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10 Stylish Bathroom Storage Solutions

Bathroom storage solutions

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The bathroom is one of the most high traffic areas in any home. It's where we go to prepare to take on the day, and it’s where we head to wash up and decompress when the day is done. That said, a room with so much daily activity is at a high risk of swiftly becoming chaotic and disorganized.

Because we know all too well how frustrating it can be to wade through a mess of toiletries, products, and cosmetics, we put together this list of cute and stylish bathroom storage hacks you can take advantage of, no matter the square footage you’re working with.

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    DIY Towel Holder

    Towel ring
    The Merrythought

    Towels are a necessity of any bathroom, but they can also be awfully bulky to manage, organize, and keep dry. But not with this idea!

    Say goodbye to your towel woes by installing this minimal DIY towel holder that will keep your towels clean and dry, and look great doing it.

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    Storage Cart

    Storage cart
    A Beautiful Mess

    What a difference a storage cart can make. If you’re like so many who are short on cabinet storage, take matters into your own hands with this clever idea.

    A cart like this is super affordable and can be styled to look all kinds of sophisticated. Roll your towels and add a succulent or two, and you’ll feel like you’re in a spa each and every day.

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    Brush Organizer

    Brush organizer
    Makeup Vidalondon

    Makeup addicts, rejoice! Finally, a simple solution for the brushes that have a knack for rolling off and getting lost (and dirty).

    A pretty vase, some beads, and a sweet label is all it takes to give your brushes a stylish home that will keep them clean and organized with so much ease that you'll be amazed you didn't think to incorporate it sooner.

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    Woven Baskets

    Woven baskets
    Design Love Fest

    A great way to tuck everything from towels to toiletries out of sight is through the use of woven baskets.

    They’re an unexpected bathroom storage solution that will look amazing at the same time they keep the chaos at bay. And there are so many different kinds, colors, and styles to choose from, you’re bound to find one that perfectly suits your sensibilities.

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    Bathtub Shelf

    Bathtub shelf
    A Beautiful Mess

    Oh, bathtub shelf, how we love you! This is one of those genius ideas that makes you wonder how you’ve lived this long without it.

    Investing in a tray that sits atop the tub, or rolling up your sleeves and DIYing one yourself, is a surefire way to keep your products neatly organized in one place.

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    Mason Jars

    Mason Jar
    Bang on Style

    When it comes to DIY organization, the wonders of the mason jar know no bounds!

    Present your glosses, cotton balls, and tiny toiletries in the cutest way imaginable by taking advantage of this sweet idea. All it takes is a little paint, glue, and a few animal toppers.

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    Cup Holders

    Cup holders
    A Beautiful Mess

    This clever idea couldn’t be more simple or more effective. And it just so happens to look all kinds of chic.

    A few cups and some string are everything you need for smart and tidy makeup organization. And if you can’t find cups to match your aesthetic, simply throw a coat of chrome spray paint on ‘em to match your hardware, and voila! You've just made organization magic.

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    Magazine Wall Hanging

    Magazine wall hanging
    Design Sponge

    Sometimes our best reading is done in the bathroom (c’mon, you know it’s true). But magazines spilling all over the place is not a good look.

    Rather than incorporate a bulky magazine rack, consider a canvas wall hanging like this one. It’ll keep your precious material in one place at the same time it serves as pretty decor. In other words, it's a must-have.

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    Drawer Dividers

    Draw Organization
    Organized Mom

    If you’re like the so many of us who have bathroom drawers overflowing with products, miscellaneous items, and general chaos, then you need this idea in your life.

    Some wood slats, paint, a little glue and a few minutes are all you need to make this exhale-inducing idea your own.

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    Tray Organizer

    Sleep mask on table
    Design Love Fest

    This is perfect for the items that you use every day but don’t want to keep taking out and tucking away time and time again.

    Showcasing your daily necessities on a pretty tray like this one will transform them from clutter to handsome decor in no time at all.

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