The New Super Wings Toys From Auldey Toys

Super Wings Jett Toy

Know kids who are fans of Super Wings? Then they will enjoy these Super Wings toys. The toys are able to transform, just like the planes in the movie. These fun preschool toys are recommended for kids in the 3 to 5-year-old age range.

Super Wings is one of the many super-cute rescue vehicle shows winning the hearts of preschool children everywhere. The animated television show airs on the Sprout Channel in the United States. For those who do not have access to cable or special channels, there are...MORE full episodes on YouTube, too.

Super Wings features Jett, a transforming airplane who delivers packages to children all over the world. Through his adventures, kids learn about other countries, view popular landmarks and can speak phrases in other languages based upon the countries visited in the show. Super Wings promotes themes of cooperation, problem-solving and working together. Jett completes missions with the help of his friends Dizzy, Donnie, Jerome, Bello, Mira, Paul and Grand Albert.

Super Wings is recommended for preschool children ages 3 and up. It will appeal to older children who also do not like shows or movies with offensive "bad guys." 

The Super Wings toys feature the same transforming abilities the characters have in the show, but these are preschool toys and definitely recommended to buy for kids in the 3 to 5-year-old age range.

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    Super Wings Transforming Jett Airplane
    Auldey / Toys R Us

     Each character from the show is available as a transforming plane. Planes are sold individually. Jett, Jerome, Paul, Bello, Mira, and Donnie are able to transform from an airplane into a bot.

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    Super Wings World Airport

    The World Airport is where all of the planes receive their missions and take-off from, before delivering packages all over the world. The toy includes transforming Jett and Donnie characters. The planes love taking off and landing on the runway, zooming down the ramps, riding up the elevator into the control tower, and even circling the air traffic control tower on the fly-around balance bar. There are many cute features with this toy, including a luggage carousel and cargo scale. 

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    Super Wings Pack n go Jerome Playset
    Auldey / Toys R Us

    Throughout the show, the planes travel to locations all around the world delivering packages. Within seconds this toy will transform from a delivery box into a popular city. Playsets include both New York and Paris. The Paris set features the Eiffel Tower, while the New York set includes the Statue of Liberty and Empire States Building. These portable toys have a lot of fun for the planes with lifts, turnstiles, and ramps.

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    Super Wings Transform and Talk Donnie
    Auldey / Toys R Us

    Kids will love to transform their Super Wings characters from plane to bot, but this special toy includes the ability to build and transform Donnie with 12 mix-and-match pieces. Donnie can talk and will say different phrases from the show depending on which mouth the child uses during the transformation process.

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    Super Wings Jett Remote Control
    Auldey / Toys R Us

    This remote control toy, which can be purchased as either Jett, Paul or Donnie, is definitely geared for young kids to drive successfully. By pushing only 2 buttons, kids can move the plane forward or in circles.  

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    Super Wings Jett's Runway
    Auldey / Toys R Us

    Kids who love Jett will like to roleplay with Jett and his hangar. Turn the handle and push the button so Jett can zoom through the hangar door to be on time for his deliveries.