6 Fun Flip-Flop Themed Party Games

High Angle View Of Flip-Flops On Table
Natdanai Pankong / EyeEm / Getty Images

Throwing a beach party, pool party or summer-themed bash? Ask guests to come wearing flip flops and enjoy some of these fun flip-flop party games.

Flip Flop Relay Race

Have all of the players take off their flip flops and toss them into a large pile. Once all of the flip flops are in the pile, mix them up several times.

Add some extra flip flops of varying sizes into the pile as well. Divide the children into two teams, and have them line up a good distance away from the flip flop pile.

To start the race, the first players in line for each team must race to the pile and find their own flip flops. When they find their flip flops, they must put them back on, race back to their teams, and tag the next players in line. Those players must then race to find their flip flops.

Play continues like this until one team has found all of their flip flops.

Flip Flop Hop

Have all of the party guests wear flip flops. Stand them all behind a starting line, and tell them to each take off one of their flip flops. Take the single flip flops and place them along with another line that is several feet away from the starting line. On the start signal, each player has to hop on their one flip flop to retrieve their matching flip flop, put it back on and race back to the starting line. The first player to return with two matching flip flops on her feet wins the game.

Flip Flop Hunt

To play this game, buy several pairs of flip flops in different colors (you can usually find these at the dollar store).

Break up the pairs of flip flops and hide one of each pair. Give the other halves of the pairs to your party guests. Set a timer for five minutes.

Players must find all of the matches before time runs out.

Flip Flop Wheelbarrow Races

This game is played just like the traditional wheelbarrow races, where one player walks on his hands while another player holds his feet.

But before becoming the “wheelbarrow,” players wear flip flops on their hands instead of on their feet.

Flip Flop Flip

To play this game, create a grid of several sections or a bulls-eye type target on the lawn. You can use ribbon or tape to mark off the sections. Designate a point value for each section (based on distance or difficulty from starting line).

Have kids line up behind the starting line and kick their flip flops into the grid. Award points according to where the flip flops land.

Play a few rounds and keep score. The player with the most points wins. 

Musical Flip Flops

Have all of the kids sit on the ground in a circle, barefoot. Use a new, large pair of flip flops (to ensure they will fit on all of the feet).

As the music plays, the players will pass the flip flops around the circle, putting them on and then quickly removing them and handing them off to the next player. When the music stops, the player who is wearing the flip flops is out. If the flip flops are in the process of being passed, everyone is safe, the music restarts and play continues.

The game goes on in this manner until only one player is left. That player is the winner.