Cool Tips for a Summer Pool Party

Make a Big Splash with these Easy Tips

Make your pool party the hottest in town by following these easy tips that will take you from the invitation to the final dip in the pool.

Setting the Stage


Begin to set the stage with your invitations. Print your invitations on aqua blue colored paper stock and send them in a mailing tube. Include inexpensive diving sticks in the package and toss in some tropical or aquatic confetti (found in party stores) for fun.

You're Invited to Dive in for Fun at the Smith Pool Party!
Saturday, July XX, 2:00pm until 10:00pm
Bring bathing suits and towels.
RSVP by July XX at 111-222-3333


Set the mood with a non-stop selection of your favorite beach or tropical tunes. Possibilities include:

The Table

  • Cover the table with a sunny yellow cloth.
  • Use blue plates and drinkware.
  • Create a centerpiece using yellow flowers such as daffodils or roses.

Other Necessities

  • Provide sunscreen for guests who may forget to bring their own.
  • Create areas of shade with umbrellas if your pool area doesn't have shady trees.
  • Be sure you have enough chairs for your guests. If not, ask guests to bring a chair when they RSVP.
  • Stock up on fun pool toys including beach balls for impromptu pool volleyball; floats; and water guns.
  • You'll need plenty of ice for this party!

Party Favors

Send your guests home with an after-sun body lotion wrapped in a cello bag tied with ribbon.

Toss in more of that fun confetti you sent with the invitations.