What Are Supima Cotton Sheets?

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If you want your bed to feel as luxurious as a cloud, you need to get the best bedding money can buy. After you invest in a high-quality mattress, topper, and plush pillows, consider swapping out your scratchy bed sheets. There is a dizzying array of bed sheets available today, which makes finding the right sheets for you an overwhelming task. Fortunately, some sheet materials—including Supima cotton—can make the process easy.

Supima cotton is just one of many popular bedding materials prized for its comfort, softness, and strength. Some even consider Supima cotton to be the finest cotton in the world. Continue reading to learn more about Supima cotton and its advantages and disadvantages.

What Is Supima Cotton?

Supima cotton is a trademarked, American-grown type of cotton. The fiber is strictly regulated, and bedding stamped with a Supima cotton label must be 100 percent Supima cotton. The luxury fiber is quite rare and only represents less than 1 percent of the world’s current total cotton crop.

Why Choose Supima Cotton Sheets?

Supima cotton sheets may be more expensive than other sheets on the market, but there are several reasons they may be worth the expense.

Supima cotton has an extra-long staple fiber that makes the material strong, soft, and beautiful. It has a natural sheen that makes it stand out among other sheets on the shelf. Because of the long fibers in Supima cotton, it can be spun into a fine thread. The finer weave makes the fabric more lightweight and breathable, which means Supima cotton is great for those who tend to sleep hot. If you’re constantly waking up drenched in sweat in the middle of the night, sleeping with Supima cotton sheets could help keep you cool. 

Not only are Supima cotton sheets breathable, but they’re also durable while still remaining luxuriously soft, regardless of thread count. Supima is much stronger than regular cotton, so you won’t have to worry about it ripping or fading quickly as you wash your sheets each week.

The fine weave also makes Supima cotton luxuriously soft. The fibers have a silkier and softer feel than regular cotton, so you’ll seriously feel like you’re sleeping in a five-star hotel every night (minus the room service).

Supima Cotton vs. Regular Cotton

Supima and regular cotton have distinct differences—primarily, the type and length of their fibers. The fibers of regular cotton are about an inch long on average, while Supima cotton fibers average 1 1/2 inches in length. 

In general, the shorter the fiber, the rougher the thread. That means regular cotton is not as soft as Supima cotton and may pill on the surface more. Longer fibers are softer and more durable, with minimal pilling.

Supima Cotton vs. Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton is another popular luxury bedding material. Egyptian cotton does not have as rigorous standards as Supima cotton—any cotton from Egypt can technically be considered Egyptian cotton, no matter the quality. Supima cotton, on the other hand, can only be labeled as such if it’s 100 percent premium, extra-long-staple Supima cotton. By purchasing Supima cotton sheets, you’re getting a guarantee of its quality. The same can’t be said about Egyptian cotton, so you’ll have to do more research on the product you’re buying if you choose something made from Egyptian cotton.

Like Supima cotton, Egyptian cotton has long fibers that make it soft and durable. Both Supima and Egyptian cotton can stand up to standard washing machines and dryers. The best way to find out which material is right for you is to feel them both. Most bedding will come with a warranty, so you can try them worry-free. Check with the store you purchase from to find out more about their return policy or look for a product that comes with a warranty or money-back guarantee.

Supima Cotton Pros and Cons


If you’re looking for a luxurious bed sheet to make your bed feel like a cloud, Supima cotton sheets are your best bet. They outperform other sheet materials because they are:

  • Soft
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Easy to care for
  • Can last years


Supima cotton isn’t for everyone, especially those on a budget. And if you do decide to invest in luxurious sheets, you may have trouble finding it in stores if you live outside of the United States.

  • Expensive
  • Relatively rare
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