Be the Best Guest Ever With These Stylish Host and Hostess Gifts

These are the Gifts That will Have You Invited Back for Every Party

It's tempting, and so easy, to stop at the store on the way to a party to pick up a host or hostess gift. Though your intentions are good, your host probably doesn't need another house plant or cut flowers wrapped in clear plastic. Taking the time to find the perfect little gift for every event can make you a very popular guest. 

The gifting rules for any party are pretty simple. Don't bring anything that requires your...MORE host to prepare it, share it or keep it alive. You won't want to gift anything that you wouldn't want in your own home, or would feel uncomfortable receiving. The best hostess gifts have a lot of style, and don't take up a lot of room. 

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    Modern Brass CB2 Candle Holder Cube
    Stylish Host and Hostess Gifts. ©CB2


    Gold and brass is definitely the new black in decor, so this simple brass candle holder is definitely on-trend for your party host. CB2's Hole in the Wall Pillar Candle Cube in gleaming brass is a nod to the past with a 1970s style, but modern enough for today. Your gift will be well-received, and probably put into use immediately if you include a colorful pillar candle or two. If you really want to make a statement with your gift, a set of three candle holders makes decorating easier and...MORE really helps to show off its unique style. 

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    The Whale by Terry Fan
    The Whale by Terry Fan Hand Towel. ©Society 6/Terry Fan

    Your host can never have enough guest towels, so that's always a safe choice for gifting. You can elevate the ordinary host gift by choosing a fun hand towel like Terry Fan's The Whale from Society 6

    If your host loves the ocean or has a blue/green bathroom color scheme, or just loves pretty and whimsical decor, this towel is an awesome choice. 

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    Crosley Cruiser Record Player
    Host Gift Ideas: Crosley Record Player. @West Elm

    Giving a super cool gift like the Crosley Cruiser Record Player from West Elm is not just a gift for your host, but for you and everyone else at the party. If your host or hostess doesn't have their own vinyl, bring along some records to share in case they want to try it out at the party. If you don't have any albums to share, find an indie record shop to grab some classic party music. 

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    DwellStudio Kyoto Bowl Set
    Stylish Hostess Gift Ideas. ©DwellStudio

    For the price of an average bottle of wine and mixed flower bouquet at the grocery store, you can give your hostess a set of gorgeous bowls to brighten up their table. DwellStudio's Kyoto Bowl Set is light and fun in orange. The unique and delicate pattern on each bowl makes this set gives them an heirloom quality that makes them perfect for gifting someone special.

    The kitchen is usually the epicenter of any house party, so a serving piece gift is an awesome choice. Your host can put your...MORE gift to work right away for serving food. Trays, serving bowls, and platters, are a thoughtful hostess gift because they can hold food that other guests have brought to the party. 

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    Syndicate Sales Round Terrarium Planter | AllModern
    Stylish Hostess Gift Ideas. ©AllModern

    Terrariums are back in a big way. The rise in popularity of succulent plants has created a renewed interest in these adorable little indoor gardens. The new terrariums can be stylish with a retro vibe, or as a modern accessory. The Syndicate Sales Round Terrarium Planter from AllModern is a modern take on terrariums with its simple lines and marble base. Giving your host a terrarium planter gives them the choice of how to fill it, or to use it for something other than plants. 

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    For the New Homeowner

    Caldrea Housewarming Gift Set
    11 Stylish Hostess Gifts. ©Caldrea

    When you buy a new home it can mean forgoing the little luxuries that make life sweeter. Caldrea's Housewarming Fragrance Gift Set is a simple luxury that is perfect for a housewarming gift. This is a fragrant set of natural home cleaning essentials for kitchen and bath. Don't be afraid to give a simple and useful gift to new homeowners. Chances are that they have been living out of boxes for a little while and would be grateful for something special that can also make their life...MORE easier. 

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    Mason Jar Lamps
    11 Awesome Hostess Gift Ideas. ©Wayfair

    The Gerson Companies Battery-Operated Wire Mason Jar Lamp from Wayfair is a rustic little indulgence that is awesome for an outdoor gathering. If your hostess is all about reclaimed wood, shiplap, and vintage charm, this sparkly mason jar will delight. This is a gift that his best given as a pair or even a trio, to really make the most of the pretty light inside. This mason jar lamp is battery-operated so it would be sweet for a patio or deck, or even next to a soaking tub.

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    Personalized Mixtape Pillow
    Awesome Hostess Gifts. ©Artful Home/Hilary Pfeifer

    The Personalized Mixtape Pillow from Uncommon Goods could be the perfect gift for newlyweds or your favorite music-lover. This clever mixtape pillow is customizable with message space on both sides. For a music-lover, you can personalize it with a favorite album or song. This pillow is a great choice for anyone that has ever made a mixtape or who loves all things retro.

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    Dachshund Art Sculpture
    11 Awesome Hostess Gift Ideas. ©Artful Home/Hilary Pfeifer

    If your host is a dog "person" then they'll love the adorable Dachshund with Bluebird Buddy Wood Sculpture from Artful Home. The whimsical style of this little guy and his bluebird buddy works with any decor style, so you won't have to worry about whether or not he'll fit in at his new home. Artist Hilary Pfeifer designed this hand-carved dog out of reclaimed wood giving it a unique style. 

    If your host is more of a cat person, then you'll want to check out the Artful...MORE Home's Cat with Heart Balloon sculpture, too. This charming kitty has a red heart balloon which makes it a sweet choice for a happy couple and their cat. 

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    Art Birthday Plate
    11 Awesome Hostess Gifts. ©Artful Home/Carol Barklay

    For a birthday party, the Festive Birthday Candle Tray from Artful Home is an awesome host gift. This artist-designed and created porcelain tray will become a tradition for every birthday in your host's home. This whimsical birthday tray will become an instant tradition for years to come. 

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    AuraBox Digital Art Speaker
    11 Stylish and Colorful Hostess Gifts. ©MoMA Store

    If you're want to do something totally different from the usual host gift, the AuraBox Clock Speaker from the Museum of Modern Art is like no other gift out there. The AuraBox is digital art, it's a Bluetooth speaker, and it's an alarm clock. This is the hostess gift that you know they don't "already have one of those."

    The AuraBox has an LED display that moves with the music, but you can also customize the art with an easy to use app. You can receive social media and text...MORE notifications through the speaker so you don't miss a post or message. When you synch your ios or Android phone to the AuraBox you can use it as a speaker for your phone calls. 

    Beyond all of the awesome technical and social abilities, the AuraBox is colorful and fun, and perfect to turn the party into a dance party instantly. 

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