25 Small Entryway Ideas That Are Sleek and Stylish

White entryway with staircase near window with gray bench and hooks with bags hanging

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

We believe creating an instaworthy entryway has nothing to do with home size. So if that tiny nook by your front door doesn't feel very inviting, consider it an opportunity to decorate. Need some motivation? Here are 20 small entryways brimming with personal style. 

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    Intriguing Wall Paneling

    entryway with textured wall

    Blue Copper Design

    Small entryways benefit from a big impression. Rather than paint or wallpaper, you can opt for simply adding more texture to your walls, like this wall in an entry designed by Blue Copper Design. A simple wooden bench with a cowhide throw gives a farmhouse vibe right when you walk in the door.

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    Chic and Functional Entryway

    small entryway with dresser

    Domm Dot Com

    Having a small entryway doesn't mean you can't have adequate, stylish storage. This entry by Domm Dot Com proves our point—a small peg rack on the wall holds jackets and purses, while a small dresser provides plenty of surface area and drawers to store other items. Behind the dresser, you will see a painted arched mural that adds some flair and a few mounted wooden shelves perfect for decor. A round mirror helps tie the whole look together.

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    Get Hooked

    entryway with stylish hooks

    Cathie Hong

    If you aren't a fan of the traditional coat hooks but still need a place to hang your essentials, you have options. This entryway styled by Cathie Hong includes circular gold pegs over various sizes—perfect for keys, handbags, scarves, and more. The gray bench with throw pillows and the oval wood framed mirror make the space more inviting.

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    Fresh Farmhouse

    narrow entryway

    Finding Lovely

    Nothing says welcome home like an entryway decked out in natural light and white. While the entry is small in this home by Finding Lovely, the decor and storage extend into the hallway, which can be a huge asset if you're working with a small space. Additionally, the white walls, door, and stairway give the impression of a larger entry.

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    Boho Vintage Entryway

    entryway with hatrack

    Becca Interiors

    Out with the new and in with the...old? Well, sort of. Vintage styles are timeless and can be a perfect addition to your small entryway. Here, Becca Interiors adds a wooden bench with a few neutral textured throw pillows that take you back in time for a moment. The accordion coat rack hanging overhead contributes to the theme, and the wicker baskets? A perfect touch to tie it all together.

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    Get a Unique Entryway Bench

    entryway with wooden bench that has attached extended table, pillows and white fur throw. Three matching artworks hang on wall above.

    Design: Mel Burstin for EHD/ Photo: Tessa Neustadt

    A bench adds practical function to an entryway. If you're looking for an idea that's also incredibly stylish, opt for something that doubles its functionality. This bench in an entry by Mel Burstin, who designed the space for Emily Henderson Designs, not only serves its purpose for seating but has an attached surface that serves as a small table—perfect for decor or to set your keys down while putting your shoes on. The feature is not only helpful but uniquely stylish.

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    Opt for Big Designs

    mural for narrow entryway

    Brexton Cole Interiors

    A small entry doesn't mean you have to go small on style. Sometimes big designs, if done the right way, can liven things up. Brexton Cole Interiors did just that by making the entry hallway a gorgeous mural display that greets you when you walk in. A marble side table and mod light fixture give a chic vibe that doesn't feel small in the slightest.

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    Entryway in a Tiny Space

    floating shelf and mirror in modern small entryway

    House of Chais

    If your essentially nonexistent entryway leaves you starved for storage, you have to work with what you have. Case in point—House of Chais makes use of the wall space by adding a simple floating shelf underneath a glamorous gold mirror. A few flower-shaped wall hooks add a touch of whimsy without going overboard, and every decor choice works perfectly with the herringbone wallpaper used in the space.

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    Add Some Color

    blue entryway with wood floors and yellow bulb light fixtures

    Margaret Wright Interior + Lifestyle Photography

    Don't be afraid to add some color, even if you are working with a smaller entry. This entryway, taken by Margaret Wright Interior + Lifestyle Photography, shows how vibrant and welcoming an entry can look with the right shade applied. The stunning blue evokes a sense of calm without feeling dreary or dark.

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    Cozy and Rustic Entryway

    small rustic entryway decor

    Milk and Honey Life

    Fans of Southwestern style will love the natural materials and rustic accents found in this small entryway, like the decorative tree branch. The simple wooden bench has plenty of space beneath it for storage while also being long enough to accommodate seating and decor options.

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    The Minimalist Entryway

    small entryway with paisley rug, wood dresser and round mirror hanging above

    Design: Emily Henderson/ Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    This minimalist entry designed by Emily Henderson only features a few items, but they all work together to make an impact. The blue pattern rug, midcentury modern dresser, mirror, and mod light fixture overhead all capture your attention without a ton of extra decor—sometimes less is more.

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    Steal This Colorful Entryway Idea

    entryway with gallery wall

    House 9 Interiors

    This home designed by House 9 Interiors turned the bare walls in the entryway hall into a vibrant art gallery. The eclectic feel is a burst of energy right when you step foot through the door.

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    The Nonexistent Entryway Solution

    makeshift small entryway

    Esther Schmidt

    Tired of looking for your house keys? It's a common problem when you're a member of the "nonexistent entryway" club. Lucky for you, a strategically placed shelf or wall hooks will do the trick. In an apartment, you can opt for command hooks or other easily removable solutions that won't damage the space once you're gone.

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    Scale Down

    entryway with single chair

    Design: Emily Henderson/ Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    No room for a bench? You can opt for a chair instead, as Emily Henderson did in this home. The mirror above matches the wood on the chair, creating a nice contrast with the white walls.

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    White and Chic Entryway

    white entryway

    Martina's Cosy Crib

    Chic, white interiors never go out of style, and even better, the look is easy to pull off. To create some ambiance like this entryway by Martina's Cosy Crib, add string lights and a few plants. 

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    Cute and Cheap Entryway

    entryway with small bench and arched mirror

    Esther Schmidt

    Creating a cute and comfy entryway doesn't have to be expensive. This one features a few on-trend ideas that are affordable. A small wooden bench, a simple mirror, and a single wicker basket are all it takes for this entryway by Esther Schmidt to create a warm welcome.

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    Entryway Storage

    entryway with shoe rack and hooks

    Home and Spirit

    If you are someone who prefers all-on-one solutions, then consider getting a coat rack like this, the way Erika of Home and Spirit did. Not only does the coat rack hold hates, jackets, and handbags, but includes a small seat and shelves for shoe storage!

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    Tiny Entryway

    small entryway

    Design: William Hunter Collective for EHD/ Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    If you only have room for a few entryway ideas, you can't go wrong with a stylish mirror and small side table. It creates the perfect place to park keys and other small grab-and-go items in this small entry.

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    Entryway With Full-Length Mirror

    entry hallway with full length mirror

    Home by Polly

    While not all entryways provide a ton of space, this one from Home by Polly makes the most of what it has. The wall-mounted plants and art are a nice touch, but it's the full-length mirror that has our attention. Rather than a smaller option that only shows the face, this mirror allows you to check your entire outfit before leaving. As a bonus, mirrors always make a smaller space feel larger, so it's as functional as it is stylish.

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    Work With Wallpaper

    entryway with wallpaper

    Michelle Berwick Design

    Another way to add some style? Wallpaper is always a reliable option. Turning a plain entry into a dazzling one can easily be accomplished by selecting a tasteful pattern and color, like this entry from Michelle Berwick Design. A few decor accents, like the white rounded bench and dark wood side table, can help complete the look.

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    Add a White Board for Greetings

    small entryway with whiteboard

    Kate Marker Interiors

    This entryway by Kate Marker Interiors is more nook than anything else, but that didn't stop her from making good use of it. A small dresser with drawers fits perfectly in the space, perfect for storage. However, hanging above is none other than a whiteboard—perfect for writing reminders or greetings for guests as they walk in.

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    Add a Large Mirror

    small entryway with mirror

    Kate Marker Interiors

    While we've already established that mirrors can make or break a space, small entries can benefit from going bigger. A wall-sized mirror can allow the area to feel doubled in size without painting or covering the walls in several smaller decor items.

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    Add Some Tile

    small entryway with coat rack

    Kate Marker Interiors

    Small spaces do have their advantages, as this space by Kate Marker Interiors shows. For example, if you want some impressive tile, but aren't too keen about using it for an entire floor, your entryway is the perfect place to display it. As a bonus, striking tile will ensure your entry makes a great first impression, especially if you don't have a ton of room to add extra features.

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    Just a Rug Will Do

    small entryway with arched doorways

    Kate Marker Interiors

    When all else fails, if your entry doesn't give you much wall space to add tables or hang items on the wall, then you'll need to change your approach. Luckily, there are plenty of rugs you can choose to fill your entryway that will add style without breaking your budget, like this one in an entry by Kate Marker Interiors.