22 Smart and Stylish Ways to Decorate Empty Corners

carving out a stylish corner

The Spruce / Michelle Becker

Every naked room corner in a fun-sized abode is a space-making opportunity. Here's how to transform neglected nooks into useful and inviting spots that make life at home better.

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    Fake a Playroom

    Kids corner in an apartment

    Need an idea that will fire up a small child's imagination? Easy to remove washi tape magically transforms a bare corner into an enchanting playhouse. Instead of using a floor hogging toy box, a compact shelving unit with rounded corners is a space-saving idea that creates storage for playthings.

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    Squeeze in a Nook with a View

    Hack a cafe corner in a kitchen
    Tiffany/Off Beat

    Tiffany from Off Beat and Inspired transformed an ignored nook in her living room into a cafe corner with a view. FYI, this DIY can double as a home office. 

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    Get a Corner Bookcase

    Corner bookshelf

    The Billy Bookcase Series is one of IKEA's most successful designs ever for a good reason. The key pieces in the collection can be mixed or used solo based on your unique storage needs. The corner Billy Bookcase is an excellent example that turns a naked nook into useful storage. 

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    Fuel Your Caffeine Addiction

    A corner shelf used for appliance storage

    So you don't have enough room in your kitchen for a coffee station? A tiny corner shelf is all you need to create a spot to make lattes.

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    Hack Your Old Futon

    IKEA futon hack

    Pushing 30 years old? It's time to upgrade your frumpy futon sofa into a sexy corner chaise lounge. 

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    Store Lots of Clothing

    A corner clothing rack
    Shannon/Awash With Wonder

    Your studio apartment doesn't have a bedroom, never mind a walk-in closet. What to do? This DIY corner clothing rack will create room to hang your entire wardrobe. 

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    Get a Cute Cabinet

    PS 2014 Corner Cabinet

    Squeezing storage into a super small corner seems nearly impossible. Enter IKEA. In 2014, their biannual PS Collection was all about smart small space solutions, like this cute pink cabinet designed to fit snugly in tight corners. FYI, it can also be wall mounted after removing the legs.

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    Make a Stylish Statement

    A wall display made from plywood

    You can transform any corner in your home into a lovely wall display using this midcentury-inspired shelving unit by Senkki. Each one is handcrafted from plywood in Australia by local craftsmen.

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    Carve Out a Nursery

    A decorated corner with a crib

    Here's a stylish way to make room for baby. Bold wall art like this colorful decal not only makes a big statement in a small space, but it can also carve out a spot for a nursery.

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    Add Floating Shelves

    Custom floating shelving wrapping around a corner
    Laurent McComber

    How do you make room for a home office in a tiny attic apartment? Canadian architect Laurent McComber squeezed in much-needed desk and storage space by adding custom floating shelving that wraps around corners.

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    Create a Micro Closet

    A corner made into a closet
    Zandi/Radical Possibility

    Zandi, the blonde bombshell behind Radical Possibility, converted a corner in her small guest room into a micro closet using a steel pipe, and a couple of flanges and elbow joints.  

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    Build Your Own Desk

    Counter top corner desk
    WOOT Design

    Any empty corner can become a home office with this floating desk by WOOT Design. To DIY, you'll need a narrow table top and a couple of floating countertop support brackets that are properly anchored into the wall studs. Adding a single stainless steel leg adds little extra support.

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    Say No to Boring

    Pear shaped corner shelf

    Wall-mounted storage doesn't have to be boring. This whimsical corner shelf by Senkki adds whimsy and function to a dull corner. It's perfect for dressing up a nursery or kitchen. 

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    Build a Stylish Storage System

    DIY Plywood Corner Shelving Unit

    Got basic carpentry skills? Then you can build this stylish corner shelf unit from plywood. You'll find the DIY on the Dutch site, Karwei. 

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    Make a DIY Gallery Wall

    Living Bar in Corner
    Emma/A Beautiful Mess

    A small corner is a focal point in this tiny living room. The gallery wall was created using printable monochromatic art. The pièce de résistance is the bar cart. It's the finishing touch that makes this nook a favorite spot for relaxing. ​Emma the keen DIY'er from A Beautiful Mess shares how she styled this cute corner here.

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    Install a Pegboard

    Corner Wall Storage Ideas
    We Live

    Vertical storage has never looked better. Every inch of wall and corner space in this pegboard kitchen keeps things beautifully organized.

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    Whip Up Entryway Storage

    Corner entryway storage

    naked nook by the front door creates a spot to corral handbags, hats, and other grab and go and essentials.

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    Squeeze in a Workstation

    Folding corner desk

    Whether you need a standing workstation or extra counter space, nothing works a corner like a wall mounted drop leaf table. The NORBERG by IKEA is an inexpensive option that creates an additional work surface when needed.

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    No More Weird Nook

    Corner kitchen storage methods

    In a compact kitchen, a weird corner nook becomes a major storage opportunity. Theses narrow shelves keep healthy snacks and standard essentials like fresh fruit and drinking glass front and center.

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    Add Storage to a Micro Bedroom

    A ladder used to hold linen

    A reclaimed ladder can be more than just pretty rustic décor. This one makes a stylish statement ​while providing a convenient place to keep extra bedding.

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    Work Cubby Storage

    Cubby corner storage

    Wall mounted cubby storage turns a tight corner by a front door into an entryway landing strip for keys, mail, books, and other small items. 

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    Bring in Greenery

    Living room corner filled with houseplants

    A corner window creates weird nook furniture can't fill. What can you do? Bold leafy plants will green up an empty corner while adding a fresh nature-inspired vibe. Arranging plants at varying heights using a shelf and stool will add dimension to the display.

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