24 Stylish Decor Ideas for Spring

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    Stylish Spring Decor

    Indigo Linens
    Eye Swoon

    When spring is in the air, you know it's finally time to put away those heavy wool blankets and fur accessories for the season. Some light and cheery additions to your home can help in welcoming the change in weather. The urge to add new spring decor to your home is contagious and there are endless ways to incorporate your finds into your current decor.

    Stylish spring decor is more accessible and less time consuming than one might imagine. Take a moment and embrace spring with these stylish, fresh ideas for seasonal decor.

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    Pastel Tablesetting

    Pastel Tablesetting

    Pastels are not just for easter. Bring those pretty pinks, powder blues and gentle greens into your home throughout spring. If you are on a budget, you'll be happy to know many beautiful pastel options are available at IKEA.

    Spring Pastel Tablesetting from The House That Lars Built

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    Plants, Plants and More Plants

    Indoor Plants

    Need some green your in life? Not only does spring signify the start of fresh blooms, but we begin to crave those gorgeous shades of green in all shapes and forms. The most simple solution is bringing the outdoors inside with indoor plants.

    Plant Life from Oh Joy

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    Paper Flower Lights Garland

    Paper Flower Lights Garland

    Yet another clever idea on using paper florals to celebrate spring. A paper flower lights garland is everlasting if you take good care of its precious petals. It's wonderful for both indoor and outdoor celebrations as well.

    Paper Flower Lights Garland from Oh Happy Day

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    Dip Dye Baskets

    Dip Dye Baskets

    Do you have a thing for acquiring baskets? Baskets are functional and sweet decor for your home. Try this dip dye tutorial to make your collection extra special for spring.

    DIY Dip Dye Baskets from The House That Lars Built

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    Blush Inspired Spring Brunch

    Spring Brunch

    Whether you are hosting Easter dinner, Mother's Day or just a gal's only get together, this classic take on a blush inspired table scape is breathtaking. Keep it casual by having guests sit on pillows versus in stiff chairs.

    Feminine Parisian Inspired Brunch by​ 100 Layer Cake-let

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    Pom Pom Curtains

    Pom Pom Curtains

    Pom curtains are the absolute cutest! What a stylish way to add some spring flair to your room. The light and airy curtains will feel special with either a colorful or neutral pom pom addition.

    Pom Pom Curtains from Oh Joy

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    Tea Time

    Tea Party Set

    Spring also means it's time to dust off that beautiful porcelain tea set you keep reserved for sunny days and beautiful people. A tea set makes for lovely decor when not in use. Your friends will be super impressed with your presentation when they come over for lunch.

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    DIY Paper Spring Floral Crown

    Paper Spring Floral Crown
    The House That Lars Built

    If you are hosting a small group for a spring gathering, a great activity is to DIY paper floral crowns. Each crown is unique to it's creator. This crown is also made of paper, so you can hold onto the keepsake long past your spring arrangements.

    DIY Paper Spring Floral Crown from The House That Lars Built

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    Decorative Wire Vase

    Decorative Wire Vase

    A decorative wire vase is a special spring touch for all your single stem blooms. Keep it simple with a couple of stems and these beautiful vases can transform an entire room. 

    Decorative Wire Vase from A Beautiful Mess

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    Rainbow Photo Backdrop

    Rainbow Photo Backdrop

    A rainbow turns every frown upside down. There is nothing more cheery than this paper honeycomb and streamer photo backdrop. It's impossible to have a less than stellar time celebrating spring with this fun and thoughtful decor. Perfect for photo stations at spring parties for children and adults alike. 

    Rainbow Photo Backdrop from Oh Joy

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    Indigo Dye Linens

    Indigo Linens
    Eye Swoon

    Indigo tablecloths and linens are an alternative approach to prints and solids when entertaining. The natural coloring of the rich dyes is an eye popping detail that will be sure to create a stunning table scape.

    Indigo Dye Linens from Eye Swoon

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    Modern House Number Planter

    House Number Planter

    Make vintage modern with this adorable take on a house number planter. Often seen on homes in Palm Springs, California, you can add this little addition to your home this spring no matter where you're located. You will love pulling up in your driveway and being greeted by the flowers in the bloom. 

    Modern House Number Planter from A Beautiful Mess

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    Japanese Spirea


    Often it only takes a few fresh branches with small flower buds, peeks of green or fruit to add a sense of spring wonder to your home. Buy a bundle and disperse the branches in special vases throughout your home. These branches are versatile and easy to care for. They look especially whimsical once dried over time.

    Japanese Spirea from Aurora Botanica

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    Paper Flower Centerpiece

    Paper Flower Spring Centerpiece
    The House That Lars Built

    A spring floral arrangement is the loveliest addition to any room in your house. An arrangement that always looks fresh and never fades away is ideal. 

    DIY Paper Flower Centerpiece from The House That Lars Built

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    Mid-Century Inspired Plant Stand

    Plant Stand

    You are going to need a place for all those new plants you'll be bringing into your home this spring. A mid-century inspired plant stand is great for both your small and mid-size plant storage needs. If you are feeling extra crafty, take a stab at a little wood working to create a plant stand for yourself. 

    Mid-Century Inspired Plant Stand from A Beautiful Mess

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    Floral Shadow Box Art

    Floral Shadow Box Art

    Changing up art according to the season is a good habit to get into this year. It's no surprise that art makes us feel different ways, so why not look for pieces that make us feel spring happiness? Even better if you are comfortable creating your own art to put on display.

    Floral Shadow Box Art from A Beautiful Mess

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    Garden Inspired Arrangements

    Garden Inspired Arrangements

    Look no further than your home garden for floral arrangement inspiration. By adding unexpected details like a gorgeous head of lettuce or some fresh heirloom carrots, you will be repurposing fruits and vegetables in a fun way. 

    Garden Inspired Arrangements from 100 Layer Cake-let

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    Embroidered Edge Throw

    Embroidered Edge Throw

    If we are being honest with ourselves, not all spring days are the warmest. It's great to have a cozy throw available on those beautiful but chilly spring mornings. Add some subtle spring decor to any throw you already have in your home.

    Embroidered Spring Throw from Oh Joy

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    Aluminum Can Flowers

    Aluminum Can Flowers

    Perfect for your bike basket and so much more! These aluminum can flowers are the sweetest idea for home decor. Children will love helping with the DIY and then using them to decorate every room of your house.

    DIY Aluminum Can Flowers from The House that Lars Built

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    Fresh Floral Baskets

    Baskets of Fresh Florals

    Another idea for all those baskets hanging around your house: A fresh arrangement of the prettiest spring flowers in the prettiest spring baskets. These gems also make wonderful gifts for Mother's Day.

    Fresh Floral Baskets from 100 Layer Cake-let

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    Bohemian Accents

    Spring Decor

    A vintage leather butterfly chair or stylish Moroccan pouf add some serious bohemian vibes to your home. These accents are really great for outdoor entertaining mixed with fresh blooms. They will easily find a place inside your home as well.

    Bohemian Accents from 100 Layer Cake-let

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    Painted Floral Tablecloth

    Painted Floral Tablecloth

    A relaxing and rewarding spring project is painting your own floral tablecloth. If you find yourself with a spare moment this spring, get yourself a glass of rosé and start painting.

    Painted Floral Tablecloth from Oh Happy Day

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    Parisian Inspired Dessert Table

    Spring Dessert Table

    Choose brunch desserts that are French-inspired this spring. Cherry blossoms and parisian pastries are the ultimate spring accessories for your home.

    Feminine Parisian Inspired Brunch by 100 Layer Cake-let

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    Mixed Solid and Prints Table Setting

    Solid and Prints Tablesetting

    Can't decide between solids and prints? You don't have to with this clever table setting inspiration from Oh Joy. Stripes with florals, polka dots and your favorite spring colors complete this festive look that can be used for all seasonal gatherings.

    Mixed Solid and Prints Table Setting from Oh Joy