Summer Outdoor Party Games

From backyard barbecues to beach parties to picnics in the park, summer is a great time to move the party outside. And with all the more space for your guests to spread out, why not get them up and moving with a few of these fun, outdoor party games?


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    Christine Gauvreau

    Summer nights were made for things like campouts, star-gazing and staying out late. If you’re celebrating a summer birthday or other occasion for kids, extending the party into the nighttime hours surely enhances the air of excitement. Throw in some of these glow-in-the-dark party games, and the children just might never want to come back inside. 


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    What kid doesn’t love a pool party? Splashing and swimming is a summer pleasure like no other. Splashing and swimming with a group of friends is even better – especially when you incorporate some fun activities. From dog paddle races to “think or sink,” this collection of games offers some winning (and wet) ideas for entertaining guests at your kids’ pool party.  

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    Christine Gauvreau

    If your backyard bash will include a bouncy house for the kids, consider taking advantage of the structure, and organizing some of these bounce house party games to keep them bouncing with a purpose. 

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    You don’t have to play an actual game of baseball to celebrate summer’s favorite sport. With choices like a baseball uniform relay race or a round of “strike-out tag,” these baseball party games are a fun way to bring the theme of the game to your backyard activities.  

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    C. Gauvreau

    A favorite outdoor activity for young kids, bubble-blowing also brings out the kid in people of all ages. A kids’ summer party just wouldn’t feel complete without a few bubble wands and an abundance of soapy mixtures in which to dip them and create those airy, iridescent globes. Take the art of blowing bubbles a few steps farther with some of these ideas for bubble party games.  

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    Favorite Slumber Party Games


    With school out for the season, summer is the perfect time for slumber parties. Whether you’re inviting birthday guests to spend the night, or just celebrating not having to wake up early in the morning, these slumber party games are a fun way to pass those many, sleepless, late night hours.  

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    Christine Gauvreau

    Whether you’re throwing a backyard camping party or hosting a weekend in the woods with the troops, these ten camping games will keep them active and laughing between rounds of toasted marshmallows. 


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    If you've got a bucket filled with water balloons, you've got everything you need for friendly, fun -- and wet -- competition. 

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    C. Gauvreau

    Turn up the sprinkler and enjoy some of these splash-tastic games!

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    Classic Outdoor Party Games


    Remember those summer picnics of yesteryear? Okay, so maybe nostalgia is lost on kids, but the fun of playing classic picnic games won’t be. In addition to relay races, games such as potato sack races, tug-of-war, three-legged races and capture the flag are active outdoor party games that encourage teamwork, so the whole family can join in the fun.