Summer Infant Babble Band Wearable Baby Monitor Review

Summer Infant Babble Band Baby Monitor

The world's first wearable baby monitor is here, and it's pretty amazing! The Summer Infant Babble Band has a wearable parent unit that looks like a watch or a fitness monitor, plus a traditional nursery unit that doubles as a charging station for the band.

When you first take the Babble Band out of the box, you'll need to charge it for a few hours to get it ready to use.

To do that, you plug the nursery unit into the wall, turn it on using the button on the front, and put the wearable parent unit on top. You'll know it's seated properly on the charger when the light flashes red.

Follow the simple instructions to pair the wrist unit and nursery unit, and you're ready to roll. Each set is paired so that you get a secure digital connection. That helps ensure no one can listen in while you're monitoring your baby.

You can choose from a regular sound mode or a vibration mode on the parent unit. The vibration mode is fantastic if you're often on the phone, or you'd like to sneak in some TV or music time while baby naps. The wearable unit also has lights to alert you to any baby noises.

While the wrist unit isn't waterproof, it is made of tough, wipeable, rubbery material that is suitable for wearing when you work out. It can definitely handle some sweat. I used it on the treadmill, and it was easy to just wipe off the band when I was done.

I was even able to use my earbuds while monitoring for my son thanks to the vibration mode.

The wrist unit is pretty comfortable as long as you don't snug it up too much. There are lots of adjustment settings on the band, and it's easy to get a good fit. If you pull the band too tight, though, the little prongs that keep the band at the correct length can dig into your wrist a bit.

The manufacturer's stated range for the Babble Band is 800 feet. Of course, that varies depending on the style of your home, the materials used to build your home, and other interference. The 800 feet is pretty accurate at our house. I could wander outside and down the road a ways before I got the out of range signal (three beeps).

The sound is clear from the parent unit. In between kid noises, there isn't any low level static or other noise. I also like that the baby unit is pretty small and sleek. It won't take up much space in the nursery, and if you don't wall mount it (away from baby's sleep space, of course!) then it's easy to ove around wherever you need it.

One thing I don't like about this monitor is that you have to leave the parent unit on the baby unit to charge. It would be nice to have a way to charge the wrist unit while it's by the parent's bedside at night. You have to remember to choose a time when you don't need to monitor your baby to put the parent unit on to charge. The battery lasts roughly 8 hours, so you have to plan for the charge time. I think it's more practical to buy another baby monitor for night time along with the Babble Band for the day time. That way you can wear the wrist unit during naps and such by day but let it charge by night without worrying you'll miss something.

Summer Infant, already a leader in baby monitors, has done a great job bringing wearable technology to the baby monitor realm. There's room for improvement, namely in a separate charging station and perhaps a longer battery life, but for active parents, this monitor fills a need.

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