Checklist for Best Super Bowl Party Ever

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    Super Bowl Party Checklist

    Super Bowl Party
    Super Bowl Party. Steve Cukrov / Shutterstock

    Whether you love or hate football, one thing we can all agree on is a great Super Bowl party. Friends and family, awesome half-time super performances and snacks are things to look forward to when early February rolls around. (Before we continue I must reiterate snacking, people are counting on you when it comes to this special time of year to eat all the fried food they want without feeling guilty. We will elaborate in our next slide.)

    Snacking aside, planning for a great Super Bowl party does...MORE not have to be overly complicated. With our simple checklist you will be on your way to scoring big party points on game day.

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    Snack Station

    Steak and Pineapple Tacos
    Steak Tacos with Pineapple. Eva Kolenko / Food & Wine

    The holy grail of the Super Bowl party is the snack station! You know that's why football lovers and haters alike are swinging by your place on game day. They want to see what kind of goods you will be providing on that snack table. Chicken wings, fried mozzarella balls, chips & queso and pigs in a blanket are all expected staples for this years main event. Don't forget those matching football shaped platters to festival display your Super Bowl dishes.


    Super Bowl Tip: Elevate your...MORE food station with this steak & pineapple taco recipe from Food & Wine. 

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    Inflatable Football
    Inflatable Football.

    Some might say they can take or leave Super Bowl decor. My suggestion for you is to see how much your heart is in the game. Is your hometown team on the bill? If the answer is yes, I would do streaming, balloon and inflatable football fun to your hearts content. Let the teams official colors point you in the right direction when it comes to color scheme.

    Super Bowl Tip: Inflatable footballs are awesome party favors for guests, especially if you expect some children to attend. 

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    Patriots Jersey
    Patriots Jersey.

    There HAS to be a jersey or two in the house. Even your team is not in the bowl, where your jersey and represent!

    Super Bowl Tip: Dick's Sporting Goods has a great selection of jersey's available.

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    Beer & Soda

    Beer Kegs
    Party Kegs. Joshua Rainey Photography / Shutterstock

    Kegs can be a great option if you are expecting a lot of people for your Super Bowl party. Otherwise a diverse assortment of brews like IPA, lagers and wheat beers are great to keep guests happy. Also invest in some regular soda, diet and non-alcoholic options for non-drinkers. Sometimes people just want to take a break in between brews.

    Super Bowl Tip: Try a mini keg (and kegerator) to avoid a frat house vibe.

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    Drink Coolers

    Yeti Cooler
    Yeti Cooler.

    Coolers, buckets or bins - make sure to have plenty storage for your ice cold brews and sodas. This might be the second most important element to your Super Bowl party next to that snack station. Strategically place a few of these around the TV, living room or where ever  you will be watching the game so guests don't have to keep making trips to the kitchen.

    Super Bowl Tip: For extra cold storage try this Yeti Tundra cooler.

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    Ice. Volodymyr Krasyuk / Shutterstock

    Stock up on ice! No one at the party wants to go get an extra bag once the game starts. Don't make anyone be the bag guy here, keep the coolers prepared.

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    Disposable Serveware & Napkins

    Susty Party
    Susty Party. Susty Party

    It would be silly to break out your nicest plates, bowls, and utensils for a Super Bowl shindig. Keep things simple with a disposable situation to make clean-up post game less brutal. Having plenty of napkins on hand is always helpful with those finger foods.

    Super Bowl Tip: If you still want to want to add a bit of sophistication to your party, go with these adorable AND eco-friendly tableware products from Susty Party.

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    Extra Seating. / Shutterstuck

    Make sure to have enough seating for as many people that you invite to your party! Whether it's on the floor, sofa or extra chairs people feel more comfortable watching the game in a place reserved for them. Tailgating chairs are compact and easy to transport, this kind of seating makes a lot of sense for game day.

    Super Bowl Tip: Don't be shy to ask guests to bring their own seating! No need to buy a bunch of extra chairs for one day of the year.

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    Koozball Koozies.

    Koozies because ... why not?!  The Super Bowl might be the second best time to break out koozies other than summer trips to the beach. Your Koozies are getting any younger guys, show them off and steal the hearts of your Super Bowl partying guests.

    Super Bowl Tip: Get custom made Koozies as party favors for your guests.