26 Smart and Stylish Ways to Decorate Empty Corners

carving out a stylish corner

The Spruce / Michelle Becker

Every empty room corner in a fun-sized abode is a space-making opportunity. While it can be tempting to leave it blank, you would be surprised at how easy it can be to decorate a corner in an effective and elegant way. Here's how to transform neglected nooks into useful and inviting spots that make life at home better.

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    Get a Corner Bookcase

    work area with custom fit corner bookshelves

    House 9 Interiors

    Whether you choose a floor-to-ceiling option or a compact version, having a custom-fit corner bookshelf is ideal for bringing an empty corner to life. Paint the bookshelf the same color as the walls to give a cohesive look.

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    Position Your Chaise Lounge

    gray chaise lounger with golden metal accent table beside it, painting hanging above

    Chelius House of Design

    It can be difficult to know where to put a chaise lounge if you're low on space, but propositioning it in the corner is a perfect location! Angling it to stick out instead of keeping it flush against the wall allows you to showcase it—you'd be surprised at what a simple change of position can do.

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    Add Floating Shelves

    dining room with gray walls, wooden table, white floating shelves in corner

    Charlie Coull Design

    How do you make room for dishes and other glassware if you're running low on cabinet space? Charlie Coull added much-needed storage space by adding custom floating shelving that fit perfectly into corners.

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    Set Up a Desk

    modern room with white table desk set up in the corner

    Cathie Hong

    Any empty corner can become a home office with the simple addition of a desk. Whether you choose to DIY with a narrow tabletop and a couple of floating countertop support brackets that are properly anchored into the wall studs or implementing an easy to assemble table that can function as a desk, you can't go wrong.

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    Squeeze in a Nook With a View

    nook created in corner with view and small pumpkins on windowsill


    Transforming a blank corner into a dreamscape is simpler than you think. Adding in a bench or cushions and lining small knick-knacks around a windowsill that looks out into your backyard creates a cozy and comfortable space to relax and unwind.

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    Add a Stylish Storage System

    white and wood kitchen with storage drawers in corner

    Home by Polly/Instagram

    There truly isn't such a thing as too much storage, in our opinion—especially if it looks chic and elegant. Adding in shelving or cubbies that match your space's general color scheme and theme can take an unused corner and give it purpose.

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    Make a DIY Gallery Wall

    dining room corner with pink walls and abstract gallery wall

    K Shan Design

    A gallery wall is a smart way to turn a blank corner into a sight to behold. While decorating around corners can be tricky, there are certainly ways to do so that work well. This corner from K Shan Designs already has a dining set in the space, but the eclectic collection of prints and a gold framed mirror take a pink corner and add some unexpected flair.

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    Install a Pegboard

    floating shelves with desk and pegboard in corner

    JC Designs/Instagram

    Vertical storage has never looked better. Every inch of wall and corner space in this neutral color workspace keeps things beautifully organized. From floating shelves to a strategically placed pegboard, everything has a place.

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    Whip Up Entryway Storage

    hidden storage behind door in nook

    Blue Copper Design

    naked nook by the front door creates a spot to corral handbags, hats, and other grab and go and essentials. Add some texture like this blue subway tile (styled by Blue Copper Design) and furnish it with silver hooks for a sleek, modern decor style.

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    Custom Fit a Workstation

    workspace with cabinets and drawers fitted into corners to create a workspace

    Mary Patton Design

    A small space has big potential to turn into an ideal workstation— but it requires using every inch of space you have available. Fitting a blank corner with a dresser or custom desk that fits seamlessly takes things from bare to a place to brainstorm. You can even opt to add some corner cabinets for some extra storage.

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    Turn Your Weird Nook Into Storage

    entryway/mudroom with wooden storage and seating in nook

    Tyler Karu Design

    In a compact entryway, a weird corner nook becomes a major storage opportunity. These shelves and cubbies keep hats and scarves within reach and standard essentials like shoes and tote bags front and center.

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    Work With Minimalist Storage

    modern subway tile bathroom with black clawfoot bathtub, black ladder holding towels propped up in corner

    Burchard Design Co.

    A simple ladder can be more than just pretty décor. This one makes a stylish statement ​while providing a convenient place to keep extra towels near the bathtub in this modern bathroom. It provides the perfect minimalist way to keep essentials nearby without including a table or even installing shelves—just lean the ladder against the corner and voilà!

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    Bring in Greenery

    neutral color modern living room with tall plant in the corner

    Brophy Interiors

    If you have a small amount of corner space that you're dying to refresh, try adding a tall plant. Bold leafy plants will green up an empty corner while adding a fresh nature-inspired vibe. Plus, opting for one taller option can take up vertical space in those hard to decorate areas.

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    Showcase Unique Furniture

    vintage teal dresser with plant and small knick knacks sitting in top placed in corner

    Afro Bohemian Living/Instagram

    An empty space can be the perfect way to show off unique furniture that needs to stand apart. This vintage-style chest with drawers and cabinets is gorgeous and nestles perfectly into this otherwise uninhabited corner space.

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    Place the Couch in the Corner

    living room with dark green couch placed in the corner

    Arbor & Co.

    Sometimes the simplest options are those right in front of us. Taking your couch and pushing it to fit an empty corner fills the space effectively and can potentially create a more open layout.

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    Add Matching Accent Tables

    bedroom with accent tables on either side of the bed in the corners

    Arbor & Co.

    Dealing with more than one blank space? Try using matching accent tables to not only dress up your corners but to create symmetry in your bedroom or living room. You can decorate and furnish each table to your liking, whether with a stack of your favorite books or a vase full of seasonal flowers.

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    Install a Corner Countertop

    kitchen with a corner shelf installed

    Arbor & Co.

    Perhaps your counter space doesn't extend as far as you hoped it would. If you have an empty corner, then why not extend your countertop by installing a corner version? If you install it at a slightly lower level, you can create the perfect place to sit or allow it to be a storage space to hold all your cookbooks and plants,

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    Create a Breakfast Nook

    breakfast nook in kitchen with green cushions and white table

    Ashley Montgomery Design

    While you can easily place a dining room table and chairs in an empty nook space, there is a way you can make better use of your corner. Install benches with cushions and create a breakfast nook—not only will you be able to seat more guests, but it's a stylish way to decorate an unused corner.

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    Create a Simple Feature Corner

    boho style bedroom with wood slats in the corner, hanging plant and other plants in the corner

    JC Design/Instagram

    Instead of hiding away the corner space in your room, why not turn it into a focal point? Features corners are all about customizing to fit your preferences and tastes—adding wood slats and decorative greenery definitely captures your attention in this bohemian bedroom from JC Designs.

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    Light Things Up

    living room with black, gray, and white artwork, black sconces hanging in corner behind couch

    Jenn Pablo Studio

    If you need to fill a blank space on the upper part of your wall, try installing a sconce. Not only are they aesthetically appealing, but can give you access to light well within reach, Their customizable shapes and sizes give you plenty of options to work with.

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    Add a Large Mirror

    minimalist bedroom with rustic wooden mirror propped in corner

    Burchard Design Co.

    Mirrors can transform any space and add a level of sophistication to whatever room they are in. Propping a floor-length mirror against a wall or corner can dress up your space with minimal effort. As a bonus, the reflecting light can make a small space feel larger.

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    Paint a Mural

    kids workspace with painted mural in the corner

    Dwell Aware/Instagram

    Sometimes decorating a corner doesn't require furniture or decorative objects of any sort—all it needs is a fresh coat of paint and an artistic vision. This gorgeous mural by Dwell Aware adds color and design that stimulates creativity. What was once a plain, white corner is now a fun, stylish masterpiece.

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    Create a Stylish Reading Nook

    cozy reading corner with pink chair, floating bookshelf built into wall, artwork and plant

    Dazey Den

    Combining a comfortable chair with a built-in bookshelf is a surefire way to dress up an otherwise boring corner. Adding some artwork, greenery, and a lamp help complete the space so you can cozy up with your favorite novel and read long into the night.

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    Add an Accent Chair

    corner with white accent chair, modern lamp, simple artwork

    Calimia Home

    Adding an accent chair is one of the best stylish, functional decor options you can easily implement to decorate a bare part of the room. Whether you use it for extra seating or as a statement piece, it's an easy solution to a blank corner.

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    Hang a Single Piece of Artwork

    dining room with exposed brick wall and white wall corner, lone piece of artwork hanging

    Tyler Karu Design

    Gallery walls are a fantastic option but if you opt for a more minimalist mindset, try choosing one piece of artwork to liven up your blank corner canvas. Depending on the size of space, you can try an oversized piece—just keep in mind what you're working with. We love how the artwork shown here pairs well with the exposed brick wall, helping to tie the space together.

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    Decorate With a Bar Cart

    corner with mint walls, vintage bar cast positioned in corner

    Tina Ramchandani

    We love using a bar cart as a statement piece—especially when it's as eloquently decorated as the one shown here. Bar carts are usually portable and can easily fit into whatever aesthetic you've created for your space. Plus, if you decide you want to switch things up, you can simply move to another room without much hassle.