8 Super-Chic Modern Floor Lamps

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    Fife Tripod Lamp

    8 Super-Chic Modern Floor Lamps
    Matthew Fairbank Design

    The floor lamp. It's a necessary piece. Every room needs one or two, to add to it's lighting scheme. But can a floor lamp be more than just lighting? What if it could also add to your room's decor? We're exploring some of our favorite floor lamps that bring modern style home in a big way. From sculptural shapes, to metallic finishes, and innovative fixtures, here are some of the most stunning floor lamps that will help you bring a modern feel home. 

    Handmade in Brooklyn, The Fife...MORE Tripod Lamp by Matthew Fairbank Design is an absolute work of art. Created to be an heirloom piece, turned wood and spun satin brass come together to form ultimate statement lighting.  

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    Aust & Amelung Floor Lamp

    8 Super-Chic Modern Floor Lamps
    Aust Amelung

    Working on the principles of beam and balance, this colorful floor lamp by Aust & Amelung is a sculptural piece for any room in your home. With an innovative design, a sandbag can be moved manually to weigh the lighting into different positions. From ultra low to ultra high, it's all about playing with balance with this unique lamp.  

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    Line Floor Lamp

    8 Super-Chic Modern Floor Lamps
    Douglas + Bec

    Handmade by artisans in New Zealand, the Line Floor Lamp by Douglas an Bec is based upon the work of sculptor Alexander Calder. Each lamp can be customized with a timber base painted in blush, white or black, and rods in raw or blackened brass. A truly stunning combination of natural materials. 

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    SHY Beams

    8 Super-Chic Modern Floor Lamps
    Bec Brittain

    Beams of light are showcased in this SHY Beam floor lamp by Bec Brittain. You can choose between one beam or two with this brushed brass light fixture that can gently rest against a wall or in a nook.  

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    Grasshopper Floor Lamp

    8 Super-Chic Modern Floor Lamps
    Design Within Reach

    Swedish architect and designer Greta Magnusson Grossman is the woman behind the iconic Grasshopper Floor Lamp, first released in the 1940s. Now available at Design Within Reach, this streamlined, modern floor lamp adds a unique design note in shades of salmon, blue-grey and charcoal. 

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    Tree In The Moonlight Floor Light

    8 Super-Chic Modern Floor Lamps
    Michael Anastassiades

    Michael Anastassiades is the designer behind the Tree In The Moonlight Floor Light. Bespoke metal finishes and and free blown glass make up this beautifully designed architectural lamp. Made with brass and a woven thread of black silk for the wire, this lamp is truly luxurious.  

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    Floor Crane

    8 Super-Chic Floor Lamps
    Lambert & Fils

    The Floor Crane lamp by Lambert & Son, features unfinished brass so that it can patina over time. The precision in the design it what makes this piece a work of art.  

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    Fog and Morup Studio Lamp

    8 Super-Chic Modern Floor Lamps
    Jo Hammerborg

    This rare and beautiful floor lamp was designed by Jo Hammerborg. The Denmark designer's work was prolific, with Hammerborg creating over 100 lamps in his career. His vintage pieces like the Fog and Morup Studio Lamp can be found on 1st Dibs. 

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