5 Stylish Mantels

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    Brooklyn Bombshell

    Mantels can be one of the cornerstones of a home's architecture and decor. Here in Brooklyn, it's hard to step into a home or apartment that doesn't have a well-styled mantel at the center of the living room. Fireplaces are popular in many parts of the country, and in many pre-war spaces, mantels are common in both living rooms and bedrooms. They are a strong architectural detail, that when well-styled, can present a stunning focal point in any room. These 5 homes are sporting some serious mantel game that will leave you inspired.

    In this modern Brooklyn Heights home the mantel is both king and queen. The stunning mirror over top is breathtaking. And the mantel itself is absolutely one-of-a-kind. Many historic homes feature mantels such as these which are original to the space. Newly designed ones in heavy stone are hard to find. With just a few greens and colorful vases atop it, the display on this mantel is simply beautiful.  

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    A Framing Device

    Even the smallest of spaces can showcase mantels in a unique way. In this 350-square foot apartment in Brooklyn, the mantel is the perfect frame for a cute seating area. Styled sweetly with a mix of candle holders and a frameless mirror, the effect is modern with a sense of classic charm.   

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    A Place For Curiosities

    This pristine interior is filled with curiosities. The mantel becomes the perfect place to showcase an arrangement of collected pieces, including boxes, photographs and unique trinkets.  

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    Paris Style

    Brooklyn is not the only home of amazing mantels, of course. Paris is the first place you think of regarding architectural elements like mantels in classic interiors. This 19th century Parisian apartment has a stunning stone fireplace that is truly the heart of the home. Atop it sit a number of modern, sculptural objects that don't take away from this centuries-old design. And the finishing touch, a walnut mirror that practically touches the ceiling. Take a look in the mirror, and you can see more of this home's good bones.  

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    Scandi Chic

    In this clean, white Scandinavian home, the mantel fits in seamlessly with the design. A vignette of white and metallic pieces on top of keeps the aesthetic crisp and refreshing. And a mirror with feminine details adds a finishing touch.