Add Beauty to Your Home With Subtle Home Fragrance

A close-up of a scented candle burning

 Marita/flickr/CC by 2.0

Subtle home fragrance can do things to you. You walk into a room and smell something wonderful. What is it? You imagine adding a unique fragrance to your home, too.

Most likely, you’re smelling a home fragrance of a scented candle, burning incense, a spritz of room spray, or a dish of scented potpourri.

Are you wondering how to choose the right fragrance for your home to give it just the right scent to appeal to your sense of smell and to create an atmosphere that you long for?

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when you select a scented candle or choose a beautiful potpourri for your home.

Our Brains Help Determine Our Reaction to a Scent

You might think that our noses do all the smelling, but it’s our brain that tells us how to react to a scent. A chemical message is sent to our nervous system which tells our body how we feel about a particular smell. Floral scents make our brain feel sensual. Earthy scents make our body feel refreshed. Vanilla or almond might remind us of baking. Is it any wonder that you might have a challenge in choosing the right scent for your home? Just as your body has a natural scent that will chemically react to a perfume or cologne, our homes have a natural odor that will react to supplemental scents we introduce into them.
Finding the right candle, plug-in, or incense is much like finding your signature fragrance.

    • Pets add to the odor you live with.
      You won’t be able to camouflage every pet odor with candles, incense, or potpourri. If you want a home that doesn’t smell like your pet, keep the spaces they are in clean. Febreze, either candles or sprays, is a good product that will help neutralize pet odor.
    • The food you cook and the spices you use can leave a lingering smell beyond the kitchen.
      Fish and garlic are perfect examples of foods that have a heavy scent. Many ethnic foods have very strong odors that cling to furniture and other fabrics. To reduce food smells in your home, turn on a ceiling fan for circulation or use the fan over your oven.
    • Laundry and cleaning products typically have clean and fresh aromas.
      Beware that your home might smell too sterile. To eliminate the smell of dryer sheets or cleaning products, open a window while you clean.
    • Grass and the earth give off very pleasant scents.
      Believe it or not, earthy scents can help you feel physically cooler. Try out some out-of-doors scents with a twist of citrus. Pier 1 Imports has a wonderful candle called Citrus Cilantro in this category.
    • Salty air and the smell of water refresh us.
      The ocean has a calming influence, so the scents we associate with the ocean tend to rejuvenate and calm us. I love Pier 1 Imports' Aquatic scented candles.
    • Wood scents are associated with warm thoughts.
      These are usually heavier scents that can be compared to the emotions or associations that you have when you smell freshly baked bread. Pumpkin spice or caramel scent would fit well in this category because of the associations we have with these smells. Yankee Candle Company has an Apple Cider and Pumpkin Pie candles. Or try Archipelago Botanical's Havanna.
    • Florals are light and pleasant.
      Floral scents are associated with romance and affection. Rose, lilac, and gardenia are a few flower fragrances that are very popular in this category when finding the right floral scent for your home. Yankee Candle Company has Lemon Lavender and Lotus Blossom candles. Archipelago Botanical's Petale is another of my favorites.

    Your Home Already Has Smells in it

    Whatever scents are in your home will have to combine harmoniously with the scent you want to add. Once you're you’re aware of some of the pre-existing scents within your home; you can start to choose candles, incense, or room spray that will give your room that wonderful fragrance you're hoping for.

    Read about the psychological associations with scent and how to choose the perfect signature scent for your home. Hopefully finding the right fragrance for your home will now be a little easier as you think of the smells that already exist in your home and what your personal preferences are. You can find plug-ins, candles, incense, and potpourri in almost any store, from discount home decor stores to grocery stores to high-end designer fashion stores. New scents are offered seasonally and quarterly by most candle companies. Get out to the stores and start smelling!