11 Super Easy IKEA Hacks for Your Color Scheme

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    Why We Love IKEA Hacks

    IKEA Hacks for Your Color Scheme
    IKEA STRANDMON Chair www.IKEA.com. ©IKEA (800) 434-IKEA (4532)

    You Can Hack Your Color Scheme With IKEA, Too.

    Why are IKEA hacks so popular? Because they pair the simplicity of IKEA products with our passion for DIY. A can of paint can transform a simple unfinished table into a totally personalized accent piece. But, you don't have to open a can of paint to create a gorgeous color scheme for your home. You can DIY your color scheme without breaking a sweat, with these tips on how to hack your space with IKEA's accent furniture and decor. 

    The IKEA STRANDMON Chair is a Bold Pop of Color

    The right chair can completely transform a room. The IKEA STRANDMON Chair in Skiftebo Yellow might be all the color you need to change things up completely. One bold yellow chair would be great with a neutral sofa, but two would be even better. Two bold accent chairs tells your guests that you had every intention of adding big color to the space -- this wasn't an afterthought.

    The secret to hacking your color scheme with this bright chair is to add just a small accent of the same color elsewhere in the room. The perfect micro-accent would be in artwork, a coffee table book, or even a candle. The brilliance of hacking your color scheme with one or two great pieces of accent furniture is avoiding the dreaded "matchy-matchy look," by letting your bold new purchase stand on its own merits in your color scheme. 

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    Change up Your Color Scheme With a Fresh Sofa Color

    IKEA Hacks for Your Color Scheme
    IKEA NORSBORG Sofa (800) 434-IKEA (4532). ©IKEA www.IKEA.com

    IKEA NORSBORG Sofa is Your Room's New Focal Point 

    An IKEA color scheme hack is all about the element of surprise. While most living rooms are decorated around a neutral sofa, the IKEA NORSBORG Sofa in the airy Edum Blue is a quick way to create a focal point in a boring room. 

    The secret to using a sofa to hack your color scheme is to treat it like an accent color. Owning a beautiful blue sofa doesn't mean that your color scheme has to become all pastels, or that you have to decorate in a beach-inspired style. Treat your pretty new sofa as you would an accent chair, by fitting it into your favorite color palette as though it's not the largest piece of furniture in the room. Using the accent color secret keeps you from being locked into a particular color scheme or style if you have found the sofa of your dreams in a color you never imagined you'd fall for.

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    Dabble in Pastel Color Accents With an Comfy IKEA Chair

    IKEA Hacks for Your Color Scheme
    IKEA POÄNG Chair www.IKEA.com. ©IKEA (800) 434-IKEA (4532)

    The IKEA POÄNG Chair is an Easy Way to Explore Pastel Color Accents

    Pastels have made their way into our homes and color palettes. It's not always easy to integrate pastel colors into an existing palette. The soft pink and minimalist design of the IKEA POÄNG Chair can help you ease into decorating with pastel colors. 

    The secret to hacking pastel colors into your palette is to choose furniture pieces with simple lines and light wood. You'll want to avoid a lot of contrast between the pastel fabric and the frame of upholstered furniture so that it softly integrates with the other colors in your room.

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    Here's How to go Monochromatic With This Neutral IKEA Lamp

    IKEA Hacks for Your Color Scheme
    IKEA FOTO Pendant Lamp www.IKEA.com. ©IKEA (800) 434-IKEA (4532)

    IKEA FOTO Pendant Lamp Gives Just a Hint of Color

    If you are decorating with white walls, choosing the IKEA FOTO Pendant Lamp in beige could your first step in creating a soothing color palette. The uncomplicated style of this pendant lamp is perfect hanging over nightstands in the bedroom, or end tables in a living room. The plug-in style of this neutral lamp makes it even more versatile than just its neutral color.

    The secret to the Monochromatic color scheme hack is pairing light and dark shades of the same color to minimize contrast. The lack of contrast is what makes monochromatic color schemes so relaxing. A room with plain white walls can be easily transformed into a beautiful room by adding beige and soft brown color accents.  

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    Function Meets Amazing Color in This IKEA RÄSKOG Cart

    IKEA Hacks for Your Color Scheme
    IKEA RÄSKOG Cart www.IKEA.com. @IKEA (800) 434-IKEA (4532) www.IKEA.com

    IKEA RÄSKOG Cart is a Colorful Multitasker

    You can never have too many carts like the IKEA RÄSKOG Utility Cart. This great-looking IKEA staple can be a bar cart, a kitchen cart, or be filled with art supplies.  The secret to adding a colorful cart to your space is not worrying about how it works in your color palette. When you have a functional accent piece it's not as important that it match your color scheme. Choose a cart that has the functionality you need, in a color or finish that you love. The IKEA RÄSKOG cart in turquoise doesn't have to match anything you own, it's just plain gorgeous. 

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    Amplify Your Home Office With This Simple IKEA Chest

    IKEA Hacks for Your Color Scheme
    IKEA NORDLI Chest www.IKEA.com. ©IKEA (800) 434-IKEA (4532)

    IKEA NORDLI Chest is Your Home Office Secret Weapon

    The beauty of working from home is ditching the commute for just a few steps into your home office. The challenge of working from home is staying focused and inspired when you are probably working in your pajamas and socks. How can an IKEA color hack help? With colorful and functional furniture like the IKEA NORDLI Chest in blue. 

    The secret to keeping your energy up in a home office or workspace is pops of bright color that are totally functional, too. You may not have the space to add decorative accessories in your home office, so you'll want to make every piece you add serve a purpose. This bright and cheerful chest can serve as essential storage and deliver a huge shot of energizing color. That's a home office win-win. 

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    Elevate Your Color Scheme With These Sneaky Pops of IKEA Color

    IKEA Hacks for Your Color Scheme
    IKEA PS 2014 Storage www.IKEA.com. ©IKEA (800) 434-IKEA (4532)

    IKEA PS 2014 Storage Packs a lot of Punch With a Small Color Accent

    The IKEA PS 2014 Storage unit gives you tons of space to store or show off your stuff. The combination of wood tone and light green is a fresh color scheme hack. The clever green color changes this practical storage unit from boxy to fresh. When you have functional furniture and storage look for unexpected color and materials to easily hack your color scheme.

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    This Fresh Occasional Table has a Big Color Secret

    IKEA Hacks for Your Color Scheme
    IKEA TILLFÄLLE Table www.IKEA.com. ©IKEA (800) 434-IKEA (4532)

    Create Your Own Design With the IKEA TILLFÄLLE Table 

    The IKEA TILLFÄLLE Occasional Table is not only an attractive table that would look great behind a sofa or in a foyer, but its colorful slats have a pretty little secret. The slats on the IKEA TILLFÄLLE table can be rearranged so you can design your own look. 

    It's an easy color hack when you find furniture or accent decor that can change easily. Sofa and chair slipcovers, lampshades in seasonal colors, and throw pillows are all easy ways to freshen up your color palette at home. Many designers suggest that you can have two or more color palettes for your home when you rotate seasonal decor in and out using a base palette of neutral colors. Rotating your decor is a perfect solution for you if you find yourself wanting to change your decor but don't want to start all over again every time. 

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    When You Want to Add Black to Your Color Scheme, IKEA-Style

    IKEA Hacks for Your Color Scheme
    IKEA UNG DRILL Mirror (800) 434-IKEA (4532). ©IKEA www.IKEA.com

    IKEA UNG DRILL Mirror for Instant Glamor

    Adding black accents to your home can be tough. It's easy to go overboard with black decor and overwhelm your color palette. The secret to hacking your color palette with black is choosing an accent piece like the IKEA UNG DRILL Mirror. The genius of choosing this mirror for a black accent is in the ornate details. The secret to adding just the perfect amount of black accent color is choosing accessories and furniture that are not a solid block of color. The open detail of the mirror allows your wall color to show through, keeping your color palette light while adding a touch of black for drama. 

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    Hack This IKEA Daybed for a Totally Custom Look

    IKEA Hacks for Your Color Scheme
    IKEA HEMNES Daybed www.IKEA.com. ©IKEA (800) 434-IKEA (4532)

    Hack the IKEA HEMNES Daybed With Your Favorite Fabrics

    The IKEA Hemnes Daybed is little more traditional that most IKEA products. The simple white color and the classic lines make an easy fit for modern and traditional styles. The simple hack to customize this daybed is with fabric and pillows. If your DIY skills include sewing, you can create a cushion cover and pillows easily for the daybed. If you'd rather buy than make, capitalize on the daybed's easy style by adding colorful and clever throw pillows. 

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    Yes, This is an IKEA Color Hack You Can Paint

    IKEA Hacks for Your Color Scheme
    IKEA TARVA Nightstand (800) 434-IKEA (4532). ©IKEA www.IKEA.com

    IKEA TARVA Nightstand is Ready for Your DIY

    There are so many colorful IKEA products, but sometimes you just want to DIY something. The IKEA TARVA Nightstand is a quick color hack. With the right paint and materials, you can transform this simple nightstand into the exact shade of awesome for your bedroom. 

    The secret to choosing color for your IKEA hack is to go with your favorite color. With all of the time and effort you'll spend on your DIY nightstands, settling for anything less than a color that makes you happy is silly. Make your IKEA hack project into a piece of furniture that will make you smile whenever you walk in the room. Pair your new nightstand with a hanging, plug-in, pendant lamp overhead. This is a cool vintage look that also frees up space on your fabulous new nightstand.