Super Bowl Sandwiches

Lasagna Sandwiches. Linda Larsen

For your Super Bowl gathering, a bunch of sandwiches is a great way to feed guests. You can make just one kind and serve them with lots of chips and dips, or you can make a couple of kinds and have a buffet of sorts. It's best to choose hot sandwiches that are baked or made in the crockpot, so you don't have to stand at the stove grilling food for your guests! Cold sandwiches can be made ahead of time and just piled on platters when it's time to eat.

Hot sandwiches can be served directly out of the crockpot or out of the oven. If you use a crockpot, put it on the serving table along with rolls of all kinds, cheese, and other goodies such as guacamole and salsa, and let everyone assemble their own. 

My favorites in this group are the baked sandwiches. Make the sammies ahead of time, refrigerate them, then bake and eat. What could be easier or more delicious! Have a great party!

Super Bowl Sandwiches

  • Lasagna Sandwiches
    These fabulous sandwiches taste just like lasagna in a bun and they're so easy to make. Best of all, you can make them ahead of time, then bake as you need them.
  • Baked Salmon Bacon Sandwiches
    These wonderful sandwiches can be made ahead and kept in the fridge. Just bake them, adding about five minutes to the baking time, until they are hot and melty. Then eat!
  • Lasagna Sandwiches
    These hearty and wonderful sandwiches are very filling. Yet they are easy to make and so good.
  • Baked Cuban Sandwiches
    Cuban sandwiches are made with chicken, pork, cheese, and pickles. My version adds a sweet and spicy glaze that really takes these sandwiches to the next level.
  • Chicken Meatball Hoagies
    Onion, green bell pepper, and lots of cheese, along with meatballs, makes these sandwiches so hearty and delicious.
  • Baked Grilled Cheese Pesto Sandwiches
    Leave out the pesto for some of the most fabulous grilled cheese sammies ever. You could add ingredients such as pickled jalapeños, green chiles, onions, peppers, or even meat to these wonderful sandwiches.
  • Crockpot Chili Beef Sandwiches
    Just four ingredients make these sandwiches so simple and quick. The shredded beef is seasoned with barbecue sauce and taco seasoning mix for tons of flavor.
  • Crockpot Sloppy Joes
    These classic and hearty sandwiches are perfect made in the crockpot. Let everyone assemble their own!
  • Turkey Teriyaki Sandwiches
    Another crockpot recipe! A purchased baste and glaze sauce is the secret ingredient in this wonderful treat.
  • Crockpot Chicken Tacos
    Tacos are sandwiches! But this wonderful filling can be served in pita breads, split and toasted hamburger buns, or hearty sliced bread.
  • BLT Wrap Sandwiches
    A BLT wrapped in a flour tortilla is a great twist on the classic sammie. These can be made a few hours ahead of time and stored in the fridge until your guests arrive.
  • Mini Hero Sandwiches
    Hot dog buns are used to make these classic sandwiches easy to eat. Use your favorite meats and cheeses in this easy recipe.
  • Ham and Cheese Sandwiches
    Get a couple of loaves of unsliced sourdough bread to make this great recipe. It's a take on the "big sandwich" of sitcom fame.
  • Stuffed Ham Sandwiches
    Ham combined with cheese and a marinated deli salad is stuffed into French Bread rolls in this fun recipe.
  • Deli Corned Beef Slaw Sandwiches
    A trip to the deli is all you need to get the ingredients for these classic sandwiches.
  • Pressed Sandwiches
    And finally, these sandwiches have to be made ahead of time! You can use your imagination to combine delicious ingredients to make your own creations.