Sugey Palomares



Sugey Palomares Lam is a Latinx content creator, social media manager, and mom of two. In her spare time, she enjoys sharing her product picks, supporting Latinx small business owners, and toddler parenting hacks.


  • Sugey has worked as an editor, writer, and media professional for over 10 years.
  • She is currently a freelance social media manager for Parents Latina magazine.
  • Her works have been featured in Parents Latina, Rolling Stone, Huffington Post, and more.



Sugey is a freelance writer at The Spruce covering trending pieces, Latinx lifestyle, and parenting content. She is currently the social media lead at Parents Latina magazine and formerly worked as the social media manager at Family Circle. Prior to that, Sugey was a staff writer at MamásLatinas for three years. She also worked as the associate editor at and MTV Tr3s’ music blog. She is pop culture obsessed, loves to cook, and recently became a proud Peloton mom.



Bachelor’s in English and Literature from Binghamton University and a Master’s in Latin American Caribbean Studies with a concentration in Media Studies from the University at Buffalo.


Expertise: Expertise: Latinx Lifestyle and Parenting Content
Education: Binghamton University BA, University at Buffalo MA
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Title: Freelance Content Creator and Social Media Manager

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