Peek Inside Some Super Organized Drawers + Junk Drawers

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    A Neat + Tidy Home Organization Drawer

    Organized kitchen drawer from Martha Stewart Living
    Photo / Martha Stewart Living

    If you invite me over to your house, I will look into your junk drawer.  No apologies. I find them endlessly fascinating, and most people find them endlessly frustrating to keep organized. We have several guides on the site for organizing your junk drawer and storing stuff in your junk drawers, I thought it'd also be fun to find some junk drawer organization "inspo" by peaking into the drawers of the famous, the internet famous, and even the not-so-famous to see how they create an...MORE organized drawer. 

    First up: A home organization drawer from Martha Stewart (of course) keeps all of your little home organizing and storage odds + ends in one neat spot. She combines labels, with a label maker, ruler and scissors to make labeling household items easier. 

    Tip: Drawer organizers help to keep items separate but easily accessible. 

    What's in the Drawer:

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    Organized nail polish drawer from Cupcakes and Cashmere

    Organized nail polish drawer from Cupcakes and Cashmere
    Photo / Cupcakes and Cashmere

    A perfectly functional, beautiful, and organized nail polish drawer from Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere. This follows one of my favorite organizing tips, which is to store items you use together, well, together. If you're reaching for nail polish, you are probably also reaching for a nail file and/or polish remover.  There's no reason to separate these. 

    What's in the Drawer:

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    Organized Junk Drawer from Real Simple

    Organized junk drawer from Real Simple
    Photo / Real Simple

    This is what I consider to be a classic junk drawer--but it's an organized junk drawer! Here's what we have:

    • Mishmosh of items
    • Stuff you reach for all the time: scissors, pens/pencils, stamps
    • Stuff you use infrequently but when you need it, you really need it: measuring tape, packing tape, rubber bands

    How can all of these varying items peacefully co-exists and look organized together?  

    1. Like items are--once again--stored with like items: tools in one spot, lightbulbs in another, sunglasses...MORE and tools to fix sunglass in another
    2. The bamboo drawer organizer keeps everything separated but gives the drawer a cohesive look. 

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    Super Organized Baking Drawer from Martha Stewart

    Another organized baking drawer from Martha Stewart Living
    Photo / Martha Stewart Living

    A super organized baking drawer, this time from Martha Stewart.  First of all, how many of the same pair of scissors does Martha need?  If you think this is weird, wait until you see her Japanese knife drawer (for real).  

    You can re-create this in your own kitchen by storing your baking supplies together under the countertop or surface where you do your baking. This way everything is in easy reach. 

    What's in the Drawer:

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    Organized First Aid Kit Drawer from Martha Stewart

    Organized medicine cabinet drawer from Martha Stewart Living
    Photo / Martha Stewart Living

    These tiny green bowls may not be the best for maximizing space but they sure look cute. This drawer is -- of course -- another from Martha Stewart.  I really like the concept of keeping all of your first aid supplies in one place.  I always advise readers and clients to store like items with like items so they are easier to find. First aid is perfect for this as when you need these items, you really need them and don't have time to go searching.

    If you don't have an entire drawer you can...MORE dedicate to first aid, I recommend a dedicated, labeled plastic bin stowed somewhere in your bathroom for this purpose. 

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    Classic Cattch All Drawer

    Organized junk drawer from Chaos to Order
    Photo / Chaos to Order

    This classic catch-all drawer use one of the best organizing solutions for a drawer: shallow drawer dividers. This way all your odds + ends are stored together but when you have to pick out just one item you need immediately, you can spot it quickly. 

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    Junk Drawer with Labeled Drawer Dividers

    Organized junk drawer from The Remodeled Life
    Photo / The Remodeled Life

    Here's what I love about this blue-themed storage drawer: labels.  Ten years ago I would have thought the labels were overkill, but now I know differently. Separating and then labeling the drawer organizers adds one more layer of visual organization that cuts down on the #1 question that stops people in their tracks when they're trying to stay organized:

    Where should I put this!?!

    Try to minimize the amount of times you need to ask yourself "Where should I put this?" in a day....MORE Eventually you will develop some decision fatigue and you'll be more likely to end up just shoving stuff in a drawer.


    Try labeling your junk drawer, then after 2 weeks re-asses and see if the labels are working for you. 

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    A Colorful Junk Drawer

    Organized junk drawer from Learnvest
    Photo / Learnvest

    This colorful junk drawer using some seriously cute DIY storage options. Do you have a bunch of little bowls, saucers, tea cups and trays you've been collecting over the years? I do, and your junk drawer is a great way to put those to use.

    Another option for your "littles": ice cube trays!

    [image credit]

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    Super Organized All-Purpose Drawer

    Organized junk drawer from at Home with Becky J
    Photo / At Home with Becky J

    This looks exactly like the type of all-purpose drawer I'd have at my house: packing tape and sharpie pens are things I reach for all the time. Storing them together just makes sense.

    What's in the Drawer:

    • Batteries
    • Hole punches
    • Packing Tape
    • Pens

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    Organized baking drawer from Cupcakes and Cashmere

    Organized baking drawer from Cupcakes and Cashmere
    Photo / Cupcakes and Cashmere

    I admire how organized this drawer is because baking supplies and decorations are some of the hardest items to store in your kitchen. I keep mine in a plastic bin, but if you have the drawer space, you can use shoe boxes to corral these items. 

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