The IKEA Purchase You Should Buy for the Summer, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

paper lanterns hanging from trellis over small table and chairs


Summer is here, and with it, a desire from many to change up their homes and outdoor spaces. Always a fan favorite, IKEA has plenty of items ranging from home decor, picnic/outdoor items, dinnerware, lighting, and so much more. Along with the typical categories, IKEA has released plenty of products meant to liven up your space (and your mood) for the summer months.

We all know that we have personal preferences when it comes to our decor and design choices, but looking into our zodiac signs can give us a glimpse of what we're drawn to, as well as help us find items that radiate our personalities. We've rounded up which item from the summer collection you should add to your cart immediately based on your zodiac sign–check out yours below.

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    Aries: PIVRING Backpack

    girl wearing orange outfit against orange backdrop wearing IKEA backpack


    Compact yet spacious and ready for just about anything, the PIVRING backpack ($2.99) is perfect for tucking away your laptop, throwing some extra clothes in before you head to the gym, or as an everyday bag to hold what you need. With your constant "on-the-go" energy, it works as a great asset to hold whatever you need. With two gallons worth of space and an extra mesh pocket on the front, you know you'll have space for anything you need to keep moving throughout your day.

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    Taurus: INGABRITTA Throw

    white couch with lightweight pink throw draped across


    Given your love of comfort and style, we know you love snuggling up with a blanket when you're trying to relax. Just because summer is here doesn't mean you can't cozy up with a blanket during those cooler evenings–you just need to switch out your bulkier options for something that's as light as it is stylish. Enter the INGABRITTA throw ($19.99): a soft acrylic cotton throw available in four down-to-earth shades that are perfect for evenings out on the balcony or to wrap up in for movie night.

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    Gemini: FJÄLLMOTT Picnic Blanket

    two girls having picnic on army green picnic blanket laid on sand


    You love grabbing your friends and getting together for adventures, and picnics are ideal for going about it as the days grow longer. The FJÄLLMOTT picnic blanket ($24.99) was made for those last-minute trips. It's compact and portable with a sling to easily transport anywhere you need to go–and its waterproof backing allows you to use it on most terrains. Wherever you end up, you'll be able to set a place to relax and eat without much hassle.

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    Cancer: SOMMARDÖM Tray

    SOMMARDÖM tray with white cups, small pot of team and lemon slices sitting on top against a white kitchen backdrop


    Whether you're chilling alone on your patio or having a few friends over for lunch, it never hurts to have a sturdy serving tray on hand. The SOMMARDÖM tray ($11.99) is handwoven rattan and wicker, bringing a natural look to your space. It's portable and sturdy, perfect for showing off your hosting skills, whether you're bringing out your morning coffee or a round of cocktails for your guests.

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    Leo: SOLVINDENLED Solar Powered Pendant Lamp

    SOLVINDENLED solar powered lamps hanging in an outdoor space from a trellis, above a table and chairs


    We already know you're ruled by the Sun and brighten up any space you walk into, so it makes perfect sense you would be drawn towards these SOLVINDENLED Solar Powered Pendant Lamps ($8.99). The paper lantern aesthetic is ideal for your love of showing off and standing out, and there are a wide variety of styles to choose from. You deserve to indulge in lighting that is powered by the Sun and will also receive plenty of compliments–just like you.

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    Virgo: SATSUMAS Plant Stand

    SATSUMAS Plant Stand holding potted plants and small decor besides a couch with white throw hanging over the arm


    There are plenty of ways to arrange all of those new plants in your home. However, rather than sitting them on a simple shelf or table, try something a little more dynamic, like this gorgeous SATSUMAS plant stand ($29.99). The three-tier circular shelves at varying heights make your greenery a statement piece. Its sleek appearance and neutral color scheme will work in any room you decide to place it. Plus, if you place it beside your couch in the living room, it can double as a side table–we know how you feel about multi-purpose furniture.

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    Libra: STILENLIG Glassware Set

    STILENLIG Glassware Set on blue table runners, potted plant on table


    Whether you're planning on hosting a small get-together with your friends or setting the table for a night at home, it's no surprise you want things to look gorgeous. These painted STILENLIG glasses ($4.99/4 pack) are eye-catching, and we love how they add the perfect touch to your brunch or lunch gatherings. You can also purchase the rest of the STILENLIG collection of bowls, plates, and mugs to complete the set!

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    Scorpio: SOLVINDENLED String Lights

    string lights on a balcony with two potted plants, small table and chair


    You're known to enjoy hanging by yourself at times to relax and recharge for the coming day–and summer nights are a great opportunity to sit outside to do so. However, instead of sitting in total darkness, why not add a little bit of light to brighten things up? These SOLVINDENLED string lights ($14.99) are a subtle yet chic addition that are solar-powered and long-lasting: perfect for the ideal amount of light without being too harsh.

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    Sagittarius: SOMMARVIND Pop-Up Sun/Wind Shelter

    SOMMARVIND pop sun/wind shelter


    You never know when your adventurous spirit will start calling you, and the warmer weather is a great opportunity for your desire to travel. Having something like this SOMMARVIND Pop-Up Sun/Wind Shelter ($24.99) on hand will be perfect for those unpredictable, last-minute trips you decide to take to keep the sun and wind off of you when you're taking a break.

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    Capricorn: UNSERSÖKA Steel Flask

    Man in gray long sleeve pouring tea into an UNSERSÖKA steel flask


    You've got work to and places to be, and everyone is well aware of it. You need something that can keep up with you–and the UNSERSÖKA steel flask ($7.99) is more than willing to step in. With its smooth, no-spill design and handy travel size, you will never have to worry about leaving your morning beverage behind. Plus, it keeps your beverages hot or cold for hours, allowing you to keep moving throughout your day with one less thing to worry about.

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    Aquarius: FÄLTMAL Pillow Quilt

    FÄLTMAL Pillow Quilt in Green


    We know you're not afraid to be a little out of the ordinary, and you are just as prone to desiring comfort as anyone else. The FÄLTMAL pillow quilt ($39.99) is a cushioned pillow that can unfold into a full-scale quilt for you to bundle up in, whether you're on the go or on your couch at home. The quilt allows you to actually wear it, with sleeves and buttons to keep it in place–and it's a look we already know you can pull off seamlessly, Aquarius.

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    Pisces: BEDYRA Beach Towel

    BEDYRA Beach Towel in blue hanging on towel rack


    You often find yourself drawn to water of all kinds, especially during these warmer months. The BEDYRA beach towel ($12.99) is the perfect companion to help you dry off, with its thick and easy absorbent woven fabric and super-soft feel. Plus, it has an adorable fish pattern on both sides that we know is calling your name.