Subscription Box Review: Green Kids Crafts

A Great Subscription Box Choice

A monthly box from Green Kids Crafts.
A monthly box from Green Kids Crafts. Image Courtesy of Green Kid Crafts

Green Kids Crafts has entered the crowded kids' subscription box market with a winner on many levels. Not only are the crafts fun, imaginative and attention-grabbing, but they are also created from eco-friendly, recycled and sustainable materials. Add to that the open-ended nature of the projects as well as a “Discover More” guide to provide suggestions of ways to extend learning, and you have a thoughtful educational product that truly promotes learning for all ages.

What's In the Box?

Each month, the box has materials to make 3 or 4 open-ended crafts on a specific theme. It also includes a "Discover More" guide with factoids about that month’s theme, suggestions for other activities, and a bibliography with a synopsis and picture of each book cited.

"Each theme is designed to teach kids about the world around them and are usually rooted in nature," explains Kristine Ford of Green Kid Crafts. For example, past themes have included Feathered Friends, I Love Bugs and Sun, Moon & Stars.

My kid testers and I had took a look at the dinosaur-themed box, which included all the materials to make four projects: fossils; a dinosaur tail for imaginative play, a 3D wooden dino puzzle and a dino sculpture. Each activity was a hit with my testers.

What Is the Target Age?

"We design activities that will serve as enriching, open-ended projects for kids in the entire spectrum of 3-8 [years old]," says Ms.

Ford. She also notes that the level of parental supervision necessary varies among ages and projects.

That’s in line with what I discovered with my kid testers. The projects are adaptable enough that they kept the interest and captured the imagination of the whole age range, and the materials could be used in different ways by children of different ages.

For example, the Dinosaur Box included a small stamp pad and corks to use as stampers. My older kid tester had the fine motor skills to use the corks with the stamp pad, but my younger kid tester abandoned the effort for fingerprint stamping instead.

Additionally, the "Discover More" guide provided a number of multimodal ways to explore the topic of dinosaurs in a more in-depth fashion. 

Is There Real Learning Happening?

Green Kids Crafts has an advisory panel of parents, child development experts and their own kid testers. Ms. Ford says each box is designed specifically to meet Green Kid Crafts’ criteria. With their product, kids can:

  1. Create something they can be proud of.
  2. Move their body.
  3. Use their thinking brain.
  4. Discover the world around them.
  5. Learn to care for themselves, others and the planet.

The Kids' Verdict

Green Kid Crafts' monthly subscription box was a hit with my kid testers. My toddler tester was actively involved with sustained interest for over half an hour, which, for a toddler, is a long time to stay focused. My older testers could appreciate that everything was eco-friendly, and were impressed by the quality and durability of the materials. They were especially intrigued by the compostable cello bags in which the crafts were packaged.

The only complaint voiced was that the acid-free stickers used with one of the projects didn't stick to the felt as well as we would have liked. (They did, however, do a nice job adhering to the bottom of the kids’ socks, so perhaps it was the type of fabric!)

Final Thoughts

For the number of learning opportunities and the fun each box contains, I would highly recommend the Green Kid Crafts monthly subscription to parents. At this writing, Green Kid Crafts monthly craft subscription is $20 per month for one child, which is a great deal, especially considering that all the materials are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.