Sunroom Ideas and Pictures

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    Sunroom Ideas

    Oak sunroom with ivy
    Kim Sayer / Getty Images

    Porch-on-steroids or "addition lite?" Sunrooms occupy a hazy middle ground between enclosed and not-enclosed; between real structure and porch/deck.

    Some sunrooms are site-built with lumber, trusses, joists, foundation, electricity, and sometimes even plumbing; except for the large number of windows and skylights, they might be called room additions.

    Other sunrooms are kits fabricated often across the country and shipped at high cost to your location. These sunrooms, in some cases, can be built right onto an existing concrete patio slab or sturdy deck.

    Join us on a journey through the world of sunrooms, as we explore various ideas for expanding the living space in your home.

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    Sunroom Ideas: Pre-Fabricated Kit

    Sunroom Pre-Fabricated Kit
    (c) Sunporch Structures

    This sunroom idea brings the indoors to the outdoors. High-quality patio furniture with table lamps and low-pile carpeting gives this sunroom an inside-the-house look.

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    Sunroom Ideas: All Open, All the Time

    Sunroom Exterior Idea
    Sunroom Exterior Idea. (c) Sunporch Structures

    In the classic pre-fabricated sunroom, nearly every surface is transparent. But these are not windows. This structure uses a type of wall glazing called DuraPlex.

    Prices for this type of sunroom run between $7,000 and $25,000.

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    Luxurious Sunroom Idea

    Sunroom Conversatory
    (c) Pioneer Craftsmen

    This is as fancy as a sunroom gets. Pioneer actually calls it a conservatory, which is probably a fancy name for "sunroom." If I had an extra $100K or more, this is what I would build.


    Pioneer Craftsmen is a design, build, renovate firm based in Kitchener, Ontario.
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    Sunroom Ideas: Walls Only, a Good DIY Option

    Walls Only Sunroom
    (c) TEMO Sunrooms, Inc.

    TEMO calls this sunroom idea "walls only," meaning that you're walling in and covering your present patio--one of the more cost-effective methods.


    TEMO Sunrooms, Inc.
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    High-End Sunroom Idea That Blends in With House

    Premium Sunroom
    (c) TEMO Sunrooms, Inc.

    What? You mean this is a sunroom?

    That's the point entirely. This sunroom, part of TEMO's Nino Vitale Signature Collection (Vitale was the founder of TEMO) cunningly blends in with the rest of the house. This custom-made sunroom features soffit and fascia, interior crown, and matching paint and masonry. This is a pre-fab sunroom that approaches site-built.


    TEMO Sunrooms, Inc.