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    Cocktails for Your Super Bowl Party

    Football and Mixed Drinks, Perfect for a Super Bowl Party
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    The Super Bowl party has become an annual tradition for many Americans and it deserves a few great drinks no matter if their team makes it or not. It is one of the biggest events of the year and millions of Americans gather in living rooms to enjoy the game.

    What goes with a great party filled with good friends? Great drinks, of course! If you're looking for the best cocktails to serve for the Super Bowl, we have plenty of options, from impartial beer drinks to non-alcoholic recipes everyone...MORE can enjoy. Each year, I will pass along a custom cocktail menu for fans of the championship teams as well.

    Looking for this year's Super Bowl menu? The menus for Super Bowl LI is up and running, so Patriot and Falcon fans have some special libations on the menu. Enjoy, have a great party, and play it safe!

    Hometeam Advantage: Find Local Craft Spirits

    One of the best ways to celebrate your team making it to the Super Bowl is to enjoy the distilled spirits coming from your local distilleries. Along with the cocktail menus, we're going to take a look at great bottles of liquor produced near the championship teams.

    There are many craft distilleries throughout the United States that are creating some fascinating spirits. It is interesting to see the regional differences and a party like the Super Bowl is the ideal time to highlight those.

    When it comes to craft spirits, you must remember that many have very limited distribution and it is easiest to find them in the state they are produced. Most do a good job of posting the liquor stores they are sold in on their website.

    I found the distilleries through Craft Distillery Tours, a great resource for discovering local, small-batch spirits in every state. The best part is that these distilleries also offer tours and tastings so you can visit them and get a behind the scenes look into the operation.

    If you have yet to see how the liquors you enjoy so much is made, delay no more! It is a very cool experience.

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    New England Patriots Cocktails

    Bounce Sporting Club's New England Sour Cocktail Recipe with Stoli Elit Vodka
    Michael Marquand/The Image Bank/Getty Images

    Rarely do we see a year when the New England Patriots are not vying for another chance to play in the Super Bowl and there is no shortage of cocktails to choose from.

    Patriots fans should be proud of their team! In my years of creating drink menus for the Super Bowl, this team has made it into almost every one of them. There are many great drinks to choose from and Patriot fans will certainly not be bored on game day.

    The New England Patriots Cocktail Menu

    This menu is filled with a lot of red and...MORE blue cocktails and some showcase the flavors of New England while others are old-fashioned favorites from Boston and beyond.

    In true New England fashion, we need a little maple syrup in a drink and the New England Sour has it. To mix it up you will need a premium vodka, maple syrup, grapefruit juice, and bitters. It is a fun and lively little mix that is fitting for the game and the cold winter weather.

    • American Collins - A fruity twist on the Tom Collins complete with berries galore.
    • Boston Sidecar - A little brandy, a little rum, and a great classic cocktail.
    • Boston Cocktail - Slightly sweet, this gin martini is a delight.
    • Broad Stripes and Bright Stars - If you like blueberries (and absinthe) then this is the drink for you.
    • Cape Codder - That 'vodka cranberry' has a real name and this is it.
    • Knickerbocker - Another classic, you will love this raspberry rum cocktail.
    • Patriot Shooter - An easy and tasty party shot in Patriot-worthy stripes.
    • Ward Eight - An old-fashioned whiskey sour straight out of Boston.

    Massachusetts Distilleries

    There are some fantastic craft distilleries in New England and this is only the surface of those working in Massachusetts. In the spirit of the all-American game of football, get out there and visit your local distillers and stock up for the big game!

    •  Boston Harbor Distillery - Boston, Massachusetts
      • Putnam New England Malt Whiskey
      • Lawley's New England Spirit (also Dark) - distilled from molasses and maple syrup (similar to rum)
      • Seymour's: Boston Cream Liqueur, Local Roast Coffee Liqueur
    • Bradford Distillery - Hingham, Massachusetts
      • Bradford Vodka - potato
      • Bradford's Chesterton's Gin - potato American gin
    • Bully Boy Distillers - Boston, Massachusetts
      • Rums - White Rum, Boston Rum
      • Whiskies: White Whiskey, American Straight Whiskey
      • Vodka - certified organic
      • Hub Punch - classic recipe with aged rum, fruits, and botanicals
      • The Old Fashioned - bottled version of the Old-fashioned cocktail with bitters and sugar, just add an orange and cherry
    • Dirty Water Distillery - Plymouth, Massachusetts
      • Rums - Better Knot (amber), What Knot (white)
      • Vodkas - Chastity (clear), Clementine, Ginger
      • Bogmonster (cranberry gin)
      • Velnias (Krupnikas, a traditional Lithuanian honey liqueur)
    • Grand Ten Distilling - Boston, Massachusetts
      • Gins: Wire Works (American dry), Wire Works Special Reserve (barrel-aged)
      • Vodkas: Fire Puncher (chipotle pepper), Fire Puncher Black (with Taza Chocolate)
      • South Boston Irish Whiskey (produced in Ireland)
      • Medford Rum
      • Liqueurs: Amadine (almond), Angelica (botanical), Craneberry (cranberry)
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    Atlanta Falcons Cocktails

    It was 1999 when the Falcons last played in the big game and 18 years later they get another chance in Super Bowl LI. Can they get that ring?

    Creating a drink menu for the Atlanta Falcons is pretty easy. All we have to do is look at some of the great drinks that are Georgia favorites.

    Atlanta Falcons Cocktails

    Sweet tea, a little Coca-Cola, and a healthy dose of spiked peach drinks make up the Falcon's cocktail menu. There are even some trending drinks that your Georgia neighbors are enjoying,...MORE so it's the perfect foundation for a great party.

    • Black and Red - It's a Manhattan with Irish whiskey, you'll love it.
    • Fireball - For the Falcons' shooter, we have to go with this spicy little drink. Whether you choose to mix it up or just shoot Fireball, that's your choice.
    • Georgia on My Mind - A delightful bourbon cocktail with peach and ginger.
    • Moscow Mule - According to Google Trends, this is the most sought-after recipe in Georgia right now. It's time you discover why.
    • Rum & Coke - Atlanta's home to Coca-Cola and what better way to celebrate the home team than with this simple favorite.
    • Summer Peach Tea - It may not be peach season right now, but that's okay because this spiked sweet tea opts for schnapps.

    Georgia Distilleries

    Georgia has a long history of making great beverages and the small craft distilleries in the state are keeping up the tradition. It's a fascinating mix and there's a whole lot of whiskey flowing in The Peach State. Be sure to stop by one of these distilleries or look for their labels at the liquor store because there's some great 'shine to be found.

    • Independent Distilling Company - Decatur, Georgia
      • Hellbender Corn Whiskey: With locally-sourced corn.
      • Hellbender Bourbon: An aged version of the corn whiskey, aged for around 15 months.
      • Independent Rum: Double distilled.
    • Lazy Guy Distillery - Kennesaw, Georgia
      • Bourbons: Embers GA Straight (100-proof), Side Track (90-proof)
      • Rye Whiskies: 5th Article 1887 (100-proof)
      • Corn Whiskies: Kennesaw Lightning (100-proof), The General (151-proof)
      • Other Whiskies: Threesome (80-proof), Cold Heart (120-proof) 
    • Lovell Bros. - Mt. Airy, Georgia
      • Georgia Sour Mash Whiskey: Aged and unaged.
    • Old Fourth Distillery - Atlanta, Georgia
      • Vodka: Distilled from sugar cane grown in the region.
      • Gin: Distilled from organic Italian wheat.
      • Lawn Dart: A lemon and ginger liqueur.
    • Richland Rum - Richland, Georgia
      • Single Estate Old Georgia Rum
    • Thirteenth Colony Distilleries - Americus, Georgia
      • Whiskies: Southern Bourbon, Southern Rye, Southern Corn Whiskey, Southern Whiskey, Sour Mash Bourbon
      • Vodkas: Southern Vodka, Plantation Vodka
      • Southern Gin
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    The Impartial Drinks

    The Easy Shandy - Beer Mixed Drink Recipe
    Deborah Jaffe/Photodisc/Getty Images

    Many of us are completely impartial to the Super Bowl and merely tune in for the game, halftime show, or commercials. The following drinks have no team affiliation and are simply great drinks for any game day.

    • Orchard Catch Cooler - Featuring Angry Orchard, this drink takes hard apple cider to a new level, mixing it with fresh basil and strawberries with a little vanilla vodka thrown in for good measure.

    Beer and football seem to go together a little too well at times and you may want to think...MORE about switching up the beer routine for the big game. A beertail or two is a fantastic way to do just that.

    • Shandy - The Shandy is a great way to beer. All you need is your favorite brew and pitcher of lemonade ready. It's fun, refreshing, and incredibly easy.
    • Bourbon, Beer, and Barbecue - The name says it all and this recipe combines all three elements to create the most unusual drink which will certainly be the talk of the party.

    Don't Forget the Jell-O Shots!

    What completes any great game day party? You guessed it, Jell-O shots!

    Find gelatin in your team's color and create layers to serve these fun little treats to your guests. If your party is impartial and just looking for a great football game to watch, mix up a few batches and serve a variety for each team.

    Another option for a tasty party shooter are pudding shots. All you need to create those signature team colors is white pudding and a little food coloring.

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    Don't Forget the Mocktails

    Make a Non-Alcoholic Party Punch for Game Day
    S&C Design Studios

    In true, responsible party host fashion, we need to throw some non-alcoholic drink into the game day mix. You can mix up these tasty drinks for the party's designated drivers, non-drinkers, and, of course, the kids.

    • Green Lemonade - Kiwi are almost always in season and this fun little juice drink is a great use for the fruit year round. While stocking up for the party, simply pick up a few kiwi as well as limeade and lemonade. When you get home, mix up a quick batch of simple syrup and put...MORE it all together on Sunday for a nice, refreshing drink.
    • Sparkling Cranberry Punch - If you're looking for a quick punch to mix up for the game, few will beat the ease of this recipe. It requires just three common ingredients and it has long been a preferred punch for serving a thirsty crowd.
    • Sparkling Peach Sunrise - Just two small tweaks to the great tasting Virgin Sunrise: peach juice and your favorite lemon-lime soda. The gradient is a fun effect and the taste is just different enough to make it perfect for a party.
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    Denver Broncos Cocktails

    Centennial Punch - Stranton Social With a Colorado Whiskey
    Stranton Social

    The Denver Broncos won Super Bowl 50 in February 2016. Congrats to the team and it's fans who waited so long for this great moment!

    The Denver Broncos Cocktail Menu

    Colorado is filled with some very talented mixologists and the state has inspired a number of fabulous drinks. We bring all of that together to give Broncos fans one of the most diverse and well-crafted Super Bowl cocktail menus to date.

    Colorado Distilleries

    The diversity of craft distilleries in Colorado is amazing and here are six that caught my attention. From great rums and vodkas to a few whiskies that could rival anything else produced in the U.S., locals will definitely want to check these out.

    • Anvil Distillery - Longmont, Colorado
      • Grumpy's Vodka - non-GMO corn
      • Ironface Gin
    • Blank & Booth Distillery - Denver, Colorado
      • Vodka: booze.
      • Whiskies: Benchcraft American Corn Whiskey (Oaked and Smoked), Hot Mess Hatch Green Chile Flavored Whiskey, Ripple Corn Whiskey (cyprus barrel)
    • CopperMuse Distillery - Fort Collins, Colorado
      • CopperMuse Rums: Silver, Gold
      • Vodkas: Vertueux Vodka, Vicieux Black Vodka (black color)
    • Laws Whiskey House - Denver, Colorado
      • Four Grain Straight Bourbon
    • Stoneyard Distillery - Dotsero, Colorado
      • Stoneyard Colorado Rum - distilled from beet sugar
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    Carolina Panthers Cocktails

    Sam Hernandez's Candy Appley Moonshine Cocktail
    S&C Design Studios

    The Carolina Panthers made a great effort for their second Super Bowl appearance in February 2016 and fans should be proud to stand behind this team

    The Carolina Panthers Cocktail Menu

    Beer and moonshine fill the Panthers' Super Bowl cocktail menu. Of course, we had to bring in a few blue drinks, too, because we cannot pass up that opportunity!

    North Carolina Distilleries

    Rum and corn whiskey are hot among North Carolina's craft distilleries. If moonshine isn't your thing, you may be surprised to find this state is producing some fantastic bottles of gin and vodka as well.

    • Durham Distillery - Durham, North Carolina
      • Gins: Conniption American Dry, Conniption Navy Strength (57% ABV)
      • Damn Fine Liqueurs: Chocolate, Coffee, Mocha
    • Muddy River Distillery - Belmont, North Carolina
      • Rums: Silver Carolina Rum, Queen Charlotte's Reserve
      • Flavored Rums: Coconut Carolina Rum, Spiced Carolina Rum
    • Outer Banks Distilling - Manteo, North Carolina
      • Kill Devil Rum
    • Top of the Hill Distillery - Chapel Hill, North Carolina
      • TOPO Organic Piedmont Gin
      • TOPO Organic Vodka
    • Walton's Distillery - Jacksonville, North Carolina
      • Junior Walton's Authentic Carolina Moonshine
      • E.M. Walton's Corn Whiskey
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    Arizona Cardinals Cocktails

    Popular Tequila Sunrise Cocktail Recipe
    S&C Design Studios

    The Arizona Cardinals are an impressive NFL team and their fans can enjoy a great drink as they cheer them on.

    The Arizona Cardinals Cocktail Menu

    Red and tequila are the two underlying themes for the Cardinals cocktail menu though this collection goes beyond that. There are some spicy drinks for those Western tastes and rum and whiskey options for those who prefer to go that route as well.

    • Black and Red - In the mood for a little Irish whiskey? Give this easy Manhattan-esque cocktail a try.
    • Cardin...MOREal Cocktail - Budget-friendly and a great way to dress up that less-than-perfect red wine you have stashed away.
    • Cardinal Punch - A simple and fruit-filled mocktail that everyone at the party can enjoy.
    • Crouching Tiger Shooter - A tasty little red party shot with tequila.
    • Pomegranate Margarita - Take advantage of pomegranate season while it lasts with this fresh margarita recipe.
    • Tequila Sunrise - Always a favorite in the Southwest, few drinks can beat this bright and shining cocktail.

    Arizona Distilleries

    I was very impressed and intrigued when searching for Arizona craft distilleries because there are some fascinating liquors being produced in that state. If you love pepper vodkas, a trip to Arizona may be worth your time!

    • Arizona Distilling Co. - Tempe, Arizona
      • Whiskies: Copper City Bourbon, Copper City Moonshine, Desert Durum Wheat Whiskey, Humphrey's Arizona Malt Whiskey, Park Rye Whiskey
      • Desert Dry Gin
    • Canyon Diablo Spirits -Flagstaff, Arizona
      • Desert Rain American Dry Gin
      • Sonoran Rose Prickly Pear Vodka
      • Two Ghosts Chili Pepper Vodka
    • Hamilton Distillers - Tuscon, Arizona
      • Whiskey Del Bac Dorado - Mesquite-smoked and aged single malt
      • Whiskey Del Bac Clear - Mesquite-smoked and unaged single malt
      • Whiskey Del Bac Classic - Unsmoked and aged single malt (similar to Highland or Speyside Scotch)
    • Sonoran Spirits - Phoenix, Arizona
      • Cave Creek Straight Bourbon Whiskey
      • AZ 48 Resort Vodka
    • Thumb Butte Distillery - Prescott, Arizona
      • Whiskies: Bloody Basin Bourbon, Central Highlands Single Malt, Rodeo Rye Whiskey
      • Vodka: Premium Vodka, Hot Potato Vodka (Serrano and jalapeno infused), Meyer Lemon Vodka
      • Gin: Gurley Street Gin, Western Sage Gin
      • Escalante Dark Rum