Super Bowl Crafts and Activities

How to Make Football Crafts for Some Super Bowl Fun

Super Bowl Crafts and Activities
Super Bowl Crafts and Activities.

Crafts and games are perfect excuses to have a party for the Super Bowl. If you are already planning a party, use these creative ideas to spice things up. The ideas here are also great to help pass the time while everyone else is watching the football game. Send in a photo of your results to be included in this collection and we will showcase your Super Bowl crafts and activities.

Quick Crafts and Decorations

  • Create football pennants by cutting triangles out of felt or paper or make simple paper chains. Decorate them with your team's colors.
  • Design small football jerseys by cutting a shirt shape out of felt or paper. Cut out small numbers and glue them on.
  • Make brown dough and shape them into footballs.
  • Cut a football shape into a potato or sponge and use it as a stamp paint onto a plain white or green tablecloth. You can also paint white lines on a green tablecloth so it looks like a football field.

Advanced Crafts and Decorations

  • Create a football player craft of your football player's face by using a couple of paper plates and some basic craft supplies.
  • Put together a fun football team placemat craft by creating a place mat that uses your favorite football team's colors.
  • Make your own stuffed football craft out of common supplies you probably have lying around your house. Make them brown or make them in the same colors as the teams playing in the Super Bowl.
  • Provide stress balls for everyone to have on hand in case their favorite football team does not end up doing too well.

    Printable Projects

    In addition to Super Bowl crafts and decorations, you can also have some fun printable games and activities on hand to keep people occupied. Whether it's before the Super Bowl begins, during half-time, or for those who don't want to watch the big game at all, these printables are a great party add.

    Consider coloring pages and printable games for both the artistically inclined and gamer personalities.

    Coloring Pages:

    • Punter Coloring Page: Download and print out a picture of a football punter to color in.
    • Running Back Color Page: Print out a photo of a running back along with the punter and the quarterback.
    • Quarterback Cut Out: Print out a quarterback, color it and then cut it out. Include a stand so that your quarterback can join the Super Bowl party in style.

    Printable Games:

    • Football Word Search: Share a simple word search puzzle game with football friendly buzzwords like "NFL" and "Touchdown".
    • Football Match Game: Great for kids and adults alike, printable football matching games can be printed on cardstock or regular paper.
    • Football Office Pool Templates: Sports betting can be one of the most fun parts of the Super Bowl as you guess which team is going to win the big game. Review your company rules and local laws prior to playing an office pool.