12 Tips for Decorating a Sunroom

Make the most of it with these ideas for sunroom decoration

nice sunroom

The point of a sunroom is to make it feel like you're outdoors when you're not. There are a few easy ways to do it. Check out some of these sunroom decorating ideas.

Sunroom Basics

  • Paint the room in cheerful colors. Whites and yellows are common but don't be afraid to branch out a bit. Turquoise, bright pink, orange, and other bright colors are great for these types of rooms.
  • Arrange the furniture in the same way you would in an indoor room. Establish a focal point (most likely a window), create conversation areas, and leave enough room for traffic flow.
  • Use an area rug to add comfort to the space. This is a great place to use natural rugs like sisal and jute.

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Furniture for Sunrooms

The sunroom is as much a part of the home as any other room and should be decorated accordingly. It should also flow comfortably from whatever room it's connected to.

  • Popular materials include wicker, rattan, and other natural items. You can also use traditional outdoor furniture made of iron or teak. Use items that coordinate with and compliment the style of the home.
  • You can also traditional indoor furniture in a sunroom. Just remember to use fabrics that won't fade in the sun (such as Sunbrella) if a lot of strong light comes in.
  • Sunrooms are traditionally places of leisure so choose furniture that's comfortable for sitting and relaxing.

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Window Treatments

One of the defining characteristics of a sunroom is that it has a lot of large windows. The idea is to maximize the natural light and make it feel as much like the outdoors as possible. That said, sometimes privacy is desired and window coverings are necessary.

  • Bamboo blinds that can be rolled up are a great option. The natural material is well suited to an outdoorsy room.
  • Shutters that can be stacked work well because they can be moved completely out of the way when not in use. White or wood varieties are lovely and simple.
  • If using curtains opt for light fabrics, both in terms of color and material. Cotton and linens work well, as do shears. Make sure they can be tied back to allow light to come in during the day.

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Sunroom Accessories

  • One of the biggest mistakes people make is to include too many plants. Remember that the focus of the room is the outdoors so including a plethora of plants in the sunroom isn't necessary. It can distract from the ones outside.
  • Choose a few decorative accessories but be careful not to clutter up the space. Again, the focus should be on the view.​
  • Don't forget to include sufficient lighting so that you can enjoy the room in the evening as much as you do during the day.

    When decorating a sunroom be honest about how you'll be using it. If it's just for sitting and lounging with a cup of coffee make it cozy and comfortable. If it's more of a playroom or game room include ample storage. If it's going to be used as an eating area include a big table and decorate accordingly. Before decorating any room be aware of how you'll be using it and what your decorating needs really are.

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