27 Ways to Create a Stylish Small Home Office

home office for two

New Darlings

Don't think you have the extra space for a home office? Odds are that you do. A little creativity and perhaps some elbow grease is all it takes to carve out more room. So whether you are trying to squeeze in a small desk or a fully loaded workspace, these ideas will help you whip up a surprisingly stylish, small home office.

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    Change Your Living Room Layout

    Modern and ladylike home office

    Style by Emily Henderson

    Switching up the furniture arrangement in this small living room created the space needed for a home office. To get the job done, the experts at Style by Emily Henderson placed the sofa against the longest wall and then put the desk directly in front of the window. Doing so opened up square footage in the center of the space making the room feel open and airy instead of cramped and crowded.

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    Sit or Stand Workstation

    Corner desk set up
    A Beautiful Mess

    Sitting on your bum all day is not great for your health, so this DIY corner workstation by a Beautiful Mess remedies that. In a nutshell, this project uses inexpensive wood and bargain-basement shelf brackets to transform an untapped wall into a wrap-around, bar-height desk that you can use standing. When it is time to sit down, pull up a barstool.

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    Turn a Closet into a Home Office

    Home office in a closet
    Popp Littrell Architecture and Interiors

    In this condo by Popp Littrell Architecture and Interiors, a spare closet became a home office. To make the most of the small space, the interior designer selected a narrow, low-profile desk. The shelving above it makes room for books and a printer. Orange paint brightened up the nook with invigorating color. The best part is that when it is time to quit working, shutting the door keeps the office out of sight.

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    Room Divider Curtain

    Home office behind a curtain
    Sheer and Company

    You can carve out a nook for your home office using a curtain as a DIY room divider as shown in this New York City apartment by Sheer and Company. The fabric "wall" spans the width of the space. When closed it separates the work area from the living room.

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    Clever Office Nook

    Turn a tiny hook into a home office
    Megan Georgopoulos

    Space maximizing features make this trailer home customized by interior designer Megan Georgopoulos feel incredibly roomy. Here a couple of shelves turn a sliver of square footage into a tiny home office.

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    Floating Console

    Floating console doubles as desk


    A floating wall unit that spans the left side of this New York City studio apartment doubles as a desk with drawer storage. To make it blend, interior designer Noa Santos from Homepolish had the wall painted the same shade of white. A collection of framed prints also keeps the small workspace from feeling obtrusive by drawing the eyes upward.

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    A Family Office in the Hallway

    Small home office and craft space
    Callahan Interiors

    When a client needed a family office in their home, interior design firm Callahan Interiors put unused space in the hallway to work. An L-shaped desk optimized the square footage. A hanging pegboard turned a spot on the wall into a gift wrapping station.

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    Storage Lessons From a Tiny House

    Home office in tiny house
    Sol Haus Design

    Tiny houses are chock-full of space-saving solutions such as this custom-designed home office in a fun-size abode by Sol Haus Design. The workspace makes the most of every precious inch with built-in storage. Check out the slide-out floor unit on the right that conceals a printer.

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    Small Space Furniture

    Small home office in a nook by a window
    A. Jennison Interiors

    Too much furniture can make a tiny room feel cluttered and cramped. When carving out a spot for a home office in this small space, interior design firm A. Jennison Interiors avoided that claustrophobic feeling by using leggy furniture without visual heft.

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    Wall-Mounted Furniture

    Home office in a hallway with bar cart
    Anna Carin Design

    A weird, untapped wall gets a purpose in this home by Anna Carin Design. A floating desk and wall-mounted storage unit transform the odd corner into a home office. The cute bar cart is stored underneath the desk when no one is working.

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    Colorful Bedroom Office

    Colorful bedroom home office
    The Crafted Life

    Rachel from The Crafted Life kept things clean and simple when creating a home office in her bedroom. She used modular shelving to anchor her workspace. To give her storage solution a vibrant twist she painted the shelf brackets different colors.

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    Secret Home Office in Small Apartment

    Home office built in micro apartment

    This New York City apartment design by MKCA is overflowing with functional features for everyday living. At the back of the room sliding doors conceal a home office.

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    Stylish Wallpaper

    Wallpaper to carve out home office
    Allison Lind Interiors

    Create a workspace you will love by incorporating elements that show off your unique style. This lovely office nook by Allison Lind Interiors uses wallpaper to personalize the small space.

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    Cute Home Office in a Closet

    Closet home office with wallpaper
    Gold Ala Mode

    Here is another closet home office brimming with smart solutions. When creating the nook, Cara the blogger behind Gold Ala Mode, went with a leggy, mid-century-inspired desk with plenty of open space underneath for additional storage. The magazine racks on the wall create more room to stash stuff. Topping things off is a shelf for odds and ends.

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    An Interior Designer's Home Office

    Narrow home office
    Vanessa Francis Interior Design

    A custom, 10-foot tall built-in is the workhorse in this tiny office nook by Vanessa Francis Interior Design. The ingenious storage unit conceals all of Francis' office essentials including a printer and modem. Making the functional space stylish was very important to the interior designer, so she went with two-toned cabinets. The cherry on top is the mid-century-inspired light fixture.

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    Clever Bookcase Desk

    Home office with hidden bookcase and gallery wall
    Christophe Vendel

    If you're looking for stylish storage ideas, here is a chic desk frames bookshelves in a Paris living room by French interior designer Christophe Vendel. The gallery wall above it all pulls focus away from the workspace. The room includes mismatched chairs that contribute a sense of playfulness.

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    Transforming Desks

    Sunroom home office with standing desk
    The Cow Spot

    The couple behind The Cow Spot blog turned a funky little bump out in their home into a small office drenched in sunlight. To make their space incredibly pretty and super functional, they hired a company to build custom cabinetry. The result is a workspace that conceals a surprise: the desks are adjustable so they can be used sitting or standing.

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    Elegant Furniture

    Elegant home office in living room castro district
    Lynn K. Leonidas

    An elegant desk turns a living room into a multi-use space in this San Francisco apartment by interior designer Lynn K. Leonidas.

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    Entryway Home Office

    Home office in a hallway

    A generously sized entryway doubles as a home office in a Swedish apartment seen on Alvhem. Next to the desk is a simple drawer unit on casters that keeps etceteras hidden.

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    Two-Tone Paint Job

    Small storage room turned into home office
    Laurel and Wolf

    Rethinking a tiny storage room created space for a home office. To make the spot feel less like a large closet, the interior designers at Laurel and Wolf played up the sloped ceilings with a two-tone paint job.

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    Double Duty Counter

    Simple shelf home office
    Marion Alberge

    Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. Case in point, this tiny studio apartment by Marion Alberge. The shelf along the wall creates a spot to eat and work.

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    Cater-Cornered Home Office

    Corner office in living room
    Roost Interiors

    Turn a vacant corner into a mini office by placing a desk cater-cornered. For example, in this traditional-style home by Roost Interiors, a gorgeous wood and brass desk placed between two sets of windows create a workspace with a view.

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    Millennial Pink

    Home office millennial pink and gold
    Alice Lane Home Collections

    Whether you call it millennial pink or rose quartz, pale pink walls are having a huge moment. The problem is, pairing the shade with the wrong furniture can make a room feel childish.

    To make the shade work in this teensy home office, the interior designers at Alice Lane Home Collections added cream, gold, and brown to the color scheme. Notice the small bench with Lucite legs that seemingly disappear and the gold-backed office chair that is a perfect mix of function and beauty.

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    Put a Desk Behind the Sofa

    Behind the sofa home office
    Marion Alberge

    Parking a desk behind your living room sofa is a great way to create space for a home office. Here cupboards and shelves were added to create a storage wall and workspace combo in a home by interior designer Marion Alberge. You could also push a desk up against the back of a sofa.

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    Ghost Chair

    Blue home office living room
    Jessica Buckley Interiors

    A perfect piece of small space furniture is the ghost chair as seen in this home office nook by interior design firm Jessica Buckley Interiors. Because the seat is nearly invisible, it does not take up much visible square footage.

    How much does the ghost chair typically cost? A budget version of the seat made from affordable acrylic usually costs less than $100, while high-end chairs cast from more impact-resistant polycarbonate start at around $400.

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    Wall-Mounted Monitor

    Chic home office in corner of living room

    Sometimes a desktop computer has a ginormous screen and takes up most of the space on top of the desk, leaving very little room for anything else. That is why this tiny home office by Havenly works well. The wall-mounted monitor is an elegant solution that frees up space.

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    Home Office for Two

    Home office for two

    New Darlings

    Robert and Christina, who both pen the blog New Darlings, turned a tiny bedroom in their small home into an insanely stylish and of course very functional home office.

    They wanted their workspace to feel inspiring, so they filled it with things that stimulated their senses including favorite books and houseplants. To keep things organized, they had a custom-made desk built for two. The front and sides of the desk pack several secret storage drawers. The smart piece of furniture also conceals four wheels so it can be moved around quickly.

    Lastly, a comfortable office chair is a must when sitting in front of a computer for hours on end. These vintage-inspired, leather swivel chairs have built-in support features.