How to Build a Table With the Floyd Leg

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    The Easy Way to DIY a Table

    table made from tools
    The Floyd Leg

    What the heck is it? A set of colorful clamp-on legs that can turn reclaimed wood or even a vintage game board into an impressive table.

    The Floyd Leg made a big splash on Kickstarter when the project raised $256,000 to manufacture 2000 sets of table legs. Now, the Detroit designers behind this startup have expanded their product line.

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    Anyone DIY Custom Furniture With The Floyd Utility Set

    woman working at a table
    The Floyd Leg

    The Floyd Utility Set will let you create a sturdy table for dining or even Ping-Pong out of any flat board. Even better, no tools are required — just tighten the leg clamps!

    Each set includes four industrial-grade corner legs in your choice of black or white, two crossing-bracing straps available in silver, green or black and a carrying case for easy toting and storing. The legs are standard table height (29.5") and will work with a surface material that's up to 1 7/8" thick. All this table goodness costs $285.00 and will ship within 48 hours of purchase.

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    Quickly DIY a Shelf Using The Floyd Shelf

    makeshift shelf
    The Floyd Leg

    If you ever had to install shelving, then you know it can be a tedious and frustrating task. The Floyd Shelf makes creating and installing unique shelving a cinch. While you will need a few essential tools for installation like a power drill and a level, the process won't melt your brain like that IKEA bookcase you assembled.

    Each set packs two brackets (left and right) that support the shelf while also functioning as bookends. They are available in your choice of black, white or red, and they come with screws for installation. Each bracket is 5.5" deep and will work with a surface material that's up to 1 5/8" thick. The Floyd Shelf costs $85.00 and will ship within 48 hours of purchase.