How to Style Your Summer Accessories to Look Like Decor

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Summer is here, and with the new season comes a slew of products that you'll want to keep on hand for all of your pool, beach, travel, and dining al fresco adventures. Rather than viewing all of these items as clutter, think about how you can display them in your home to make your space both functional and festive looking. We've detailed a variety of tactics that you'll want to keep in mind for storing away towels, summer handbags, makeup, and more.

Corral Towels in a Basket

Summertime is all about outdoor fun, and you'll likely be taking a towel or two with you wherever you go, whether you're planning to enjoy an afternoon picnic in the park, an outdoor movie at the community center, or a day at the pool or lake. So that you never risk forgetting towels for the entire family, we suggest rolling them up and stashing them in an oversized woven basket that can be stationed right by the front door. If you opt for a basket with a lid, that works, too! The key here is that the basket you choose coordinates with the rest of your entryway decor and helps camouflage your collection of towels, which likely feature a range of colors and patterns. That said, if you're in the market for some new towels this season, Turkish style pieces always look luxe!

towels in a basket

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Place Sunglasses in a Cute Box

There are many lidded glass boxes on the market designed to house jewelry—you'll find them at your local department store, thrift store, and everywhere in between. And who says you can't use one of these for your collection of sunglasses? Evaluate how many pairs of sunnies you have and search for a box that will be able to hold all of them. The main idea is to create a display that's functional, after all! Then, place this box on your dresser so that you can admire all of your sunglasses and enjoy choosing a pair to wear for the day.

Hang Your Sun Hats

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Using removable hooks or just nails, create a hat display somewhere in your bedroom. Straw hats and floppy, wide-brimmed hats are difficult to store given that they're generally oversized and not meant to be bent or folded any which way. Thus, hanging them on the wall is actually quite practical and is aesthetically pleasing. It will be fun to admire your well-curated collection of hats as you unwind in your sleep space (and think about all of the summer adventures to come) and they'll make a major fashion statement, too.

Use a Large Bag to Hold a Smaller Summer Purses

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If you love bags, you know that a new season serves as the perfect occasion to bust out a new purse. Perhaps you have a variety of woven or shell-themed handbags on hand that you specifically use during the summer as you attend weddings, graduations, and other special outdoor events. So that these pieces remain easy to grab as you prep to leave the house but don't overpower your closet or bedroom, we suggest stashing them within an oversized wicker tote or beach bag that can hang on the back of your closet door. When it comes to the larger bag, choose one that you won't mind staring at every day, and of course, don't opt for something you use frequently. A novelty bag that's nicely decorated but not the most durable or functional is a great option here.

Designate a Special Tray for Summer Makeup

summer makeup

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Though it's tempting to stash all of your makeup in a small toiletry bag or stuff it into your medicine cabinet, we find that beauty products always look more luxe displayed on a stylish tray. If you have a special product routine for summer, grab all of these lotions and potions and arrange them on a vanity tray that strikes your fancy. This way, bright orange and peach nail polishes and lip glosses will make a cheerful statement in your bedroom or bathroom and are always easily within reach as you get ready.