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6 Styling Tips for an Elegant Mantel Display

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There is just something magical about a fireplace. We all daydream about spending time curled up by a crackling fire, and even when it's not lit, a fireplace is generally the focal point of a room. If you’re lucky enough to have a space with a fireplace, most of the time, that fireplace will include some sort of mantel. Though they're often not very large, the beauty of a mantel is that it adds another styleable space at the very heart of your room. A well-styled mantel helps elevate the look of a fireplace while completing the aesthetic statement of the entire room. Because they command so much attention, mantels are the ideal places to display your very favorite works of art and photography as well as the most captivating pieces of any collection. To help you turn your mantel into the crowning achievement of your favorite room, we’ve put together seven tips that will help make styling the perfect mantel an absolute breeze.

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    Use Mirrors

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    It may seem a little obvious, but mirrors are one of the best objects to use when styling your mantel. A single mirror can achieve so much. It creates a focal point, adds some height, and helps to open up the space.

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    Create Visual Layers

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    Try layering art and photographs on top of one another to accomplish an in-depth, sophisticated look that is truly unique to your space. Don’t worry about things being perfectly balanced or symmetrical. Simply play around with your art and images until you create a look that feels right. By mixing and matching you’ll create a mantel display that feels organic and effortless.

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    Display Fresh Greenery

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    Displaying fresh greenery and flowers is a fantastic way to bring the outdoors in. Not only does greenery help wake up the mantel with lively organic color, but it also adds some unique texture that can be hard to achieve with other decorative objects.

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    Add Height to Your Mantel

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    When styling your mantel, be sure to add objects that draw the eye upwards. Items like mirrors, art, sculptures, and photography that can be blown up to really large sizes are all great options. Without some vertical visual, the space above your mantel can seem empty, making it hard for your mantel to compete with the interest of the fireplace below.

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    Use Contrasting Colors

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    Nothing makes a statement like using bold and contrasting colors when decorating your mantel. Decorating with flowers and ceramics are a great way to add a pop of color to the area. Try pairing soft, neutral colors like pinks, creams, grays, and whites, with bold blues, emerald greens, and cherry reds.

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    Keep Objects to the Side

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    As exciting as it can be to load up the mantel with great pieces, you don’t need to cover your entire mantel with objects for it to look styled and complete. Try adding a few objects on just the left and right sides of the mantel. With this kind of selective styling, you’re able to create a beautiful and more dramatic focal point.