Summer Crafts and Activities

Celebrate summertime with fun summer crafts and activities!

Summer Crafts and Activities
Summer Crafts and Activities.

Try a variety of free summer craft patterns and projects. These are not only a great way to celebrate the summer season, but also a great way to help beat summertime boredom!

Start out by making this hand print sun craft and then read these fun articles to find more summer fun and craft projects. If you want to be one of the first to know when summer and other craft projects are posted, take a few moments to sign up for the Family Crafts Newsletter.

  • Themed list of free, summer beaded safety pin patterns.

  • Check out this collection of Summer themed coloring pages. Make your own coloring book!
  • Backyard Adventures
    Get everyone away from the TV and go outside by planning some creative outdoor fun! Plan a backyard adventure!
  • Beach Craft Projects
    Whether your trip to the beach is real or imaginary, you might want to pick up supplies for one or more of these related craft projects to add a little creativity to your travels.
  • Camping and Picnic Crafts
    Whether you are planning a camping trip or just wish you were going camping, you are sure to find something here to spark your creativity!
  • Creative Travel Activities
    Here are my top picks for great ways to keep everyone occupied on long trips, everything from simple, printable travel games the entire family can play to complete travel kits.
  • Canada Day Crafts and Activities
    Use some of these craft projects as part of your Canada Day celebrations.
  • How to Make a Toad Village
    You can attract toads to your garden, create a wonderful garden decoration, and have some creative family fun all at the same time.

  • Get creative with Ice cream! Make your own ice cream, creative ice cream creations, and ice cream crafts.
  • Make Your Own Sun Visors
    You will be amazed at what you can do with some simple craft foam visors and a few common craft supplies. Make everything from an adorable bumble bee visor to a visor you can wear to your favorite sporting events.
  • Nature Crafts
    If you love nature, you will love these nature craft projects! Use these crafts to help pass the time when you have to be inside, when you get to be outside, or just to celebrate Mother Nature.
  • Saving Your Summer Blooms
    Special Article from your About guide! Learn how to save your colorful flowers by drying or pressing them. Great for crafts, decorations, and gifts!
  • What's Buggins You?
    Are the bugs bugging you? Try making many of these fun crafts; now, here are some bugs you can enjoy! You can also see how much you know about these bugs with these this fun quiz!