House Tour: Stylish and Functional Small Kitchen Ideas

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Maximizing space in a kitchen that's a little bigger than a breadbox is no easy task. Genevieve Ferraro, the blogger behind The Jewel Box® Home, knows how to make every square inch in her tiny abode sing. She shares her favorite ways of maximizing space in her 8-by-8-foot kitchen.

Genevieve's first tip: Space-saving solutions should never skimp on function or style.
These practical and good-looking features make the most of her jewel box-sized kitchen:

  • She doubled her baking power by installing a double oven range that has the same dimensions as a standard single oven range.
  • She transformed an awkward kitchen corner into useful storage by adding a wall cabinet.
  • She optimized vertical space by adding built-in wine cubbies over the fridge (where she also stashes a few rolling pins).
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    Bay Windows Can Maximize Space

    A bay window whips up counter space
    Genevieve Ferraro / The Jewel Box Home

    Here’s a brilliant remodeling idea that boosted style and function in Genevieve’s kitchen. She replaced her old double-hung sash windows with a large bay window. What makes this idea so ingenious? It created additional counter space seemingly from thin air.

    This hardworking windowsill is the perfect place for a tiny indoor garden.

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    A Toe Kick Step Stool

    A step stool that's easy to stash
    Genevieve Ferraro / The Jewel Box Home

    Genevieve says she is five-foot-two on a good day, so a folding step stool is a must in her small kitchen. She keeps it stored in a kick drawer underneath a kitchen cabinet. It keeps the step stool within easy reach but out-of-sight. Kick drawers are also perfect for stashing baking sheets, pizza pans, and serving trays. After Genevieve had installed her kick drawer, she added a drawer front that matched her cabinetry.

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    A Few More Tips

    •  An expandable over-the-sink-colander will add more function to a single bowl kitchen sink. It makes it easier to drain pasta or rinse vegetables when the sink is occupied.
    • Inexpensive under-shelf bins (you know, the ones made of wire) will transform the space above dishes, glasses, and mugs in your cabinets into useful storage space. Even better, they are available in different sizes. And many options are designed to slip onto solid shelves, so you won't need tools to install.

    Genevieve Ferraro shares more small home living tips on her blog: The Jewel Box® Home and in her book "The Jewel Box® Home: My Life in a Smaller House".

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