

    The star in this thoroughly modern living room by interior designer Ann Lowengart is the stripe marble fire surround. Its mesmerizing pattern turns what could be an ordinary looking fireplace into an eye-catcher.

    While you may think the striped stone is human-made, in this case, it is not. Some types of marble typically found in Turkey and Greece have naturally occurring parallel lines.

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    Slate Fireplace

    Slate fireplace with brick fire box
    Tracery Interiors

    Slate is a highly heat resistant stone that is super easy to clean making it an excellent choice for a fire surround. In this stylish ​living room decorated by Tracery Interiors, a slaty fireplace brings on the cozy.

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    Painted Stone Fireplace

    Painted stone fireplace before and after
    Lemon Thistle

    Creating a cozy living room around an outdated, stone fireplace can feel nearly impossible. But that does not mean you are stuck living with ugly. This transformation by Colleen at Lemon Thistle uses high heat paint to refresh a fire surround. If you plan on updating your firebox too, you will need a paint that can withstand up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

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    Bold Chunky Stone

    Black stacked stone fireplace
    Icon Developments

    Adding a bold fire surround is one of the very best ways to transform a cookie cutter living room. Here inky stacked stones add loads of style to the heart of this home by Icon Developments. The gray, concrete hearth adds a little contrast.

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    Modern Fireplace

    Modern stone fireplace

    Cathie Hong

    Cast limestone fireplaces do not have to be crazy ornate.

    In this home by Cathie Hong, a modernist-inspired fire surround in a soothing shade of dark grey is a stunning architectural detail that exudes timeless style.

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    Rustic Stone Fireplace

    Rustic stone fireplace

    Bespoke Only

    In this living room by Bespoke Only, the rustic stone fireplace is the focal point. While this type of fireplace could look dated, the addition of a floating shelf paired with modern and contemporary furniture makes this space feel cozy and woodsy but still modern.

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    Marble Surround

    Marble tile fireplace

    Reena Sotropa

    If you are looking for a no-regret design idea guaranteed to stand the test of time, you cannot go wrong with a marble surround. An example is this fireplace brimming with enduring style in a chic home by Reena Sotropa, and the marble helps the fireplace stand out from the built-in cabinets and shelving.

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    Cast Stone Fireplace

    Classic living room fireplace

    Bespoke Only

    Add a little old-world glamour to your living room with a cast stone fireplace that simulates the look of hand-sculpted natural stone.

    Fireplaces like these typically consist of human-made limestone or architectural concrete. This lovely example featured in a home by Bespoke Only adds to the décor's sophisticated appeal.