Super Bowl Snacks

Not Your Average Chips & Dip

Guacamole. Linda Larsen

Football fans are the most satisfying snackers to cook for. They love anything that's savory, easy to eat, and delicious. You can make them even happier by setting up this easy appetizer buffet and then just standing back! These quick and simple Super Bowl snack recipes are the best ever.

Junk food is required at a party like this one. By junk food, I mean those delicious, crunchy, fat-laden recipes that everyone loves and almost no one serves anymore.

Watching great football games is a definite excuse to break any diet and enjoy yourself! And the guys probably don't care about a diet anyway.

Mix and match your buffet from the following selection, or take a look at my Appetizer Recipe Box. Enjoy the party. Have a wonderful time with your friends, kick back and relax - and I hope your team wins!

Super Bowl Snacks

Super Bowl Party Tips

Dips are absolutely necessary. Any kind of meat - whether meatballs simmering in a slow cooker, chicken wings, sandwiches that are easy to eat with one hand - are required. Snack mixes will fill any chinks left over - and some easy desserts should be included.

Beverages are extremely important to any Super Bowl party. The demands of your guests, of course, are paramount. Beer, pop, (dare we mention sparkling water?), punches, and coffee should fill most needs. Just have lots of drinks - and even more ice.

One great idea is to have two party rooms going. Apparently, nothing is more annoying to serious fans than those who want to talk during the game. So if you designate one room "real fans only" and another "come here to talk and party" (see An Anti-Super Bowl Party), you'll make everybody happy.

I would definitely suggest paper utensils for this party. Paper plates, paper napkins, paper cups (all in team colors if you want to be fancy) make cleanup a snap and will put everyone in a more relaxed mood. Nobody wants to worry about breaking some china when the score is 21-20 and it's the fourth quarter, 3rd and goal.

Also consider keeping a cooler full of ice and beverages near the seating areas. Fill them with a huge selection of canned and bottled drinks and everybody will be happy.

Make sure the food table is set up out of the way of the action. Have crockpots, warming plates, and trays full of ice ready to go to keep hot food hot and cold food cold.