A Super Bowl Party Game for Kids to Keep Them Engaged in the Game

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Looking for a fun Super Bowl party game for kids to play? This activity will keep children tuned into the game--and give them a chance to win some prizes while the pros compete.

Difficulty: Average

Time Required: As long as the Super Bowl takes to play

Here's How:

  1. Print out one copy of this Super Bowl party game worksheet for every child you expect to attend the party.
  2. Have the kids fill out the worksheet before the game begins.
  1. As the football game progresses and the answers are revealed, award small prizes for the players with the correct answers.
  2. After the game is over, tally up which player had the most correct answers (or whose answers were closest to the gameʼs outcome, as you would need to do with the question that asks players to predict the game's final score).
  3. If thereʼs a tie, settle it by determining which football team had the fewest personal fouls during the game. The player who rooted for that team wins.
  4. If that still doesnʼt determine a winner, do what the pros do. Flip a coin.


  • Organize the prizes before the kids arrive so you're ready to distribute them as the answers are revealed. A few of the answers will come up quickly once the game starts, such as which team wins the coin toss and whether the first play of the game will involve throwing or running the ball.

What You Need:

  • Printouts of the Super Bowl Smackdown worksheet
  • Pencils or pens
  • Prizes