25 Summer House Ideas for Creating a Backyard Oasis

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With summer just around the corner, many of us are eager to finally soak up some sun. And what better place to do so than in your own backyard? There are plenty of ways to spruce up your outdoor space, but one trend that is regaining popularity are tiny, dreamy summer homes. 

Essentially, people turn their garden sheds into adorable backyard escapes, or even build their own from scratch. There are so many uses for these summer sheds — whether used for backyard parties, art studios, playspaces, or havens to unwind. Just pop open the doors, and you have a seamless outdoor-indoor living area to relish in the warm weather.

So, ready to have one of your own? Check out these 25 summer home ideas for inspiration, ahead.  

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    Woodsy Retreat

    Woodsy Retreat

    @hausleintinyhouseco / Instagram

    Pair a unique A-frame shape with a classic wood structure to create the ultimate mini escape. Black trim adds a touch of contrast, while a foldaway door allows you to totally immerse yourself in the outdoors.

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    White Wonderland

    White Wonderland Summer Home

    @herzenstimme / Instagram

    Go monochrome with an all-white look. This space dresses up its exterior with dreamy lights to set the mood — plus, plenty of cozy seating, cute accessories, and stylized foliage.

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    Breezy Indoor-Outdoor Space

    Breezy Indoor-Outdoor Space

    @kirsten.diane / Instagram

    Who says your summer home has to be fully enclosed? Embrace the sunshine with a breezy, open structure and bohemian vibes. Translucent curtains and hanging rattan decor top this space off for a truly magical feel.

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    Cozy Getaway

    Cozy Getaway Summer Home

    @s.u.s.a.p / Instagram

    With ambient lighting, patterned runners, and neutral furnishings, Susanne of @s.u.s.a.p transformed her sunroom into the coziest getaway. The wall-to-wall glass structure lets in plenty of natural light and puts the decor on full display — so you can enjoy it whether you're inside or outside.

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    Flowery Hideout

    Flowery Retreat Summer Home

    @french_lilac_ / Instagram

    This elegant shed features classic wood slats coated in a milky white hue. There's plenty of room for pops of color, though, with windowsill flowerbeds, a pink rose climber, and a matching seat cushion at the entrance.

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    Flora-Filled Studio

    Flora-Filled Studio

    @aremyart / Instagram

    Craft a space for your creative endeavors in your very own yard. Artist Aremy Stewart's studio features plenty of glass windows and doors for an inspiration-inducing view of her colorful garden. The classic square silhouette is painted in a moody-black hue to let the artwork and surrounding nature shine.

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    Country Cabin

    Country Cabin Summer Home

    @shiregardenbuildings / Instagram

    Pretty blue paint and floral rocking chairs make for a gorgeous, serene conversation nook. French windows and doors that swing open add extra elegance, while symmetrical flower pots welcome at the entrance.

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    Rustic Den

    Rustic Den Summer Home

    @settlenorfolk / Instagram

    This cozy space blends in with the surrounding nature, featuring various wood tones, a sliding Victorian rail carriage door, and a roomy porch to hang outside. There's plenty of space inside, too, as it fits an alcove bed, work desk, pull-out breakfast bar, and more — making a great accommodation for overnight guests.

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    Quaint Cottage

    Quaint Cottage

    @ulrich_lifestyle / Instagram

    Bring on the charm with a cute cottage feel. This shed, for example, features a pastel yellow exterior and white trim for an ideal summery color scheme — plus, a mini porch, french doors, and cute entryway decals.

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    Coastal Cabana

    Coastal Cabana

    @sheshedcabins / Instagram

    Beachy vibes abound in this poolside summer space, which features seaside hues, a boho style umbrella, and breezy neutral furnishings. Alongside, a platform for an elevated daybed ensures premium relaxation.

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    Moody Abode

    Moody Abode Summer Home

    @ademetre / Instagram

    A coat of rich, charcoal paint and brass accents combine for a luxe, moody look in this backyard abode. But don't judge a book by its cover — the dark exterior leads to a bright and airy interior for a relief of contrast.

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    Colorful Shed

    Colorful Shed Summer Home

    @prairiembquilter / Instagram

    This kitty-approved shed offers cozy comfort in its oaky structure, and pops of joy with its colorful decor. Vibrant artwork embellishes each nook and cranny, while patchwork pillows and quilts offer plush comfort.

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    Pastel Paradise

    Pastel Pink Door Summer Home

    @the_happy_door / Instagram

    Brandi of @the_happy_door built this shed from scratch with the help of her spouse, and the result is truly adorable. They opted for muted turquoise on the main exterior, and a swath of pink for a pleasant surprise on the door. A makeshift wreath, windowsill flowerbeds, and matching potted plants round out the soft features.

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    Dreamy Lights

    Dreamy Lights Summer Home

    @sparrowhomedesign / Instagram

    Fully enclosed in french doors and windows, this summer shed comes alive during evenings with dreamy string lights that hang on either side of it. It's not just looks, though; the roof has an open structure for ventilation and the clear walls let plenty of light shine through.

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    Playful Patterns

    Playful Patterns Summer Home

    @kellig / Instagram

    Photographer Kelly Guinn-Olsson of @kellig designed a quilt-like pattern on her backyard space, using the wooden slats as a natural template. The floral design adds a unique, playful touch and its purple hues complement the shed's iris tone. Further pops of color are added with flower pots and lounge chairs just outside.

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    Farmhouse Decor

    Farmhouse-Style Summer Home

    @rusticwildarrow / Instagram

    A classic design and color scheme has no shortage of character in this farmhouse style summer home. Copper-toned plant stands play off of terracotta pots for a dose of warmth. Plus, abundant ferns and flowers decorate the porch for a lush, lived-in look.

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    Electric Green

    Electric Green Summer Home

    @tiny.away / Instagram

    Try out a vibrant green exterior to make a statement. A clean-lined box shape and simple molding allow the color to shine without going over the top. You can never go wrong with black trim, too, or sliding glass doors to wake up with a view.

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    Charming Treehouse

    Charming Treehouse

    @jillduzan / Instagram

    If you're lucky enough to be situated in the woods — or any sort of greenery — a dark, wooden structure is a sure bet. It plays off the tree bark and soil so beautifully. Opt for an arched window above the door, as is done on this shed, for an extra chic touch.

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    Garden Escape

    Garden Escape

    @finding__lovely / Instagram

    This outdoor space has all the cottagecore vibes, and proves that a simple white color scheme can look so good. The traditional summer home features french doors that lead out to a gorgeous garden. White tulips and a white arch reflect back the color scheme seamlessly for a breathtaking effect.

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    Spot To Entertain

    Blue Lit Up Summer Home

    @rachelroe_art / Instagram

    Dress up your summer home in deep blue paint and mahogany accents for a warm, cozy spot to entertain. Artist Rachel Roe fitted a shaded seating area just outside of hers, topped with dreamy string lights where family and friends can happily hang out.

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    Serene Shelter

    Serene Shelter Summer Home

    @barbtechel / Instagram

    Writer and artist Barb Techel turned her backyard shed into a peaceful escape, situated among budding flowers and troves of grass. The exterior is decorated in her favorite sage green and blue hues. "When we designed the space, it was important for me to have natural light, so it has seven windows," Techel shares. "Because we live in Wisconsin with four seasons, I also have an air conditioner and a darling petite gas stove."

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    Two Tones

    Tuxedo Summer Home

    @life_of_isatu / Instagram

    This shed masters the tuxedo color scheme. The exterior is an inky black, with white-trim doors that slide away to reveal the airy interiors. Matching white and black planters provide clean complements, allowing the natural greenery to take care of the color.

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    Sweeping Views

    Sweeping Views Summer Home

    @madebymaggie07 / Instagram

    Perched on a hilltop, this charming backyard home by artist Maggie Robb comes complete with stunning panoramic views. String lights light up the roof come night-time, and neon blue doors make a dramatic statement.

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    Pink Playhouse

    Pretty In Pink Summer Home

    @houseofhearts_at78 / Instagram

    If you have a favorite color, don't be afraid to go all out. This summer shed embraces pink, using a deep hot pink on the doors and windows, contrasted against a subdued baby pink backdrop. White flowers hang from the windowsills for a magical touch — an apt vibe, given that the space serves as a playhouse for kids.

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    Whimsical Details

    Whimsical Pad Summer Home

    @juliette.recton / Instagram

    A soothing blue coats this summer haven, embellished with cute details, like flower decor, circular windows, colored lights, and trinkets to welcome at the door. The whimsical details offer just a glimpse on what's inside: plenty more trinkets, a daybed, and a seating corner for an ethereal escape.